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  • Father & Husband

    I'm blessed with a fantastic wife and three beautiful girls. They're my #1 priority.

  • Photographer

    I've been doing photography for close to 20 years. Just a hobby, though.

  • Entrepreneur

    Starting and running businesses is in my blood, and it's been that way since I was a kid. I'm wired to be an entrepreneur.

  • Music Lover

    I'm a lover of almost all music, but I mostly listen to conscious rap. I'm really intrigued by high-level, meaningful lyricism.

  • BJJ Brown Belt

    Jiu-Jitsu is crazy. It challenges you to the core, teaches you a lot about yourself, humbles you, and gives you unique friendships.

  • Ambivert

    I can be outgoing when I need to be, but my natural tendency is to be quiet and reserved. And I think very deeply on a lot of things.

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