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Peachtree Fence Part 15: Gallery Page, Reviews Page, & Commercial Services

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And we are back. Okay. I’m trying to get caught up on where we’re at with this thing. But I think our work and reviews are the two pages that are left primarily. I do want to change this up a little bit. At some point, I probably have to do it before we launch honestly, but I do want to maybe break this into residential and commercial, even though the SEO, the original site map wasn’t designed like this because the SEO doesn’t apply to commercial really. Like nobody really searches for commercial fence installation. At least I don’t think. When I did the initial discovery, that was the case. We can quickly double check that. So you have, let’s see, commercial fence installation, commercial gate installation. I think that would be the only two really that we could look for. It looks like there is now when I originally did it, I wasn’t really getting much in the way.

But that was like over a year ago, commercial fence installation, commercial gate installation. But see, it says the parent topic is electric gate installation. Commercial fence installation. Let’s just see what we get for results. Okay. So this would definitely be a good one to go after. So we’re going to break this out and do commercial and residential, basically. So let’s go into the backend service areas. No, we want to be in services fence installation. Okay. So we’re going to make a residential parent page. Yeah, it’ll just be residential. And then what we’re going to do, which sucks is we’re going to have to do a lot of extra work. Unless I just forward those for now, that may be a way to handle it at least temporarily.

So we’re not adding blank pages into the mix. This will be commercial. And then let’s move all these so fence installation. I wonder if I can just quick edit this and if it’s going to continue nesting all of them properly. So we have, let’s see if we have aluminum fence installation to services residential fence installation aluminum fence installation. That is a lot of, I don’t want that slug now. It’s going to make the URL is way too long. And then the services slug doesn’t really do anything for SEO for you. So typically what I do here is there’s a plug in. I’m trying to remember the name of it. It’s, um, remove CPT base, I believe is what it’s called. Yeah, there it is. So we are going to install this.

Because unfortunately you can’t neither advance custom fields nor metabox allows you to just remove the, the base of the slug. I really wish one of them would add it. I’m preferably metabox since I’ve pretty much moved to that now, but crazy to me that they haven’t added that. All right, so you go into remove CPT base and then you just choose your services. And then usually I think you have to do alternation will try this without it, but let’s see, permalinks, save changes, I’m going to save this twice. And then I’m going to go into something happens where things break, but they don’t look broken at first. So you have to be really careful with this residential gate installation. So here it is right here fence installation. Okay, see that’s not working. That is a real page, but it’s acting like it’s not a page. So what I’m going to do is go to settings or just go to plugins and then remove CPT base settings.

And then you choose the alternation method. And then we’ll go back and we’ll do permalinks and we’ll save those twice again. And then we should have a working residential fence installation page. There we go. So now it’s working without the base slug. And if we go to any of these pages, we can do gate installation. For example, should now work without any services slug whatsoever. So that’s cool. That all works. This gate installation needs to be placed under residential as well. I can nest this properly. All right. And then under commercial, we’re effectively going to get a fence installation and the gate installation for those as well. So I’m going to edit this page.

I’m going to grab our short codes. And then I’m going to go back here. I’m going to make a new, was that fence installation or was that gate installation? I think it was fence installation. So I’m going to add new commercial fence installation. And we are going to make sure the parent service is commercial, commercial fence installation. I can just take out the commercial now. We don’t want commercial to be in there twice. I’ll show you in just a second. And then I’ll paste all these short codes and hit publish. And then I’m going to go to the page. So it says commercial fence installation. You don’t need commercial slash commercial fence installation. There’s no point in doing all that. OK.

So I’ve got everything in there. So literally all I really need to do here is just swap these images out for make sure they’re all commercial. The gallery already under gate installation is which it looks like this was the gate installation page that I just did. All right. So we’ll do commercial. OK. Now I’m confused. Which one is this? I don’t want to mess with that one. All right. Gate installation, commercial fence installation. But this is all gates. Yeah.

So this is the wrong. I copied the short codes for gate and called it fence. So gate installation, gate installation, commercial commercial commercial, commercial safe. OK. We’re fine. All right. Now I need to do the same thing with fence installation. So I’m going to grab the fence installation short codes. I am going to come back here, add new. Now this will be commercial fence installation. Drop in the short codes. Cursor service is commercial, publish, publish, fix the slug, update. And let’s go to the front end now and hit customize. We can go to our menu, main menu, services. All right.

So we’re going to change this to, let’s remove that, add items. And it’s going to be under services. We’re going to do commercial and residential, commercial and residential fence installation, gate installation. Now I have to come back and under commercial, we have to add commercial gate installation and commercial fence installation wherever that happens to be. OK. Right there. Perfect. Publish. So now from a UX standpoint, this is going to be better. And from a, now we’re getting a little crowded up there is the problem. Yeah. And from an SES standpoint, we’re going to be better off as well. I don’t need to put residential fence installation because I don’t believe that that’s actually a keyword that has any really any real relevance.

It’s on the parent topics list is fence companies near me, residential gate. All right. So let’s do this. Residential fence installation near residential gate installation near fence installation near gate installation near. I just want to compare these, let’s see what wins. So fence installation near me, you can see as far greater than residential fence installation. So if I search for residential, there’s residential fence installation near me. So the it’s come all the way down to 80 per month versus 14,000 per month. I’m really confused. It’s okay. Like it’s saying that the parent topic is actually a longer tail keyword, which is it irks me because I just feel like it’s a little confused. Let’s do fence installation near me. Got a bunch of local listings and we got a bunch of companies.

Let’s do residential. I’m guessing it’s going to be all the same. If it’s all the same, then it doesn’t matter. So better decks, precision fence and Bravo fence, better decks, precision fence and Bravo fence. It’s the same results just in a slightly different order. So telling me that Google just sees these terms as exactly the same. So we really just don’t have to sweat over it that much. All right. But now we have it broken out. And then on the actual pages, we’re going to be able to put different content effectively. So that’s all good. And then you guys don’t have to see me go in. That’s just the content job. So I can just go in and swap the content out and we’re good to go.

But I do want to get this R work page going. I hate oxygen when it does this too. This is a page called R work. I want to edit that actual page. That page exists. Okay. But when I go to oxygen, it wants me to edit the primary template for absolutely no reason. Does that happen to anybody else? It happens to me all the time. All right. So I’m going to go to pay. What it forces you to do basically is go into the admin here and then find our work and then edit it from here instead of being able to edit it on the front end. Kind of annoying. Just takes like five extra clicks instead of one click.

All right. Let’s go to, I don’t think there’s a review. Let’s go to the get a quote page. See, I don’t think I like this little header banner thing going on either. I wanted to find maybe something cleaner to do with that. Let’s just edit this page real quick. I’ll keep this one open, but I’ll remember to refresh it before I do any work in it. We don’t lose anything that we’re doing. Let’s see. Set pad section all. Okay. Background has this color on it. Okay. I was doing primary because when I did base and then this was the base, it wasn’t looking that great.

This is much better doing base here for this. Oh, geez. Do we want to left align this though? I don’t really know. Get a quote for your, oh, and I also need to, I switched a normal case for all these. All right. So get a quote for your fence or gate project. And then let’s try testing out left aligning this. So let’s not center all. Let’s width M on this. Gosh, they are exactly the same length. Yeah. Great. Okay. So we won’t use any of those.

We’ll come in with character counts and do like 40 characters, 30 characters, 20 characters, 16 characters. There we go. Get a quote for your fence or gate project. I don’t need this. That’s just obvious. Okay. And then this was minus 5 rim. So the bottom here needs to be a cowc of section space M plus 5 rim. Okay. Cowc. Oh, what am I doing? I can’t just do that. You got to do a var section space M. Sorry, I’ve been, I’ve not been doing my, I haven’t been doing any dev today really.

So I got to get back in the, in the groove. All right. Let me think about this. It should be adding. Can I, I can see this whole thing here. Look var section space M plus 5 rim. It should be giving us section space M plus 5 rim, but it’s not. It’s giving us basically what amounts to section space M. Var section space M. Oh, maybe it’s L plus 5 rim. Is this really? Oh yeah, because I put pad section L on it. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. I should just leave it like that. Now I can do, all right.

So now we can write it again. So we’ll do cowc. This time we’ll do a var section space L. No, sorry, M plus 5 rim. There we are. Okay. So effectively what that does is it gives you the normal section padding, but it adds the 5 rim that this was taking away. So I’m going to hit save. Now the actual section does not look off balance. We go to get a quote. There you go. Get a quote for your fence or gate project. And now that we’re now we’re here, we can just center this again. It probably will look better centered now. It was that other like sentence of text underneath that was just kind of throwing me off, I guess.

All right. Why are we, why are we freaking out? Why does this not look anything like, all right. It’s, it’s having a stroke. But yeah, we’re going to basically what I want to do is get that down so that I can come over here and paste this in. But let me go ahead and refresh this builder first. I’m just going to, that’s stroking out. So I’m going to close it and we’ll see if we’re refreshing this builder and pacing this in might help things and this is going to be called our work. I just wanted something that has like a nice simple little banner kind of thing. All right. Front end. There we go. Now why in the world?

Okay, because this doesn’t have the overlap. So now what I can do is come in and take off that calc and just let that chill like that. And then we will add a section which is going to be for our gallery. All right. And close this, refresh this. That looks good. Let’s go to fence installation and let’s edit service. Now let me think about how we’re going to do this because we’re not using a repeater. We are using a WP grid builder grid. And we’re probably going to make a new grid. So let me go to WP grid builder. All grids. Yeah, gate installation fences. All right. And we’re going to have to make one that.

Ooh, I haven’t done this with facets in it with a WP grid builder grid in a while. Let’s duplicate this. And I’m going to call this our work gallery content query media gates. Okay, I think we just need all of them in here. So fences, commercial. What do they call? I don’t even know what they’re called. Let’s go to the media library. Okay, commercial. So commercial, why is there not a residential? Oh, there’s residential commercial residential. I’m going to have to re-nest some of these then because of the way we just restructured everything. Fences and gates. Let’s drag this.

Can I drag these? Oh, dear. Okay. All right, let’s just do that. Let’s do it like this then. So select that and create residential fences and gates. So now residential has fences and gates and commercial has fences and gates because we can do this, fences and gates. Okay. And now I just need to divvy up where the images actually are. The images also can be in more than one folder. So it’s going to kind of act like tags a little bit. Let’s just see residential and commercial. So I’m going to go to gates because there’s a bunch of gates in here that are clearly commercial in nature.

So what’s the easiest way to do this? I guess I have to be in the list, but when I’m in the list, the thumbnails are tiny. All right, these are all commercial right here. We’re just going to do a little task. Make sure we can get facets working with this WP grid builder grid. All right, that’s residential, I believe residential. This is commercial. That’s residential. Residential. This is commercial for sure. All those are commercial. Okay. And then there’s two pages which is going to complicate this even further. Okay. Within 15 into commercial gates.

I’m actually just commercial for right now. They do need to go into commercial gates, but right now I just want to get residential and commercial working. All right, so those are good. So under here, we’re going to cancel, cancel, and we’re going to do residential. And we’re going to do commercial. And then those are going to be our facet selectors. Save changes. Okay. And let’s grab our gallery short code. And I just want to make sure on this, okay, we can close that, our work, fence installation. I wanted to make sure we weren’t using a wrapper of any sort or a class or anything like that. No, it’s just a short code. I wonder if I should just grab this entire section.

Let’s just do that. And then delete there, our work, see our work. Okay, we’re going to pull that up there. I don’t know. It’s not the little much. Okay, fence installation project gallery, that can go away now. We’ll take this away now. Okay. And we’ll save. Except I do have to change this short code to six. I believe it was six. Yes. All right, let’s go to front end. All right, so we have a clear mix of residential and commercial. We need to see if we can get some facets going up here.

So let’s think about this. I’m going to go to facets. I’m going to create a facet. Behavior is going to be to filter. And we are not going to use check boxes. What are we going to use? We’re going to use, we want to use buttons. Complete search field selections, radio check boxes, drop down, maybe a drop down. Let’s see what buttons versus drop down does. We are going to do it by taxonomy. Now I’m going to go to the media library or the grid builder library here. Because it’s going to be how we query this is going to depend on how the facets work. So the content query was post-tight media and then taxonomies, taxonomy terms. Okay. Taxonomy categories.

In-be-views, happy files category. Let’s see what that does. Let’s do a, it’s checking, it’s indexing, it’s complete. All right. So we have this short code here that we can use. Or I believe we can still use the plugin integration. Let’s see. Get a little refresh going here. I’m completely winging this. I always use these facets with repeaters. Let’s see if I can use one with WP grid builder. All right. What facet do we want? Did I not give it a name? It’s called new facet.

That’s fantastic. Okay. So this is going to be called gallery categories. I’ll do gallery filter. Save changes, re-index. And unfortunately, to get that to show up in our little drop down there, we are going to have to refresh the builder one more time. And I wish I had water, which I clearly do not have. That was a mistake. All right. Has our facet disappeared? No, there it is. Gallery filter. Then I select the grid, which is our work gallery. And then I apply the parameters.

Hey! Hey! Okay. What it’s doing is it’s auto detecting, because there are images in this grid that are in all these four categories, it’s auto detecting these four categories and creating the most facets. Which is actually fantastic, because it means less work for us. So there it’s going to show me gates. It’s going to show me commercial. It’s going to show me fences. And it’s going to show me residential. Now, what I need to do, though, is maybe make these, you should be able to sort by like two of them. Like if I want to see residential fences, I can select both and it only shows me residential fences.

But I’m thinking about how we might be doing that. Or residential fences, commercial gates. Or we just need to do this differently, with the way that we are. Maybe I don’t need to do that much complexity. Commercial fences and gates. So say that all of these are, let’s go gates here. And what if I remove them, but I don’t know how to remove them. Rename, delete, gallery, shortcut. See because they can exist in multiple folders, I don’t know how to remove them from a folder. I don’t want to delete them permanently because I think that will literally delete them from everything. Though, I’m not sure. Barbed wire fence installation, Georgia. Oh, I don’t even want to try because I don’t want to mess with it. All right, let’s go into the back end here.

Let’s go to settings. Happy files. Sign multiple folders. Save changes. All right, let’s go back to media. Commercial gates. Commercial. Oh gosh. Still in two folders. Maybe it did duplicate the files. I don’t, I wouldn’t think that that’s how it does it. All right, we’re going to delete this barbed wire fence installation, Georgia. Can I download it first? Maybe I should download it first. We’ll just open it.

We’ll leave it open and we’ll come over here. All right. We’re in the commercial folder. We’re going to delete it here. It’s also here. All right. It should still be there if I deleted it from here. That’s what I’m hoping. Barbed wire fence installation, Georgia. Permanently deleted. Oh, see, deleted it from both. Okay. Let’s save image as. Go to downloads. All right.

And let’s restore that. So into commercial, we go. Okay. I think I know what we’re going to have to do. But I’m going to go into gates. Let’s go to downloads. Toss that in. Oh gosh. All right. Thank you. That didn’t do what I wanted it to do. I guess you have to be on this view to get it to upload and buy drag and drop. All right. So we’re restoring that. I think now we’re going to do is delete this folder.

Yes. Okay. I’m just going to rename this then. So this is going to be commercial. Commercial gates. What is this here? Oh, look at that. That’s the same one. Okay. So we can just delete this. Yeah. Delete folders. And then residential. See, this is a mix of why there are no items found. Okay.

I just want to happen. Okay. I think this is just a glitch. All right. Let’s go back to happy files. Come on. Happy files. You screw me right now. Sign multiple folders. Maybe that broke something. Go to media. Okay. We’re back in business. All right. We need.

So I got commercial gates. Are there any, we need commercial fences? So I’m going to make a new category called commercial fences. This is a clean one. Commercial fences, commercial gates. Residential. I can delete this. And I can delete this. It’s hurting my brain right now. All right. And then this will be called rename residential fences. And then we’ll need a residential gates. Now we don’t need, I think all these photos are, yeah. Okay. We don’t need this for sure since it has zero images in it.

Okay. We don’t need fence insulation either. Oh, that’s got my placeholder in it. But I think that’s also in placeholders. It is. Okay. We need to delete this. Okay. Now what we should do, I’m hoping that I can now go to happy files. I can take off assign multiple folders. I’m hoping the gallery doesn’t completely break on me. Oh gosh. Come on. All right. That’s working.

Commercial fences has zero. Commercial gates. Okay. We’re not broken. We’re good. We’re good to go. Okay. Anything I find in here effectively, this is a placeholder. Delete this. Delete this. This is really just content stuff. I don’t want to just drag you guys through this. Commercial fences. I need to find some commercial fences though, if possible. And I don’t know that we’ve uploaded it any actually.

But if I have commercial gates, that’s going to be good enough to make sure these facets work. I have residential fences and I have commercial gates. I need a residential gates, don’t I? Okay. We will create a folder called residential gates, create. And then let’s go into this was residential. So there may be gates in here. But maybe not. This is a gate. Okay. So we can move that into residential gates. And that’s good enough. I mean, if we have one in there, this is a placeholder. This can be deleted permanently.

You said this is what I might be using for the barbed wire fence services thing. I don’t want to delete that. And I’m hoping I wasn’t using the other ones. Let’s go to, oh gosh. This is the problem of going on holiday break and then coming back to a website. Alright, so fence installation. Oh gosh. Okay. Alright, and that’s going to be another problem that we are now queuing up commercial in our sub services. Okay. But that’s fine. None of the images are broken on these. See that? That’s the image that I was thinking we were using.

So I just need to now be able to say we don’t want to include. Yeah. Children of, it’s probably easier to categorize these at this point. So if we look under services, we probably need commercial versus residential categories. So I’m going to go Metabox taxonomies and add new, my kids just got home from dance. They’re about to come in the door. We, possible those to be screaming grind. So let’s go to service categories, service category, services cat. Yeah, services cat, service cats, services cat. Let’s try that. Assign this to service, non-service areas, services. I don’t really think we need anything else except for we do need to publicly queryable. Take that off. Okay.

Publish. All right. So under services now, we have service categories. We’re going to do residential and we’re going to do commercial. And now all we have to do once we go into services and categorize these properly. So commercial commercial, commercial, edit, apply, service categories. Why is this not a check box? Usually it’s a check box. So let’s me do it. I bet it’s because it’s not a hierarchical, whatever. All right. Service categories, commercial. There we go. Okay. I can do these one by one.

No, no, no, no. Let’s try this again. Edit, apply. Oh my gosh. Come on. All right. That’s not going to work. Metabox, taxonomies, service category, advanced, hierarchical, update. Now that it’s hierarchical, I believe it’s going to give me a check box. So we’ll go to services. Check, check, check. And we’ll go to edit. And we’ll go to apply. There we go. These are commercial, update.

All these are residential. Select all those. Volk actions, edit, apply, residential. Now I can just flip the query basically and query this by category and say show me all residential services. And I’ll also be showing only child pages, but we’ll fix that later. All right. What did I come here to do? I came here to develop an R work page. And we’ve gotten lost in the thousands of other little tasks as usual, right? Especially when you’re changing around the entire site structure, basically. All right. So there you go. So residential fences. And what are we querying on the vet?

You hear them crying now? It’s like it’s money. I already know. Because it’s also like the witching hour. It’s getting on to dinner time. They have a eaten. It’s just nightmares waiting to happen. All right. What am I doing here? I’m going to R work gallery. And I’m looking at our content query. We need to now, because we deleted all those folders, it removed them from this query. So residential fences. I need to query residential gates.

I need to query commercial fences. And I need to query commercial gates. OK. Now we reload our work page. We should have, there you go. So now people can get to exactly what they want to get to. I can also show all. So I think this is going to work. This is going to be perfect for us. There’s our commercial gates. Some of these are obviously residential. So there’s a little content work around that needs to be happening here. But the filtering is working correctly. The faceting is working correctly.

We do need another facet. This is going to be our load more facet. And I’m going to say our work gallery is what we’re doing. And I believe I made a facet load more. We’re going to apply parameters there. Awesome. And I’m going to go, why is that blue? Like, what was the point of making my facet load more class if it’s enough styled? With M, smooth this up. Oh, look, it needs to be in there, doesn’t it? As soon as I put it in there, it changes how it looks, probably because, yeah, gallery footer. OK. Let’s go margin top.

And we’ll do M on that S, margin top S. OK. Save. Refresh. Let’s make sure it works. Load more. Perfect. All right. They can choose here. I do want to style this up a bit. But actually, I think I’m not really going to style it up much because we’re pressed for time. And I think these are going to look fine. As long as we can change that blue color, which, if I go to automatic CSS, go to colors, grab this hex code, and then go to grid builder settings, and color schemes, accent color, pop this in, just like that, save changes, and then refresh.

Magic. All right. I think we’re good there. So we have our work page, just like that. It’s filterable. It’s going to work whether they’re residential, whether they’re commercial, doesn’t matter. It’s going to serve everybody. Now let’s tackle this reviews page. Why is that redirecting? Reviews is redirecting over here. So I’m going to go to what could be causing a redirect? Rank math could be causing a redirect. Redirections. No redirections.

So that’s fantastic. What are the pages? OK. Let’s look at our customizer. And I bet that’s an archive page. Menu. Main menu. It is. It’s the post type archive. So we’re not going to be able to see anything until we create an archive template. And there it is, right there. But is there nothing in it? Open and find out. But there is something in it.

So the next question is going to be, OK. All right, let me think about this. So we’ve got a Metabox, Post Types, Review, Advanced. Exclude posts, publicly queryable. I wonder if the if I make that publicly queryable, but this is going to make all the singular reviews publicly queryable. But I’m wondering if that affects the template from working as well. It does. OK. I’ve got hair in my mouth or something. All right. That’s disgusting. OK.

Let’s copy all this. I think that’s fine, though. I think because it’s better yet that I don’t, I wonder if that allows me then because it’s not publicly queryable to actually use that URL with a normal page. All right, let’s go to Advanced, turn that off again. I’m really hoping that’s the case. Let’s go to Pages, Add New. I can just make a normal reviews page, and we’re ready to rock and roll. Publish, publish. Yes. It’s looking like it’s going to work. All right, so I’m going to open. Let’s get out of here.

Let’s get out of here. Let’s get out of here. Let’s get out of here and out of here. And no, no. It’s not what in the world? It opened the primary template, I believe. That’s not what I asked it to open. I asked it, oh, yeah. Wait, where are we editing home? Where’s reviews? Here’s reviews. Yeah, if I edit with Oxygen, it’s May redirect us, and it may, yes, it’s not going to let us do it. So that is a quandary, because I need a reviews page using the Reviews slug. Well, I don’t really need the Reviews slug.

Hmm. Let me think about this for just a second. The problem making it publicly queryable is that all the reviews then are publicly queryable, and they should not be. I’ll show you guys what I’m talking about. Yeah, well, basically what I’m talking about. So if I go to Metabox, Post Types, Reviews, and I make that publicly queryable again, let me see if there’s another setting for archive page. Has archive. See, but that archive, maybe I can do this backward. Now, I don’t think that’s going to work either, but let me just show you. So I update this, and we don’t need this either. Close please. Thank you. Front end.

So now if I go to Reviews, the slug actually works now, and there’s a template, but that’s controlled by the template inside of Oxygen. So if I go to Oxygen templates, that’s controlled by this right here. And now what you’ll see is if I go to that Reviews page, I bet it’s not going to allow this slug. Cancel, Reviews, View. It’s just going to forward me to the template, basically. But now if I go to Reviews, and I go to View, I actually have, there is a page that exists for this review that I would have to create a template for, but there’s no reason to do that because these things don’t need to be pages. The problem is, this is the setting right here, where did it go? Advanced. This publicly queryable is the setting that removes this slug right here from existing. So now if I go here and I refresh, and you see it’s gone, right? So that’s a problem.

The main issue now is that now I can create a page called Reviews. So if I go to View this, it takes me to the homepage. So the only other thing I can think maybe that could work is Post Hites and Reviews, Reports, Advanced, publicly queryable. Yes, has archive, no. Post Hites, Slug, Query, Var, enables request the post via URL. Let me try this other thing real quick. That feels new to me or something. It’s definitely not part of ACF, I don’t think. At least it doesn’t work in ACF. All right, let’s go here. I need to go, no, I can’t go back. Let’s get out of here. Let’s go to Reviews. This is another thing that’ll break your brain.

Okay. See, I can now request the URL there, but let’s do this. Let’s turn that off. Update. Refresh. See, I can still do it. Oh, but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t take me there. I think we may be getting somewhere. Okay. So, do I also want to say has archives, no. So, I’m removing the query variable here and the archives ability there, which I’m hoping because I still haven’t turned off publicly queryable that my Reviews page will now work. So, if I click this button, it should open the editor for the Reviews page. Yes, we’re winning.

It did not redirect me. We’re winning. So, now I can have a normal page. I don’t have to create an archive page. The only problem here is I don’t think, oh, yes, my clipboard is still has it in there. Okay. Guys, we’re winning right now. We’re winning heavily. Okay. Except why did it not bring in the rest of the Reviews page? Oh, probably because those were just, okay, whatever. I don’t actually care. But, I don’t need this top part at all. What I need to do is go to our work. I don’t know.

I don’t even know if I know if I like that. Let’s try something different on this page. So, I’m just going to go with a heading. This is going to be called Reviews and Testimonials. Obviously, Reviews. All right. And there’s probably a way to SEO this a little bit. Let’s do Center All. Create another section. VG-based-ultra-light. And Repeater. Oh, gosh, it’s going to be fun. Get my brain back after the holidays. Advanced. Apply.

Edit. No. Custom. No. Post-type. Post-type. Add value, Reviews. Post-type. Post-type. Add value, Reviews. Post-per-wow. Per page. Nine. No. Found rows equals true.

Save. Okay. Apply query parameters. I believe there’s only three reviews, so that’s good. That’s a good start. And then I’ll do Reviews. Create to my grid, because it’s custom class. And then this is going to be Review Card. And then I’m going to need a div. I’m going to need outside of that div. I’m going to need a wow. Text. That’s the call out. Text. That’s the body.

Text. It’s probably the person’s name. Let me see what else I have. Review. Star. Call out. Body name. Okay. That’s all good. So in here, I’m going to need an icon. It’s going to be a star. And then I’m going to say that this is a Review Card star. And then I’m going to grab that little wrapper. And this is going to be Review Card Stars wrapper. This is why you use BIM, because when you’re rebuilding things with classes that already exist, it’s very easy to know what’s what.

Review Card call out. Review Card Body. Review Card Name. Okay. Now, I can inject Insert Data, Metavox Field, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review. Review call out. That’s what that is. Okay. And then I can double click this, Insert Data, Double click this, Insert Data. This is going to be Review Card Body. Oh gosh. Here we go. Here we go. Insert. Something happened.

It was having a stroke again. All right. This is going to be Insert Data, Metavox Field, Review, Card, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review or Title, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review, Review. Oh. I think the person’s name is just the post-tidal. Yeah. All right. And then we need two, three, four, five stars. And then I’m going to go to Reviews. Oh, that doesn’t work. That’s the wrong link. Let’s customize that real quick. So this is no longer an archive page.

It is a real page on the website, publish. Now we can click it. OK, that’s a problem. I definitely saved this. I’m definitely editing reviews. And it’s definitely not working. I’m guessing it’s still trying to pull from that template. It’s still trying to treat this as an archive page. Even though I turned off the archive ability in Metabox, post-types review, advanced enables requests. Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. OK. Exclude posts from front-end search results. I turned off the post-type archives right here. Whether there should be a post-type archive, we’ll generate the proper rewrite rules if the rewrite settings is enabled.

Query var. If you’re paramilink structure prepend, no. Query’s can be performed on the front end. Controls have you visible to authors and readers. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. So, we can test this by selecting all of this. And we’ll just, we’ll actually just get out of there. We’ll go to oxygen templates. It’s actually not treating it as an archive page. I don’t know what’s going on. Let’s go to settings, permalinks, and just reset these real quick. Maybe it’ll help us to resize some short codes as well. Because that, I thought I deleted that template, but that template still exists.

So if it was treating that URL as a template archive, it should be calling that template archive. What was I just about to do? I was going to go to settings and resize short codes. Sign all short codes. I should really just be reviews and CT templates. No. Still hates me. Okay. Wow. That’s just totally, I thought we found a work around. I thought we found it and made it work, and it’s just not working. I’ll go here just to make sure. The slog works like the URL works, but it’s not displaying what’s in the template for that page. What happens if I hit edit page? There’s nothing there. Why is it working now?

Basically, everything that I did is gone, but it’s on my clipboard because I’m a fucking ninja. We’re going to go here, save. See, I cannot be defeated by oxygen. It’s just not possible. This has seemingly some spacing on the top, which I don’t want on this page. We’ll just use the ID level to get rid of that. Save. I don’t know. It’s working out of nowhere now. It’s like, we built the page, saved it, and then it was not there. Let’s really clean this up now by going to oxygen templates. That’s unexplainable. I can’t explain to you what just happened. Trash. This should still be there. If I go to reviews, nothing is broken.

If I go to reviews on the back end, these should not be queryable. If they are, we have a problem. Oh, is that what happened? I didn’t change anything. Metabox, post-types, reviews, advance. That’s what I’m talking about. The query variable is turned off, and you saw it. I was going to those, and it was redirecting me, because I turned this query variable off. I’m going to use the reviews page to work. Now they’re queryable again. Let’s do publicly queryable off update. Now this is probably going to break the reviews page. It’s not breaking the reviews page.

Is this still queryable? That’s still queryable. What in the world is going on here? Advanced. It’s not queryable. It’s not supposed to have a slug. It’s not supposed to have an archive. But it has those things. Oh no, it’s saying not found. Page not found. Okay, that’s throwing a 404 error. I just don’t have a 404 template. That’s reminding me I need a 404 template. Add new template. 404.

Other 404. Publish. Edit. Okay, all right. Maybe that was confusing me the whole time. I don’t know. I have to go watch the tape. Maybe I got an NFL player here. I got to go back and watch the tapes. See what I did wrong. All right. Section. Add. Heading. We’re going to pad.

Section. L. This. This is going to say oops. That page doesn’t exist. Something like that. All right, we’re going to center all. We’re going to add text. This is going to be text L. All of this is going to be text base. We’re going to add a dark. We’re going to owl this. All right. Oops. That page doesn’t exist.

Our team has been notified. Let’s see. We are. The page doesn’t exist. I think I write something creative, you know. versus like, this is a 404 error. Oops, that page doesn’t exist. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll put that page on the side of a milk carton and dispatch our search and rescue team immediately. In the meantime, please contact us at, I don’t know what their email address is. Hello at PetriFence. I don’t

All right, we will grab this and span it and link it and mail to the email address. We’ll send it to the email address. And mail to it. I think they have a sales. We’ll do sales at, pretty sure they have a sales at. Okay, and then we will, it disappeared because that’s just how oxygen works, but have faith that it will actually be there on the front end. I just don’t know if with, with, L is going to work for that. All right, so in order to test this, you got to go to PetriFence2 and then just type in a bunch of nonsense. Okay, yeah, that all, that all looks pretty good. Okay, the one thing we forgot to do is inherit the primary template.

So now I hit update, reload, and there we go. So now we have that within, and now they can still navigate, they can still fill this thing out, they can still do whatever, but they’re notified that the page doesn’t exist. And yeah, I think that’s, that’s good enough. So now if I go to service, no, no reviews. Oh, look, I can’t even view it anymore. Imagine that. Okay, there’s, it’s like there’s a delay or something. It’s like, it’s like the admin is being cached. Does this still work? Okay, we’re still working. We have a review page, we have an R work page. Those things are fixed, we have a get a quote page. Okay, remember it starts with asking for the address.

I believe we have a payment page. Yes, we do. Guys, we are like, I’m going to do the content now for commercial fencing, commercial gate. And like, we’re ready to start, you know, launch sequence. We’re going to do some of these images. Yeah, we got to do a testimonial here. There’s some little things to like, you know, fix up, clean up. But we’re getting really, really, really close. I’m wondering if we should do something here because of how close together these things are getting. Oh, well, it swaps perfectly. That’s all good. If you remember back, we’ve already done our mobile menu and all that good stuff. Yeah, we’re getting really close on this. All right, I’m going to go ahead and take care of content on commercial fencing, commercial gate. And then I’ll be back.

Remember, I don’t record those because I don’t write content on video. But I will come back and then we’ll do a cleanup episode and I just think we’re going to be ready to launch this thing. Part of this launch is going to have to be their existing site is, you know, pulling these URLs. I’ll show you guys how to do that, even though there’s really like only five pages. But I will show you the process of like what’s crawling a website, pulling all the active URLs, and then creating some redirects looks like. But yeah, then we’re just worried or I can roll. We’ll do all the final optimizations and all that good stuff. So I’ll be back. Peace.