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Join 1000+ web developers, agency owners, & freelancers in my Inner Circle!

In 2021 I started posting web development and agency trainings on YouTube and my channel absolutely blew up with engagement.
After a couple months, people started flooding my inbox asking me to create courses or premium trainings.
 While I was flattered, I was also busy running my agency and being a father to my three kids. I definitely knew that I didn’t want to add course creation to my to-do list.
At the same time, though, I knew that with close to two decades of web development experience, a decade of digital marketing experience, and a few years of running an agency landing $10k to $100k projects, I had a ton of value to offer. I just needed a good delivery vehicle for the content.
That’s when I explored the possibility of creating a premium community – a place where I could just publish new trainings as I create them and a place where people could get tons of other value through written lessons/insights, downloadables, and guidance from other members.
That sounded doable. More importantly, it sounded fun.
I called this community the Inner Circle and I announced it on YouTube at an initial price of $20/mo. I wanted it to be accessible to as many people as possible, so I didn’t put a big premium price tag on it.
I did say, however, that once it crossed the 100 member mark – or really, *if* it crossed the 100 member mark – that I would raise the price to $49/mo or $99/mo or higher.
Needless to say, it didn’t take long to cross the 100 member mark. As of this writing, the Inner Circle is 800+ members strong.
The best part, though, is that the price is still the same price it’s always been!
Here’s what you get access to as an Inner Circle member:
  • Foundations of a profitable agency
  • Operations & project management
  • Sales, scoping, & closing
  • Processes, hiring, and scaling
  • Pricing & money management
  • Proposal, SOW, and contract templates
  • Discovery & sales call breakdowns
  • Premium dev trainings (Oxygen & Bricks)
  • Full site builds
  • Digital marketing & advertising
But this isn’t just about trainings. Here’s why most people join & stay…
  • Help & guidance directly from me (Kevin Geary)
  • Agency/freelancer business discussion area
  • Development discussion areas (Oxyen, Bricks, & more)
  • Accessibility discussion
  • Constructive feedback (UX/UI/Dev/SEO/etc.)
  • Job board (get hired or expand your team!)
  • Code snippets library
  • Query builder / query loop / repeater recipes
  • Additional resources

The Inner Circle is built on the platform so it’s super easy to use, fun to engage with, and very organized.

This is easily stuff I could charge high ticket for, but this isn’t about the revenue. I’ve said from the beginning that I’m not doing this for the money.

If you go from landing $1000 sites to $10,000 sites or from $5,000 sites to $50,000 sites and you start generating life-changing money and momentum for yourself and your family … that’s a priceless payday for me as far as I’m concerned!

I care most about making an impact and building something that really means something.

Now, while I say it’s not about the money, I also don’t want my Inner Circle to be a charity. I want people to respect what they’re getting access to enough to have at least a little skin in the game.

This is why access to the Digital Ambition Inner Circle costs one Andrew Jackson every month. Or you can get in for less than that if you wanna pay for 6 months at a time (I think 6mo is more practical than a full year).

If you can’t see the tremendous value, then this isn’t for you yet. If you understand the insane value mismatch that’s in front of you, then I’ll see you on in the inside!

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The Inner Circle is extremely valuable for digital agency owners and freelancers, especially if you use Oxygen builder for client sites (though not required). It’s also valuable for anyone who uses Oxygen builder, even if you’re not an agency owner or freelancer – you can simply ignore the agency content.

Basically, if you find my YouTube channel valuable, you’ll love the Inner Circle and find it to be exponentially more valuable.

Yes, the price you join at will never change for you as long as your account stays active. If you cancel and come back at some point in the future, you would have to rejoin at whatever the new price is.

Yes, we have a categorized roadmap for all immediately planned trainings (see below FAQs). Once things really get rolling there will be a public roadmap that will track the progress of trainings through production as well.

I guess it depends on what you consider “the next level” to be. Currently, my agency has a $10k minimum for any engagement and in the last six months I’ve closed a $135k project, a $96k project with an equity stake, and a bunch of 10/20/30k projects. I have a meeting coming up with a 350 million dollar publicly traded company.

If that sounds like “next level” compared to where you’re currently at, then I think I can help you. If you think this deals are chump change compared to what you’re doing, then you probably don’t need what I offer.
Btw, as an Inner Circle member, you’ll get the scoop on how I’m approaching/closing these deals and when I fail to land a deal I’ll give you some insider insights as to what happened.

Yes, because I don’t want to have to manually manage renewals. However, you will receive plenty of notice that your membership is about to renew, giving you the opportunity to cancel or downgrade to month-month if desired.

You can cancel any time you want by shooting an email to [email protected] There won’t be any hassling you about it.