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Peachtree Fence Part 16: Media Gallery Refresh, Basecamp Project Updates, FAQ SEO Trick, Mobile/Device Check

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Alright guys, this one’s going to feel like maybe a bunch of randomness, but basically what we’ve got, let me give you an update first. So the commercial Fenton installation, I’m probably going to do the content for these pages. I’ve pretty much got that going on. Obviously we need to get some stuff in the portfolio here which we’re going to talk about in just a second, but the two new pages, commercial Fenton installation, commercial gate installation, content is serviceable for these two pages. So and I did style up the, I don’t know, I just made like a quick little edit to this. For, there was some reason I did it. I can’t remember what it was, but I think it was because when it was, so there used to be only three reviews and then when it became six, they didn’t have an outline or border or anything like that. So they kind of looked like they were blending together, even though there’s gaps in the grid. So I just made them have a little bit more structure to them.

It was just something I quickly cleaned up. That’s what happened yesterday is Casey, the owner, he uploaded in base camp and I wanted to show you guys this because a lot of you are interested in it. I’m going to do a whole overview video on base camp. We’re just going to show you how kind of easy this makes things. So the client can go into the docs and file section and he basically just created folders and just dropped a whole bunch of like all the photos, everything on the website right now. Remember is from like over a year ago. So it’s kind of out of date. So he put in all new pictures. Some of them are the same, but there’s a lot of new ones in there that I haven’t seen before. He put in vendor logos for us. He put in notable client logos.

He put in organization logos. And then he put in some proposed content, which you know we’re a little late on that. But if we take a look at it so I can download this and we’ll say okay and we will go ahead and open. And I think you guys can see this. So you know he put some some bulleted items. He outlined his process. He put a few key stats like I want to be able to inject this. You know I didn’t know he was doing 400 to 700 projects a year. That’s really cool. He put some FAQ items in which I also did by the way. And I’ll show you guys how I do this a lot of times when the client doesn’t provide them. I also do this to supplement what the client provides in terms of FAQs. I go to fence installation for example we come down and you’re going to see down here right here.

We have our FAQs right. How close to the property line can I build a fence do I need to get a property survey done prior to installation how long does it take to install a fence. Okay well Casey didn’t provide any of these things. So if I go back to pages you’re going to see he provided different things. So in this case I’m going to use his but he only provided like three here and like four here. I’m going to supplement those with the way that I do FAQs which is very in line with SEO. FAQs are amazing for SEO optimization. And the way that you know this is if you go to Google and you type in fence installation one thing you’re going to notice is this people also ask section. And you can see how these are basically frequently asked questions. How much does it cost to put up a perimeter fence and then when you here’s a cool thing let me refresh this page.

There’s three of them right but when you start interacting with them it loads more. A lot of people don’t realize this and as I continue interacting it will keep loading more things that people ask. So literally you can build out practically an entire now you can’t copy all these word for word right you write your own copy for the answers. I copy the questions a lot of times word for word but I write my own answers in terms of how the client would answer that question. But the other thing you do have to check is not all of them are relevant right to what you’re doing on a page right. So why is fencing so expensive in 2021 I wouldn’t put that on the page okay but there’s a lot of good stuff in here and by the way when you’re doing discovery this kind of stuff really helps you understand the mind of the consumer. So this is a super powerful technique you go to Google you type in the service the name of the service or whatever see if there’s a people also ask section and then start interacting with it and it’ll continue literally getting longer and longer and longer and if you’re optimizing for a lot of these things that are popular questions your page is going to be more valuable than a competitors page that is not optimized for kind of answering these queries and questions.

So that’s just one tip and technique for you. So that’s what I did a little bit in the content phase of these pages but I’m going to also go in and add his as well. All right let’s hop back over. So content, docs and files. We took a look at all of that he put his logos in which I already have so that’s no problem. So what I want to do in this episode is I want to I think I’m just going to delete everything that’s in the gallery in the media gallery and I’m going to put in all these new photos. You’re going to see how I would batch download these batch resize batch rename because I’m going to do it very quickly. Okay we’re not doing this one by one. We’re not going in Photoshop. None of that’s going to happen. So I’m going to kind of show you the workflow of how I would handle something like that. And then what I would like to do is maybe think about where we can add some of these notable clients or vendors or things like that.

We may not get to that inside of this episode. I also want to go through our checklist here and just our check and stuff off because we’ve made enough progress now where a lot of this stuff is considered done for the first round. And then I’ll show you what I do in terms of like creating a punch list checklist, a punch list list. Okay. It’s super meta. All right. So let’s handle media stuff first. Let’s go to media and I think what we’re going to do and this is going to suck because it’s going to break all the images on the website. But it’s also going to ensure that we’re using all the latest stuff and that everything’s correctly optimized and resized. I don’t remember doing any of this. I may not have even done it myself.

May have been somebody else on that old agency team that uploaded all of these and resized them and optimized them. I don’t even know if that’s done properly. So I think our best bet is going to be just to kind of delete everything and then go in and plug all the new stuff in, especially since all that new stuff’s organized for us already and this stuff is not organized and the WordPress media library, you probably know as well as I do, is absolute trash. Even with happy files installed, it’s just not a fun place to try to move things around and organize things and all that. All right. So what I’m thinking is if I delete, delete folders and subfolders, okay, we’re just going to delete that. I’m not going to obviously delete like the branding and stuff like that. And just we want to make sure that we’re deleting just photos like I’m not going to delete arrows.

I’m not going to delete backgrounds. Branding I’m not going to delete commercial fences has nothing in it. So that’s okay. Commercial gates, I will delete which we’re going to have to add these back to the WP grid builder as well. That’s really not a huge deal. Not going to delete those, not going to delete hero images, icons, placeholders, residential fences, got to go and residential gates. Just yeah, let’s just get rid of that. Now I’m hoping that that actually deleted the photos, but I’m not sure if it did or not. Okay. It didn’t. I’m categorized. All right. Icon star primary.

These should be an icons, right? Let’s move these real quick. Sorry, we’re just doing some housekeeping. So this is going to go into icons, peat tree fence, logo stacked white. These need to go into branding. And then anything that’s like a legit photo, let me go here to let’s switch this to 99. So I don’t have to go page by page by page, I can just scroll. Okay. This is where this one needs to go into icons. And yeah, okay. Cool. Let me go to the next page. Yep. Yep. Yep.

Yep. Okay. Perfect. Let’s delete all these and this is probably going to kill my, let’s say settings. No, not settings plugins because I believe I have the name is escaping me right now. It’s early in the morning. Oh, and it’s busy thinking. Okay. Uncategorized refresh says 99 files, no files found. What’s the deal? There we go. Okay. Valk actions delete permanently. That’s the rest of the uncategorized. All right.

Now we’re ready to rock and roll. What I was going to say is short pixel. There we go. So I need to leave, I’m going to leave short pixel off. It’s going to mess with our ability to bulk upload images. I want them to upload as fast as possible. We can optimize them after they’re uploaded. So I will leave that off and look at all this stuff is like needs to be updated. Let’s just, let’s go do that real quick. Even automatic.css is out of date. All right. So let’s update here. To see the actual text, the extra update update rank math. The scripts organizer. Ws form.

Okay. All right. Oh, my automatic.css is unauthorized. So is that settings license? Is it going to show my license now? Okay. All right. Uh, problem is. Ah, don’t look. Just joking. I don’t really care. Y’all aren’t going to steal. Are you? You’re honest. Okay.

Mm-hmm. Where is? Okay. There we go. All right. We can update rank math SEO pro once we’ve launched the site because that requires the actual URL to be correct. Scripts organizer. Okay. I’m going to have to put in my license code for that. And then obviously looks like this at an update either. This usually service busy. Okay. License. There we go.

Just activate. It deactivates itself when you do this from a blueprint website. You just have to go in and hit the update button again or the save. All right. Update now. Okay. Let’s just check everything real quick. Make sure. Still good to go. Nothing. Nothing blew up on us. Except for the images, which we already knew is going to happen. That’s not a problem. Okay. Residential fence installation.

Yep. Okay. Oh, that’s painful, right? Taking all those out. Okay. I probably won’t go and replace all those off screen. You don’t have to watch me just literally go one card by card putting those in. All right. Let’s go ahead and handle images. So let’s go to docs and files. Pictures. So we’re going to start with commercial because that’s the smallest I think group. And then this is like all. This is like commercial fencing, I guess, or their gates in here as well. Most of these look like fences.

Okay. So what I’m going to do is click this little button up here and hit download this folder. It’s going to say preparing to download. I’m going to open up photo bulk. This app that I got through set app. If you’re a Mac user, I highly highly highly recommend set up gives you access to like dozens and dozens of really helpful apps for like, you know, 10 bucks a month apps that you would obviously pay a lot more than that for. But photo bulk does a really good job. You’re going to see this in just a second. Let’s see the what’s the preparing to download issue here. This may take a minute. All right. Well, that’s okay. There it goes.

Safe, safe files downloads. Okay. We’re going to open that zip file. And all right. So here they all are. Now what we’re going to do is in photo bulk. I don’t think you can watch because it’s going to flip screens. But I’m literally just grabbing all of the files that are in that folder and I’m going to drag them into photo bulk. And it’s going to load them all in. And then literally you can go, I want to resize these. And then you say by max size, let’s see, by height, by width, let’s do by width. And so I’m going to say they should not be larger than 19, 20. And then I say don’t enlarge images smaller than set size. Then I can choose whether I want to optimize these or not.

I don’t want to optimize them because I want short pixel to take care of that. A lot of times optimizers like these outside of short pixel, like you do an optimization here. And then short pixel optimizes again. And then you end up with a much lower quality photo. So I just want like one optimization source that’s going to be short pixel. And then you can change the format if you want to. So I can make sure that all of these are JPEG. So I can say make them all JPEG at 100%. And I’ll say keep original quality. And then metadata, we can decide what we’re going to keep. We’re going to delete. I’m going to go ahead and keep all because it does help with well, I can actually take off. I’ll just leave GPS data basically.

And then I can rename them, which is awesome. So I can say commercial fence install. And then you can choose. There’s numbers here. Whether it’s suffix or prefix and then begin at zero. And it’ll just say commercial fence install dash zero, zero, one, zero, zero, two, zero, zero, zero, three, just like that, which is not as great as literally going one by one. And I would maybe do different cities that these happened in, right? Commercial fence install, Alpharetta, Georgia, commercial fence install. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But this is the fastest way to just at least get a meaningful, I mean, look at the file names, the way that they were. They were like 210, 999, 111, 999. Like that doesn’t help at all, right?

So commercial fence install dash something, that definitely helps. All right, so we’re going to hit start and all it’s going to do, it’s going to ask me where I want to put these. And I will go, we’ll go to documents, let’s see. Yeah, documents new folder and we will do peach tree fence. I end up moving this stuff later, but I just want to put it there for now. And I’ll just hit save. And so it’s going to go ahead and process all of these images. It happens fairly quickly. Remember, it’s resizing them, it’s renaming them, it’s removing some of the metadata, but keeping some of the metadata, it’s making sure they’re all JPEGs, it’s doing a lot of work for me right now. And that’s fairly quick. As soon as it’s done, what we can do is hop into the media library here and then we will go, here’s commercial fences, our commercial fence is folder.

I’m going to open this view right here. And so now if I go to documents and I go to peach tree fence and I see them all right there, all renamed, all JPEGs, you look and there’s 1920, right? They’re not warped, everything looks good. Okay, so I can just grab them all, drag them in and let them sit here and upload. And now our commercial fences gallery will be done. And then I’ll do the short pixel optimization afterwards. But see how pretty simple, easy, fast that was. So now I will do agriculture, which he doesn’t have an agricultural and I don’t think it’s going to hrefs real quick. I doubt there’s going to be like a lot of searches for agricultural fence installation, but I could be wrong. Agricultural fence installation, agriculture fence installation, agricultural fence, just kind of see what our options are here if any. Do matching terms, agricultural fence, agricultural fencing, fence pose, agricultural fence installers, farm fencing.

All right, now what we do, so you see it’s telling me the parent topic is farm fencing for this one right here. It wasn’t even a term I was thinking about, but it is a term I believe that we have on as one of the subservices of fencing. So let’s just add this to our list up here. So we’ll do farm fence installation, farm fencing, farm fence, and then hit enter and then see how this repopulates to show us a popularity difference. And now we see farm fencing dominates and it actually is a really good category. But this is going to get taken care of when we do. So I’m going to go to a P-Street fence to residential fence installation because agricultural could be commercial or it could be, is that residential? I don’t know. Might need its own category up there at some point. But if we look down here, so there’s horse fence installation. So we don’t have a, oh no, we do right there, farm fence installation.

So I just need to ask Casey, hey, do you want farm fence installation to go under residential or do you want it to go under commercial or do you want us to break out and make a completely separate farm fence installation service page? It could be a top level page if you want it to be. All right. So that’s cool to there. Let’s go to, I will download those later. I’m not going to do it on your time, but I’ll do it on mine because we’re not going to use them right now. But I will make sure that they’re uploaded so we can use them for later. All right. So let’s take a look at gates here. These look to be a mix of commercial and residential, which is going to be a little bit of a problem. So let’s just go ahead and download the folder first.

And then because I know that’s waiting a little bit, we are going to jump over and multitask. So this is going to be a peach tree fence and gates. And we’re just going to take a look here at, I know for sure, home page is done. Okay. Yeah. Let’s save that file and downloads. Thank you. This is come. What was that? No gates. Okay. Download. All right. So services, CPT. We’ve done.

We’ve done. Project CPT, we’ve done. FAQ CPT, we’ve done. Primary template, we’ve done. I don’t think I’ve done the basic page template yet. We still need to do that. I have done the 404 error page. I have done a service page template. We have not done a single project template yet. So I’m going to leave that, which we’re probably not even going to handle that until after the site is live. I’ll show you what I’m going to do with the project CPT. The about page is done. The latest projects page is done. It’s more like the gallery page that we did.

The reviews page is done. The contact us page. Just make sure that’s done. I believe it is. Okay. Contact us page is done. Get a quote page is done. Fence installation page is done. Gate installation is done. Gate service, we decided not to do. Just going to delete that. Payment gateway is done. Motionality, contact form, yes. Get a quote form is yes. Payment gateway form, yes.

Stripe integration, yes. Paypal is yes. Fix input alignment issue on horizontal form. Actually, I want to undo the PayPal stripe. It’s done, but it’s done with my test credentials. It’s not his credentials. So I’m going to leave that here. And actually what I’ll do is, say, edit PayPal credentials. Let’s do this. Discard changes. The clean way to do this would be these are done. And now I’m going to add new. And I’m going to say PayPal credentials. And then I’m going to say Stripe credentials. OK.

All right. And then we have our launch list. So as you can see, we’ve moved things along. You can even come up here and update this and say, functionality is done. Well, it’s not completely done. CPTs are completely done. Pages pretty much done there. Templates and they’re in there somewhere as well. So that’s kind of a just a it gives a visual view of where the project is at for the client. We can see that we’re nearing the end of this project. Alrighty, friends. Let’s go to our download. I don’t know why we’re looking at the trash.

All right. Here’s gates. All right. Here’s how we’re going to handle this. We are going to make a new folder called residential gates and a new folder called commercial gates. Hoping you guys can see this. All right. And then we will go into gates. And I believe I can choose, let’s change our view here. No, no, no, no, no, like this. No. Where’s a new folder? Sort by show view options. I think that’s what we want.

Group by sort by. No, that’s not it. Where is it? How rarely do this preview options, tags, quick look. There’s a way to make the icons bigger. I swear I thought it was in here. Show preview options. Is that it? No. That’s where it was in here. Show view options. Group by. None. Sort by. Yeah, that doesn’t help.

All right. There used to be a slider here where you could change the size of the thumbnail. Show view options. There it is, right there. So I guess you can only do it in this view. All right. In fact, yeah, that’s probably the best view to do this in. So what I’m going to need to do now is what we’ll do is open a new finder window. And you’re not going to be able to see both at the same time. I don’t think. Maybe you can because it’s technically the same application. We’re going to go into documents, P-StreetFence, and then find those folders.

Where are they? OK. I’m confused. What do we do here? Documents, P-StreetFence. Did I not put new folders in here? Go back to my list. Oh, that’s the, that I do it in downloads gates. No, I didn’t. Yeah, residential gates, I didn’t get downloads. Sorry. OK. New. All right. So I got to go to downloads in this finder window, go to gates, and here’s commercial gates.

All right. So we’re going to open this here. And let’s use this view so we don’t get confused. Let me make this bigger. Wow. This is fun. All right. Here we go. So now we’re going to change this view here. And now I can see these better. So we’re looking for commercial gates. Now these things, I don’t know. That could be either one. But here’s commercial, boom. Commercial, commercial, commercial, commercial, commercial, commercial.

That’s definitely commercial. So as a resident, this is commercial, commercial, commercial, commercial. OK. What else? What else? Here we go. These two, this one. Definitely these. OK. I don’t know if we should. I don’t know. I’ll ask him, I guess. That definitely looks commercial right there. But what do I know?

OK. Let’s drag. Bam. OK. So we should be left. You know what? I don’t think residential people are going to care to look at this kind of stuff. So let’s just pop that in commercial. OK. And these are access control systems. So we may actually undo a couple of those. Oh, let’s redo that. Ha ha. Do we undo, move?

Ah, crap. All right, sorry. I thought I could redo that if I went too far. Clearly, clearly I can’t. All right, let’s do this one more time. This is why you build extra margin into your work. All right, get those. I want to leave those. OK. Commercial. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yep. Down, down, commercial, residential.

OK. All right. Now what I want to do is go back and then in here, new folder, we’re going to go access control. And that’s why I made this new one. So I can grab these systems separately. And throw those into access control. And there’s here, here, here, here, here. Man, that didn’t leave a lot of residential, did it? Now what I think I can do is query access control and gates in both residential and commercial. And they’ll show up in both galleries. OK, so what we’re left with is residential gates effectively. So gates rename, I can just hit enter. Residential gates, we’ve got residential.

Oh, yeah, duh. All right, residential gates. We’ve got residential, commercial, gates, and access control. And then here are the original files. I know those were commercial fences, rename. OK, photo bulk. Now what’s cool about photo bulk is let’s go to residential gates and let’s drag these in. What you’re going to notice is, oh, I’ve got to say done on that. I can drag those in. It’s going to keep all the exact same settings, right? And I can just choose what I want to rename it to. So this is going to be residential gate installation, something like that. And I’ll hit start.

And then it’s going to ask me where to put them. So I say, OK, well, put them in residential gates. And we’ll hit save. It’s going to go ahead and do it. Done. Now I hit OK. Look, I just put them right there in that new folder. Now I can go to commercial gates. I can grab all of these. And I can drag them into photo bulk. And I can hit commercial gate installation. And I can hit start on that. And I want those to be in commercial gates. That is correct. And then I’m going to hit done.

And then you can also save any settings you want as a preset. So if you have a brand you work with that has specifics around this kind of stuff that you do often, and that you’re not going to do all in one sitting, you can just save it as a preset. Anytime you need it, open the preset, fire off the images. You’re good to go. Next is access control. So I’m going to grab all those and throw those into photo bulk. This is going to be gate installation access control. And then we’ll start save. And then just so we’re staying as efficient as possible, let’s go back to the docs and files, pictures. So I did residential fences the only one I haven’t done. This is all residential fences.

So we need to queue this for download. All right, let’s check on photo bulk. That’s all good. Well, that’s still queuing to download and come to the media gallery. And I’m going to go to let’s add a folder. And this is going to be, oh, not a subfolder. Let’s add a main top level folder. And we’ll do commercial gates. We’ll do commercial gates. We’ll do access control systems. So I have commercial fences, commercial gates. I now need residential fences. And I need residential gates. Perfect.

There’s my download. So I’m going to hit save. Download. Let’s name this residential fences. And let’s open it up. Let’s queue up photo bulk. Let’s grab all of those, drop them. And this is going to be residential fence installation. JPEG, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, start. And let’s just pop them in there. OK, well, that’s uploading. I can go to residential gates. And I can go to residential gates here to the resized and renamed. Let’s clear some of these windows out, because now my brain is breaking.

All right, we can grab all of those. Oh, oh, where are we? Why is it showing me all photos here? I’m supposed to be looking at an empty folder. Where’s my empty folder? Let’s refresh the media library. OK, that’s fantastic. I’m looking at a folder with zero images, but you know what? This seems like it is a cache issue. I guarantee that’s showing me cache, because that has the exact same name as it had before. I’m wondering if, no. What’s going on? Happy files does this sometimes.

Let’s go to plugins, deactivate, activate, media. There we go. No media items found. That’s what I want to say. What about residential fences? No media items. OK, now I can name this back. That didn’t matter. Just a little deactivate, reactivate, seem to do the trick. So residential gates, if I go to residential gates, here’s our resize. Let’s drop those in. Now what you can’t do in happy files, you’ve got to be very careful.

It’s a bug, I think. If I clicked on another folder right now, while that’s uploading, it would start uploading them into the other folder. I know. It’s crazy, but it is what it is. All right, that’s good. Upload to 12. Let’s go to residential fences, which should be done now. Let’s check on photo bulk. It is. All right, so I’m going to go to residential. Here’s the resize. Grab all those. Pop them in.

There we go. And it’s going to upload all those. And again, I cannot click out of here. That would not be good. All right. I don’t want to look at any of that stuff right now. OK. Let me see if there’s anything we missed. Let’s see what. OK, here’s the problem. These are not going to work. They’re JPEGs. I’m looking now, these logos. Those. And the question is, are they correct PNGs?

Do they have the transparency in them or not? I’m not going to mess with it. I don’t think we’re going to add any of this stuff right now. But it’s self-weaving, maybe, able to add easily once the site’s live. I don’t want to keep adding and adding and adding. You know what I’m saying? The thing needs to get live. It can continue to refine itself after the fact. All right. ServiceBizzy doesn’t have enough resources. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. OK. That’s fine, whatever. Everything else looks like it’s going pretty smoothly.

Let’s see what else we’re going to. I don’t think there’s anything else. We’re going to have to do it. Once I get all these images swapped in with the new ones, I am going to do a screen recording for Casey, kind of a walk through the website. And I guess I can put that in there for you guys to see when I do that. And then I’m going to have him review it on his own computer. And then we’re going to start putting a punch list together to get this thing finalized. What we may want to do here before we do that is do a quick run through with Sizzy. And just make sure there’s no leftovers, mobile optimization type stuff that needs to be taken care of.

We’ll do that as soon as this is done. And actually, we can probably do it now. It’s kind of a bad time to do it, because there’s a lot of broken images. But I should be able to spot any issues. Let’s go take a look. So Sizzy is a browser just helps you kind of see your site in a bunch of different kind of devices and window sizes all at the same time. And everything will interact. As I scroll in this one, it’ll show me the scroll level and pretty much all of them at the same time, which is cool. So I’m just going to kind of come down and scan and see how everything looks.

Obviously, those are the places where we have the broken images. So it’s not a big problem. Nothing’s really broken with the actual content. Same here. All looks good. That looks really good on mobile. There may be a little bit too much of a gap here that we’ll have to address. Let’s go take a look at what’s there. OK, look at that. Let’s do this. That’s interesting. What’s going on there? Does that have a minimum height on it or something? The carousel, maybe?

It does. Look at that. Minimum height 50 rim on the project carousel. OK, so what we can do, open, edit with oxygen. That’s an easy fix. We’ll just change the minimum height at one of the break points. Be done with that. Project carousel. There’s your minimum height right there. So we’re going to come down to probably, all right, that’s 992. Still good there. So at 992, that minimum height needs to be like probably 40 rim. And then I would say down here, we can go 30 rim, 32, 30. That may need some love with the way that this overlap is not happening anymore.

See that overlap? That overlap is created with a gradient, I believe, or an internal box shadow. It’s an inset box shadow. So the vertical offset is minus 300 pixels. When we get down to 768, it’s going to need to, oh, wow. Why did the offset get bigger at 768? It needs to be like 280, something like that. So that’ll keep that overlap going. And it’ll still overlap there. So all that’s good now. Let’s save that. Back to Sisi. OK, we’re looking good, we’re looking good. Form looks good on mobile.

Footer all looks just fine. Not seeing anything major going on there. Let’s check our mobile menu out. All right, that may, that’s going to probably be a little bit of a, it’s a little tall. Like on these devices, looks like you can still scroll just fine though. You can still close it. It may not be too, I want to close that gap up basically. We don’t want that gap to be there. But that’s a minor, a minor thing. Let’s go to the About page. What’s going on here? Oh, oh, those don’t work. OK, those links don’t work.

So that needs to be fixed. So let’s do this. What I do is hop back into Petri Finns and Gates. And now we’ll create our punch list and I told you we were going to do. Allow the client to see this too. Punch list. All right, we’re going to say mobile menu links. Activate mobile menu links. We’ll just assign that to me and hit add. OK, so basically as I go through the site, now things just get added to this punch list and it’s easy to just go knock them out. All right, so I think if we just use this navigation up here, this should work.

So now we’re going to load up the About page. This isn’t fantastic here, but really, I think our only option would be to either squish it to three columns still or to have two and then one below, which I never like to do. It’s fine here. It’s fine there. It’s just there’s a lot of white space here at that size. Let me take a look at the About page real quick. We may just be able to get away with changing the breakpoint here. Maybe we were a little too aggressive with where we decided to collapse that. So it’s got grid three and it breaks at 992 to 1. I think I’d rather have that.

Now what’s going on with the auto-auto? Why does it feel like that’s not as wide as it should be? Feeling me? Oh, it’s because the width went to 80%. For some reason, that’s kind of unexplainable. That I think is going to be much better. And then at, okay, now it lost its break altogether. Dude, what is, oh, well, first of all, it probably helps to be on the right element. I’m not even looking at the element. Okay. And 992, it’s at 3, 768, because it was at 1 up here. Let’s take that off. Now let’s go up to the 768. Let’s get rid of these styles.

Let’s go to 768, pop the grid on there. And then I’m going to have to change this to var space M. And this to var space M as well. Okay. That’s why I did 80% because of the single line text in here. Talking point text, but what I can do is at this size and spacing, I can go like 12 characters. Oh, that’s definitely not enough. 40, 30, let’s do 30 characters. So that’ll look good there. And it should look good down here as well. But up here, it’s still just fine in our boxes. I think these have some padding in them from not mistaken. Nope, they don’t. Okay.

That should all look better now. Let’s take a look at that page and Sizzy. Oh, that’s a problem, huge problem. Okay. So the section right below that is not even set to, it helps if we select the right thing, Kevin. Grid two, yeah, it doesn’t even have a mobile class on it. So at in them, we need to break to one. So we’re gonna say grid M1. And now that problem is taken care of. We’re gonna keep going in Sizzy. Service areas look good. But one thing I do, that’s a problem, right? I want to fill Georgia over there. All right.

One thing I do is I need to unlink these because we’re not gonna have service area pages yet. They’re gonna come, but they’re not yet. And I think this is gonna require quickly rebuilding this maybe. Yeah, service area link wrapper. Gosh. Okay. Service area link icon, service area link text probably. Okay. So this is why you use BIM, guys. Because I can quickly drop a div, call it service area link wrapper. Area service areas wrapper. No, service area service area link.

And then I put an icon in there and that was service area link icon. And then I can add my text. This is gonna be the name of the service area, which I believe is just the title of the post. Okay. Boom. And this is a, oops. Come on, select the right thing. Okay. Area link text. All right. I think that works. Yeah. All right.

Save. Let’s do a little refresh. Okay. Good, good. So now they’re there, but they’re not linked up. I do not like the fact that that text, text primary ultra dark. Let’s do take that off. Text primary dark, take that off. Text primary dark, take that off. Okay. What is this looking like now? Save. Okay. I guess that’s fine.

Let’s go text base ultra dark. I think that’s already inheriting. Okay. Just want to make sure it’s all consistent. Okay. I think we’re fine there. Okay. It’s back to SIS-E. I think what we can do to maybe solve that problem is go back here to this text and drop this down to var text s. Okay. I think we’re fine there. Okay. To var text s. And now we should do a better job of being able to fit those longer city names.

Yeah. I think that that’s going to work much better. Except I did choose the wrong icon for this. This needs to be map pin. There we go. Save. Now we refresh. They should all be pins. Okay. We’re good. I’m confident that that page is a done deal. Okay. All right. So we’re going to go to residential fence installation. Oh, you know what else we haven’t done?

Check this out. There’s no residential page. Like page that’s going to have fence installation and gate installation. I’m just going to redirect them for now. And then we can come back and make them in the future. There’s really, I don’t see a lot of residential. Like this is residential fence installation. That’s what it’s optimized for. So this page of residential doesn’t even really need to exist. It exists for hierarchy in the back end. But here’s how we solve that. We just go to edit service. And we go to rank math. Actually, I like to do these redirects all in the same place.

So we got to rank math and we got to redirections. And we add new. And we say source URL is residential. And then the destination URL. And I’ll just copy it to make sure that we’re not making any mistakes here. It’ll be slash residential fence installation. Permanent move, temporary move. We’ll do a temporary move. I think I don’t know. I don’t really care. Add redirection. I think permanent time. Add commercial. And then this is going to go to commercial fence installation. Okay.

And then we’re going to refresh. So now if I just click on commercial. Takes me to commercial professional fence installation for commercial properties. If I click on residential. Just takes me right there residential fence installation. Okay. So that kind of alleviates that issue. Oh, that had a background image. That’s why that’s looking all whacked out. That’s no longer there. All right. Let’s look at the fence installation page in SISI. Make sure all that’s good. And see a lot of these components are like global. Right? Right?

Just by nature the way the sites built. So when I fix them on one page, they just end up being fixed on other pages. And as you go, this just gets easier and easier and easier. Process is looking good. I’m glad that there’s really nothing that needs to be fixed there. Why us is looking good. Yeah, all that’s fine and dandy. Why is that say five star reviews twice? Okay. That’s fun. Oh, you got you got 55 star reviews. Well, we got 55 star five star five star five star reviews. Let’s just market. All right. Let’s take that out, save.

Back to SISI. Gallery’s looking dope. Those pictures don’t exist. I guess. I don’t know why. Maybe that’s cashed. I’m not sure. So this get a quote button is still. Still causing problems. Let me refresh this. All right. So we’re going to go back to base camp. Get a quote button. Fix. Get a quote button below galleries.

Sign to Kevin. All right. Get out of redirections. Get out of here. Get out of here. All right. Let’s open SISI. That all looks perfectly fine and well. All of these usually the exact same template. So literally there should be no difference between these pages in terms of like mobile optimization. So that this is a different template, this top part. And it’s tough to see. Okay. I can tell that that’s not that does not have a. Does not have a mobile grid class on it.

So that was gate installation. I had it with oxygen. So if I come down here and see that it’s got a. Oh, once again, it helps if you choose the right item. Okay. There’s grid two and it does not have a mobile grid class. So it’s fine at L. It’s not going to be fine at M. So we’re going to need grid M1. And now that is fixed. Just like that. Okay. All good there. Save. And I bet the same problem because I use the same template on commercial.

So I bet these two pages have the exact same issue. I’m going to edit the service. Open. This is the area where you do really notice like, hey, if oxygen loaded a lot faster. And granted, I’m using Firefox. It’s way better. Way, way, way, way better. In the old days, man, this just eight up time, right? Where you’re having to hop from page to page to page. You’re not doing a lot of work on the same page. Killer. Killer. Grid M1. And this is an example where if I had used a custom class here to build a custom grid. I would have only had to fix this in one place.

Alas, sometimes, you know, these things just happen like this. And you got to go to a couple different pages to fix it. Now if we keep using that section on more, more, more, more, more pages. I absolutely will switch it to a custom class. And it looks like that’s what’s going to happen. But for now, I’m done, you know, adding pages. But when we start adding more in the future, that’s going to get switched over to a custom class for sure. Because we don’t want to continue amplifying this problem. All right, let’s look at the rest of this page. Everything else should be kind of good by default. Yeah. Okay. All right. I don’t need to look at any. Oh, let’s look at our work and reviews.

Which I mean, that’s all WP grid build. There’s going to automatically look good. Reviews. Obviously looks good. Get a quote. All right. Yeah. Let’s see how this looks on mobile. So I’m not super happy that those buttons are not the same width. So, and then they’re also touching each other. So we’re going to call this get a quote buttons on mobile. Fix. Get a quote buttons on mobile alignment spacing. Okay. Kevin.

Add. Now, just to let you guys know if I was doing this punch list for my team, a lot of times what I do is take a quick screen shot. And I pop that in there. And I also link them to the page. So it doesn’t waste any of their time. They go down the items on the punch list. They open the item. It shows them a picture of what I’m talking about. They click the link. They go right there and they can edit it. Right? So they don’t have to hunt pages down. None of that stuff. So good tip for those of you who are working with teams when you’re making punch lists like this. Make the punch list task really, you know, brief and concise.

That’s it. Be able to understand what it means, obviously. But then drop a photo in there and literally watch this. Okay. If we were doing this. So I’m in Sizzy. Let me show you how awesome base camp is with this stuff. See this notes section right here. You can also have a discussion about singular tasks, which is really awesome. But I’m going to go into, I’m going to go to Sizzy. And then I’m going to go here. And I’m just going to take a screenshot of this. And then I’m going to come over to base camp. And I’m going to literally just pop it in like that. And then I would also be able to go to commercial gate installation or actually in Sizzy.

It’s got the thing right up here. So the inquiry. So it takes me a few extra seconds when I’m doing these punch lists. Which my project manager actually does these punch lists. But I had saved changes. Now look, they have a link and they have a photo of exactly what I’m talking about sitting right there inside of the task. So ultimate clarity for them and ultimate speed of getting where they need to go to make these adjustments. All right. So let’s see how this looks. I think everything else is workable. Let’s go next. All that looks good on mobile and looks great on desktop as well. Okay. I’m pretty good with that. I think I have to put this in manually.

We’re going to go to the pay screen. Okay, looks great on mobile. Now it looks fantastic on mobile actually. Looks fine there. Looks fine there. Looks fine all around. Awesome. This is this is good news. A header phone number needs to be linked. Link header phone number. And then we’ll quickly let’s go back. I don’t know how to go back in. Oh, there we go. So I’m going to go all the way to the bottom. Just see if these work. Yep. Installation works.

Gate installation works. Bout us works. See if it fixed it yet. Looks like it’s still got the old cast version in there. Latest projects. Remove latest projects link. Okay, we’re going to add that in later. Photo gallery. Fix photo gallery. Link in footer. I guess I should be signing these to myself. Okay. And how’s the get a quote button working? Is that work? Hello?

Yeah. Okay. Paying invoice. Yep. Contact us. Already tried that I believe. All right, let’s click our phone number here. Allow Peachery fence. Okay, deny. That’s working. Let’s go to the homepage. Yes, it does. Let’s go to the homepage. Yes, it does. Okay, I’m confident with this.

So that’s kind of how I walk through a website. And I just kind of do it all in Sizzy. And then we make our little punch list out of whatever we find. And now if you look at our website rebuild task list, you know, I’ve got a couple little templates to do still, which we’ll do that in the next episode. Not critical by any means. And then I just have my punch list to do. And we’re these strike credentials, which now I can take these and I can actually drag them up here and just drop them into the punch list. And I can come down, fix input alignment issue on horizontal form when submitted without info errors state. I’ll still check that out. We’ll put that in the punch list.

So now all these are done. I can come in here and I can archive. Right? So you can archive this. I can archive this. I can archive this. That one’s still good. We’ll just throw these in the punch list now. And I end up with a single task list of finalized things. And then I have my launch list down here. And if I refresh all those, it’ll go away. So it’s literally just punch list and launch list. And if you ever need to go back and see your archive to do, it puts us all in a nice archive area for you. So you’re never losing historical information on what was done with a website, which is really cool.

But yeah, I’m going to do a whole overview of base camp. All right. I think that’s it for this episode. I’m going to go ahead now and plug in all images and all the places that they go. And then I’ll be back to do those last two quick templates. Oh, we also need to do policy pages. Science Kevin, I’m going to show you how I do this. I’m using Termagetin now. I’ve tried all the policy since I spent the last month or two using all the different policy systems. And I’ve decided on Termagetin to just roll with. And so I’ll show you how we’re going to handle policy pages for that. And then after Casey says, yeah, man, this looks great. Hopefully that’s what he says.

Then we can launch this bad boy and call it a day. And that’ll be the end of this series. All right, guys. Thanks for watching. I’ll be back again very soon.