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Peachtree Fence Part 12: Gate Installation Page, Categorizing FAQs, & Struggling with a Load More Facet

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Alright guys, I’m back again. In this episode, I need to start tackling gate installation and gate service. I think that our main service template is pretty much wrapped up. I mean, there might be some little stuff, but in the interest of time, I wanted to be done with this today. Here’s what happened yesterday or the day before we contractors at our house. I’m finishing our basement so that I can move my office down there. And they did all the sheet rock in the basement and something they did knocked out the internet. So from like 4 p.m. on what’s today? Like Thursday? 4 p.m. on Tuesday to 4 p.m. on Wednesday. Actually until like he didn’t come to like 5 or 6. So from 4 p.m. on Tuesday to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, I didn’t have any internet whatsoever. So I was like totally out of commission. That took like, you know, it took a lot of time out.

So I need to try to catch up and you know, client here, you know, good friend of mine, he’s not worried about all the, you know, tiny little design details. He’s more interested in like, let’s get the bulk of it done. Let’s get it up. Let’s get it running and then continue to work on it after that. So that’s what we’re going to do. Alright, so with the gate installation base, see the fence installation page is interesting because it has all these child services, but this gate installation, gate service, they don’t really have all of those subservices. So we need to change this up just a little bit. And I’m going to need a little bit more content for them as well. So I think we’re going to have to kind of change the layout of this type section here. This blue section with all these subservices is not really going to be a part of those other pages. So we’re going to remove that.

And then we might need to change the order of some of the content a little bit. So let’s just, let’s go ahead and dive in. I’m not even logged in here. That would be nice if I was logged in. That typically helps. The development process works better. Just, you know, pro tip when you’re logged into the website. So we’ll go ahead and do that. Alright, now I can, oh no, don’t hit new. I’m going to hit edit service. And if you remember, we did the template for the service pages that controls the hero section. So I’m going to go ahead and dive in here. We’re going to look for a gate photo. There’s a gate.

There’s a gate. Which one looks really good? We’re going to do mostly residential here. Ooh, this one might be nice. Either this one or this one. Let’s take a look. I like this curve of the driveway here. Oh geez. Okay. Well, thank you Metabox. Why don’t we just, yeah, why don’t we just select all of them? That’d be great. Ooh, that one might look good too. Ooh, I don’t know. Let’s go with that one first.

That’s a pretty good looking gate. Alright, let’s get rid of these. Hey Metabox, if you’re watching, we need a single, or Eliza, maybe you’re in here? I don’t know. We need this to be a single image field and not have to be an advanced image field. Alright, so our headline and our lead, and I just realized something, we’re going to need to think about this just the other day and almost forgot. I don’t think we don’t have, oh yeah, we do, Fence Insulation Company. But why don’t I have a headline lead talking point? Okay. Yeah, I don’t have a custom field for that. It should really be an SEO headline, right? Professional Fence Insulation. Okay, so gate installation will do, just for right now, I’m going to come back and do copy, clean up later.

This is going to say professional gate installation. If I can type today, and what’s it saying, or Fence Insulation? Okay, that is just a Lorum Ipsum. Why don’t we just go ahead and grab the Lorum Ipsum? I’d like to come back and in these kinds of project situations, I like to just do the copy kind of all at once because I get into copy mode. Okay, we don’t need any of that. Let me hit update. And let’s do this. Oh, look at that. That’s looking sharp, isn’t it? Okay, easy that is. Okay, but what I do need to do is add, we’re going to go back to admin here and add a custom field. So we’re going to go metabox, custom fields, services, single page.

And then up here, this is service card. Okay, this is the wrong group. Here’s what I need up here. So services headline, I’m just going to duplicate this. And this is going to be, okay, here. This is going to be called an SEO headline. And we’re going to drag that above that one and we’re going to hit update. And now we’re actually going to go edit our template. I haven’t opened oxygen yet, so that’s good. All right, so we’re going to open the services single page template and we need to add that little, inject that little SEO heading into there. That way I can make this little top line, say, you know, fence contractor or fence, like right now it’s a fence insulation company. I can come to gate installation and it can say, you know, residential gate contractor or gate contractor or gate installation company or whatever it needs to say for SEO purposes, separate from this, which is going to be basically a marketing headline.

And I need to make sure that we see that’s an H1, so that’s going to need to be changed to an H2. So let’s go ahead and open the template. I should have done that while I was looking and talking, huh? So this side normally do it. It’s H1, which is, it’s different from how it normally is, because they tell you H1 needs to be the biggest headline on the page. No, not when you’re doing SEO, it doesn’t. So this is H1, this is H2, which is the marketing headline and then you have your lead right here. All right. And you can see we didn’t even, oh, okay, hold on, single page. No, this should be correct. This is gate installation page. Okay, this is the service.

Okay, I opened the wrong thing. I did open it before. All right, so we’re going to inject insert data, metabox, and project, oh, services, SEO headline right there, insert. Okay. And then I don’t know if we’re going to have to test that a longer one. I don’t know if this accent heading style will work for that necessarily, but we’ll take a look at just a second. So this heading already has the proper injection, but we do need to change this to an H2. And we need to change this, which isn’t even a heading. That’s not going to work. Okay, so let’s delete that. Let’s add a heading, drag it up there. That is an H1. We’re going to put the accent line on that and it’s going to get super small.

And then we can inject once again, services SEO heading. And I will also put a text white on there. And we are in business. Okay, this now hero heading. This is interesting because I think on our homepage, we used hero heading on this inspect hero heading, which I guess is okay. So we’re going to still set, I mean, we’re, we want to be the same size anyway. So font size is going to be var text XXL. And then we’ll save. So now it looks like an H1. It looks like it did, but it’s clearly, yeah, leave page. And it’s clearly, you know, not an H1. So if we inspect now, okay, well, oh, I probably need to resave the page. Let’s save that page. Oh, and it would help if I go to the actual gate installation page and not the homepage.

Okay, so gate installation needs that SEO heading, but this if you look is an H2, but it is the size of an H1. So that’s all good. All I have to do is go back to the admin on this page. And right here, we’ll do professional gate installation and enjoy your brand new. Get a brand new gate in as little as one week. I have no idea. Like I’m just making stuff up right now to basically to fill space. I’m going to come back and get, but that’s what it would look like, right? So you have your marketing headline, you have your SEO headline, and then you have your lead. This all get rewritten. I just need to get something in there for right now. All right. So the hero is done and the CTA is done thanks to the template.

And then what I’m actually going to do is let’s go back to the service template. Get a free no obligation quote for your gate installation project, fence installation project. For your fence project, gate project. I kind of want to be able to customize that even though it’s part of the template. Fence gate free no oblig- okay. Get a free no obligation. Here we go. Take this out and we’re going to inject right here the title of the page and what we’ll probably do is the card, the service card headline, service card, service card heading. And that should put in like, there’s no hold on. There’s no service card information for this. This is gate installation. It is, so this is gate installation. We’ll update. And then let’s just close this for now.

Let’s get that out of way. Okay. Save. Update. Get a free no obligation gate installation quote. See that? So it’s nice and personalized even though it’s part of the template. And I don’t ever have to touch that again. It’s literally going to inject the name of the service into that paragraph, whatever page I use this on. So that’s going to be really cool. Let’s read that little blurb too. We’re happy to provide free estimates for fence installation, fence repair. Okay. See now that can be personalized.

This is a copy from the homepage which makes sense. Free estimates for, I’ll do this for insert. Once again, MetaBox field service card. Sir, I can’t remember where it was. Second to go. Okay. Service card heading. Okay. Insert. Oh, dear. What did it do? Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Okay. Go backwards.

I’m going to copy all this in case it tries to do that again. And for, okay. Insert. MetaBox field service card service card service card heading insert. There we go. For both residential and commercial projects. Okay. Save. Refresh gate installation. Okay. And then what I need to do is kind of maybe make this text L on here. I’m just, I’m not sure. I want to fill that space a little bit more. We might put an accent heading in there as well. It’s not bad.

I’m going to have to let that marinate in my mind. All right. Text accent. I might just do an accent left on this. And make this a free quote. All right. Let’s take a look at how that looks on the front end. Okay. That’s not bad. I didn’t want to use the same style as this because I don’t want them to compete necessarily. Let’s do so this is not dark. Let’s do like text base media now light. Text base light is not even going to work on that. Age accent left. Bar base ultra dark.

Okay. Well on this one since it’s a one use kind of thing. I’m just going to do it at the ID level. So this is going to be base light. That’s too light. Base medium that looks like a link almost based dark base ultra dark. Okay. Then what I can do is just drop the opacity here. So we’re going to go to effects filter now opacity. 0.865 something like that. Maybe not. Okay. Let’s remove. All right. Go text accent lines.

Let’s see if the normal one works for this. Free. Free estimate. Okay. All right. Why is that text white? Did I make everything in center left? Oh. Color. Typography. There’s no color set on this. Typography. I don’t know why that’s white. Let me go look at the front end. What did I miss?

It’s spec’d. CTA box is vars shade white. Ah. Because. Is this the whole thing as a CTA box? There it is. Okay. That does not need. Oh no. That’s the background color. Typography. There we go. Text color. That does not need to be like that. Because we used to have it as a dark blue box and that made sense.

It’s no longer dark blue box. So that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Okay. Free estimate. I think that’s fine. It’s fine. Let’s move on. All right. I got to I got to not spend so much time on this. Okay. This is the template which we’re done with. So now that actually has that injected into it. And free estimates for gate installation for both residential and commercial projects. Okay. I’m happy with that.

Let’s actually edit the page. So we’re going to go to edit service. Edit with oxygen. And because I haven’t saved anything to the library yet. I’m also going to need to open my fence installation page and be able to copy stuff out of there. Or we can attempt to, oh and while I’m here, fence installation. Okay. What I might want to do is just take a pause for a second. I’m not not pause the recording, but just pause work and add all you sections to the library. And that way I can quickly add them to my gate installation page as I build that out. So let’s do that real quick. And I always forget how to do this. Like off the top of my head because there’s like, I don’t remember what order to do the steps in. But I think you have to come over here to, and they’re page settings somewhere over here, oxygen.

It’s not short codes. It’s not revisions. Okay. Let’s do it here and see if we can get it done. So this is going to be called an experienced and trusted. Right? So we’re going to rename this. We’ll rename this intro, which I don’t think matters. So we’re going to do categorize. And this is going to be called content. Actually, I think you do. I think the name does matter. So this will be experienced. Let’s say trusted. And then this is subservices.

And then we’re going to say categorize this. And this is going to be content as well. And then we’re going to come down to process. So we’re going to rename this. And categorize as content. What’s our next section? Our next section is why us. Now this section I’m not actually done with yet. Well, I was going to test something out. Let’s just do that real quick while we’re working here. I’m going to duplicate it. And here’s the duplicate. Let’s go ahead and take these shape dividers out. Let’s go ahead and take the background color off. And let’s zero this bottom out.

And let’s grab this card, this div, the y card. And I’m just going to come to the ID. Actually, we’ll do, oh, no, don’t want to do that. Oh, OK. Y card. And we’re going to do y card. And actually, it’s double dash negative bottom like that. And then we’ll do margin bottom. And let’s try minus forum. And OK, layout needs to be overflow visible. And then I need to change the Z index of that new class on y card negative to two. I’m hoping that works. I don’t know why it’s not working in the builder. Oh, I’m not even looking at the page.

OK, fancily view front end. Yes. OK, I don’t think it’s going to work in the builder. Now let’s do this. Let’s add this to, I want to save it for a second. And I don’t trust my copy paste. We’ll just lay out and none it. OK, I just want to see how the page flow kind of looks when we do this. So actually here, this section, I can zero that out as well. And let’s see how that flows. I was just testing maybe a little bit of a cleaner look. I think that does pretty well. Now, what we have to do here is, OK, I’m trying to think, think, think, think.

I need to account for that padding loss up here. And I don’t know if I want to do a class on it. I think I do. So pad section below y like that, pad section below y is going to get a padding of var space m. No, it’s var section space m. OK, that’s what it had. Now, I’m going to copy that. I’m going to do a calc. I’m going to put the var space m in. And I’m going to do plus 4 rim. And it’s going to add an extra 4 rim to that padding, to account for the 4 rim that I just lost by overlapping the y card. And there we go.

So now that still looks nice and clean. I think I’m happy with that. I think I’m happy with that flow. And now we’re not so testing out diamond design type elements and seeing if people actually like it or not. So that’s what we had before. Oh, wait, hold on. What am I doing? That’s the new y card. Here’s the other y card. Lay out, none. Take that off. So you had this like little diamond effect going on. I’m just going to go ahead and delete that now. OK, dokey.

Now I can save that to the library. So we are going to add y card. OK, just trying to think of this section padding, too. If we want to, that should actually just be none at this point. So don’t take those off. We’re going to save it with the padding in there and then allow people to put pad section none they want to. So I’m going to rename this is going to be y us. And then I’m going to categorize it as content. And then I’m going to come down here to the next one. This is going to be reviews. And I am going to categorize that as social proof. The next section is a project gallery. And I’m going to categorize that as showcase probably.

And then I’m going to come down here to Q&A FAQ. Oh, come on. Get laggy on me. All right, so we’re going to categorize this as content content probably called the action contact. We’ll just do content. OK, I have categorized all of those. I’m going to go ahead and save. Now I’m trying to remember, date installation, I just closed that out. Let’s go back to the admin. What do we have to do? There’s something else we have to do. Oxygen settings. Do I have to go to enable third party, make this word presence all design set?

Oh, remove that. Enable third party design sets. OK, save changes. Create elements at Oxygen Block Library. OK, block library. No, I don’t want to do that. Templates. I thought it was like built into the pages. I thought there were normally settings right here, where you can add that. OK, let’s just quickly go back and we’re going to go to Oxygen settings, library. Click this link. No, no, no, sorry. Click this link down here.

Third party design sets. Add design set, whatever, creating a design set. Pages and templates include this page template in the default setup. Include sections in this page template in the library. If this is, yeah, these things are supposed to be there. Is it because it’s a CPT? Excuse me. If I go to the About page, look at that. That’s where I’m supposed to see right there. OK, so I think what I can do, we can cheat this. We’re going to go to Services. And we’re going to go to Fence installation. I think I’ve had to do this before. And I’m pretty sure I’m almost positive it works.

I already have Fence installation open. OK, so let’s go copy everything on this page. Go back to the add, we can actually close that now. Go back to the admin pages. And we’re going to call this Service Service page modules. Or we’ll call it Modules Service page. Like that. And we’re going to publish. We’re going to include this page. Now, include the sections in this page in the library. I think after we save the sections in the library, we can delete this page. But I’m not positive. But first, let’s just get this stuff in the library so that we can actually do what we came here to do, which is build out these remaining two pages.

All right, so I’m pasting everything in. Everything still should have all the normal stuff. It’s all categorized still. We don’t have to do any of that over again. Now we’re going to go back to the admin, include sections in this page in the library. Generate screenshots. Let’s see if this works. I think those two steps are all you need. Those need to be named and categorized. And then you need to check this box, Process Screenshots, Save. And I think we should be good with stuff being in the library. If not, I’m just going to move on. I’m not going to continue to try to figure this out.

And I always have trouble here as well. And this processing screenshots step. Let’s edit this service. Let’s go ahead and let’s actually go to gate installation now and see if we can get going on editing and see if anything is in the library yet. Because that’s still doing stuff. I’m hoping it put the modules there and just is still working on the screenshots. All right, so we’re going to add. And I’m going to come down to the library, Design Sets, Peachtree Fence. That’s a good start. Sections and Elements content. Look at this.

So I’m going to add this, but we’re going to end up editing that. And I’m going to add content. Process is going to get in there. Y Peachtree Fence, Here, Showcase. OK. So let’s think about this. Process. I’m probably going to do the Showcase next. And then I’m going to maybe social proof after that or process, probably process. So we’ll do process. And then I’ll add content, social proof, and then we’ll do FAQs. All right.

Now I want to change the layout of this section right here. So I’m probably going to do something like, let’s take with L off of here. And let’s do this. I’m going to do columns 2. Columns 2. Let’s try that. Columns 2. Is that what I want to do? I might actually build these classes into automatic CSS. So let’s try columns 2. And I’m going to go to custom CSS. And we’re going to do, oh man, I can’t even remember it. Off top of my head. Hold on.

Yeah, that’s it. That’s it. Column gap. I believe it is var space m. OK. So effectively, what that does, and we’re going to go typeography. OK, we’re going to probably need some text align classes up in here. Where did I set that alignment? Margin bottom m. Why did it center align that text after I did that? I don’t think that’s the standard part of that inspect. Oh, is because I’m centering all in this section. Yeah, it is.

OK. So let’s do text left and typeography left. OK. We’re all good there. Now look, I have effectively one text box, but it’s showing in two columns. I don’t have to create side by side divs or anything like that. Because I’m not going to put images in here. I don’t believe. At least not. Yeah, I’m going to put an image below this, I think. So let’s go to lorum. And let’s grab something like this. See how much text that is. And look, it splits it into two nice little columns.

Why did I just open bookmarks? That makes no sense whatsoever. OK. Might need a little extra text. Let’s generate some paragraphs here. Let’s grab one of these longer ones and paste that in. OK. But what we can do is make them a little shorter like this, give them a little structure, something like that. Looks kind of terrible. OK. Drop this down. Drop this. There we go. All right.

Sense installation done right. And I think what I was going to do, oh, oh, don’t change that. Whatever oxygen is trying to do on its own, please don’t do that. All right. Div. This is going to be grid two. And we’re going to go div div. We’re going to go gap. M. Probably even more than that. Let’s do gap. XL. I don’t want that gap to necessarily match that gap. And I might even do a two, three, like a staggered thing here. So let’s go with gates. Where’s another gate project?

Here we go. And let’s go. Ooh, this is where aspect ratio classes would really come in handy. Whoever recommended those would be nice. What if I could just pop a square class, like image square? And it makes it square, you know? That’d be really cool. All right. So I’m going to go custom CS. No, what am I doing? Yeah. Custom CSS. Object. No, no, no, I don’t even need to do that. And let’s take out that.

Whatever that was. OK. We’re going to go. Let’s just do height. No, I don’t want to do those because they’re OK. Hold on. I’m thinking. Thinking on the fly. All right. We’re going to go object fit cover. I’m going to come to the ID level. And we’re going to go size and spacing, minimum height. Just height. 50, 40. I think 40 looks good.

I don’t know if we’re going to need this as two columns up here. OK. And we might have to go less on the content. And we might have to actually keep it centered. We might actually need it to be exactly like it was to make this look decent. So we have a little intro right here. And then longer text will be right here. So we can grab this and text like that. Text left. OK. All right. Let’s break this up a little bit. And I guess, you know, I’m getting a bunch of text messages. Let me close my.

I don’t even know if you guys can see those or not. But it’s the digging is driving me nuts. All right. Let’s stretch this. And let’s go back here. And let’s see us as flex one. I think this is probably going to be the best way to do this. But now that I’m looking at it, that gap is a bit big. So let’s do gap L. And then I’m also thinking, does this have an owl? It does. Owl in. But this has a margin bottom on it. OK. Let’s take that off.

Now everything is crushed together. But those two things are grouped. So we may be more aggressive with the owl spacing now. No. Or I can throw this into that group. That would work. OK. Margin top M. And then let’s get even more aggressive with the owl spacing. Something like that. Let’s round this. And then I don’t necessarily. OK. Yeah. That’s OK.

All right. Let me think. Let me think. I’m going to take the gap off of here. And we’re just going to pad this. Because I want the text to be inside of the image. You see what I’m saying? Like, I don’t want the text to line up with the top and bottom of the image perfectly. And this image is set to grow with the size of the content. So this is kind of an easy way to do that. You just pad the text. All right. I think that’s going to be good. Hence installation done right.

And then what I can do is take this out of here. Did I pad the text? I’m sorry. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to pad the div. That’s going to get paddled. Now I can duplicate this. And I can put the rest of the content in this one. And then I can text L this one. And then I can margin top this one or really just owl these. And this will be like a nice big kind of intro sentence like that. And then we can also probably drop a, why am I hitting getting started?

Let’s drop a button in there. And now we’ll have a little call to action right there. So yeah, get quote, get a gate installation quote. Or actually, I’m going to do it like this. I’ll quote my gate project. OK. Box. I’m going to come back and revisit that. Let’s see how this is looking on the front end. Now I have room for a bit more content, right? But I didn’t have before. I just don’t know if this is going to look good. Lefted or centered? Lefted. You like that?

Lefted. Let’s just play with it for a minute. How, why is that so small? Oh, I bet it’s set to OK. That makes sense. So we’re going to do width full. I don’t think that’s going to be. Nah. Look better the other way, right? Didn’t look better when it was centered? I feel like it did. All right. So let’s get rid of that center all, drop off that left class. All right. We’ll leave it at that.

I’ll let it marinate. We can leave this stuff here. Now we have the fence installation project gallery. Now one thing I like to do sometimes is we’ll make a little class where if I don’t necessarily see, we need a separator of some sort. All right. For now, because I don’t want to waste too much more time, I’m just going to do the BG base ultra light on here. And move along. OK. So there’s our process. Here’s our reviews. But I need to take off the below why. I didn’t even include a why us in here. Did I?

Process reviews. Let’s go here. Content. I’m also wondering if I can reuse this Y card. Sometimes like inside of here. Well, I don’t want to drag that out. Did I? Why did it do that when I dragged it? All right. There you go. Let’s go up with that. Hmm. OK. Y card negative bottom. We can do Y card negative top, maybe.

OK. So just to kind of switch things up from page to page, I’m going to do Y card negative top. And then this is going to be minus 4 rim up there. And here now I can go margin top L. OK. That may be a little much though. You know what? We need to left align this. Y card inner needs to be vertical left. So this isn’t susceptible to like center all classes and such. Headline Y card heading. Typography left. Y card lead. Typography left. Y card text.

Y card body. Typography left. OK. All right. Let’s just take a look at the front end. I don’t want things to look too heavy. It’s all nice and clean. It’s not too bad, I guess. I think that’s pretty good. Maybe this shouldn’t be centered if that’s the case there. The center all class in this section is kind of just causing problems at this point. Let’s take that off. OK. Now let’s take a look. All right.

I’ll let that marinate as well. Let me compare it to fence installation. Something horrible happened here. We’ve lost what we did somehow. Close that gate installation fence installation. I only have one editor open. OK. Let’s leave it. Let’s go here. Spacing. All right. Add. Content. Why us? OK.

Yeah. It was pad. Oh, I know why. Pad section. None. So that’s good there. This does not need the margin bottom anymore. I’m going to use the margin top. This no longer needs its margin top. Center self. Center self. OK. We’ll just stick with what we had. All right. Let me go fix it on this page.

Well, I’ll do that after just we don’t break anything else. I can get rid of this now. There’s fence installation q and a. And now what we need to do is I don’t think we’ve done this before. Edit query FAQ’s post per page no found rose true. We actually need to go in and categorize our FAQ’s so that now we can call them by category. All right. But I think and then gallery here we need to create a new gallery. This is going to be for gates. Let’s do that right quick while I’m in the editor because I can do that in WP grid builder. Grids. How long have I been recording on this one? OK. We’re coming up to the hour trying to do all these in hour long chunks. So we’ll yes duplicate.

This will be gate installation. Content query media. Gates save. OK. And go to gate installation now. OK. Those are not gates. Oh, duh. OK. I think I’m going to have to change the shortcut out. I was just like, hey, it will work like magic. I don’t even have to change short code out. So we’ll copy that. That goes to five save. Refresh.

There you go. Now we have our gate gallery. Super easy, right? Stuff starts to get easier. The further you get into the site. I recognize this problem the other day too when there’s no more to load, which that’s actually an error. This facet has to be as to select the gate installation grid. But when there’s no more to load that button disappears and then it leaves this get a quote by itself. That’s no bueno, no bueno, which means that this gallery footer button wrapper thing cannot be a grid. It has to be flex horizontal. And it has to be stretch for the stretches and working. OK, lay out. Stretch. Stretch. All right.

Bomber, bummer. OK. Get a quote. Size and spacing. Width is 100%. Max width, bar width M. L. Not doing a damn thing. That’s probably because this has a width on it. It does not. OK. Oh gosh. Size and spacing. 80 rim. OK. Well, we got to figure out why that’s not responding to any width.

More troubleshooting. Imagine that. Div. Div. OK. With 100%. I don’t see anything that would be constraining that. I just must be missing something super obvious. Because I don’t see any reason why that can’t get bigger. I mean, even the ID level. It’s not behaving. There goes right there. With 80 rim. At that ID level. Size and spacing.

It’s not doing it for max width. OK. Whatever, dude. Whatever. What’s the problem here? Does this have a width on it? Yeah, it’s under galleries, WP facet button. It does not have a width on it. OK. All right. That’s starting to, uh, yeah. Bother me. 20. Button black. Button.

What is this? What is this wrapper called? Gallery footer. I just got to call it a gallery footer button. I’ll just do this footer button. Gally Jeepers. OK. Wowser, wowser, wowsers. Gallery footer button. Can both be gallery footer buttons. So that we can do margin to the right of 1m. And last of type. Zero. Margin. Margin.

There’s no, I’m not putting margin on there. Why is that margin not responding? I don’t know. I don’t know. Oh my god. Why is the last of type taking it off the first one? That shouldn’t need that. Important shouldn’t even be necessary. You can see it’s overriding. That isn’t spacing margin to the right. That one in. This is why you have to build in so much margin into these projects? Look at it. It’s on the front end. 100% 100% But in black I didn’t do anything to.

Fast it load more. What’s going on here? I didn’t do anything with the margins. It’s got all the same settings. I really wish these notifications would stop too. I don’t quite know how to turn them off. We’re just going to do… I don’t know why this is not behaving. All right, inspect. But we’ve got to move on. Height max height, okay, so it’s got a margin zero on it. And that margin zero thanks to WP grid builder. That’s the problem right there. Okay, we’ve got overriding these other plugins as nonsense. Things have a margin of zero by default. Why is there a margin zero on that class by default? All it does is require somebody else to come along and have to use importance and all this other nonsense to override this. Like, there isn’t a beginning sense.

Box shadow. Is there anything else on there? Do I have to figure out? All right, galleries. All right, I’m just going to do margin right one in then. Whatever. I don’t have to do it on the other one. And then I’m also going to have to with the 100%. And it’s those and have it. Okay. Margin right one in important. Okay, it’s still important. I’ve been working. Margin right one in important is on this. Fasted button WPG button. I don’t know why there’s two sets of them. Gallery. Okay, let’s do this then. Gallery footer. So we’re going to go here.

We’re going to go. Gallery footer. Gallery footer here. Like I’m increasing the specificity. Has it ever been this hard to add margin to the right of something in your entire life? Even if I delete the margin from there, it’s not going away. It’s here too. Wait a minute. I have no idea what’s going on. Oh, come on. Center, font size, body, note, div. Are you serious? It’s on the ID of the facet. Did I ever do that? How did that get there? How did I never do that? It’s still ain’t doing a margin right though.

That’s the last of type. Even though that wasn’t the last of type. Probably because of the divs, the way that div structure is made. Because for some reason, they thought it was great to take three divs to make one button. WPGridbuilder. Has it ever been this hard? Oh, Lord, this will kill me, guys. This won’t go on kill me. How about this? Win all else fails. Here’s another way to solve it. We’re going to load more. Gate installation. Five parameters. How about screw it?

We’re just going to flip the order. Watch this. Look at that. Triction. Gotcha. Okay. So now you load more. You load more. The button disappears. Why is it still acting like it’s there? It should do that and let my button do that. That’s what should be happening. It should disappear completely. It’s not even there. But it’s not doing that either.

So we just did all of this for nothing. That’s what I wanted it to do when the button disappeared. Which it would have done. But it disappears. But it’s still there. There’s no way to target it. I don’t think when it’s… I mean, it’s targeting itself somehow. I just don’t know how. Okay. I’m not going to mess with it anymore. What else can we do to solve this problem? I don’t want to stack the buttons. We’re just going to take the get a quote out of there. Man, that’s depressing.

We did all that work for no reason whatsoever. Okay. I’m done with this facet. This is ridiculous. The way that they structured this with HTML. I’ll just leave the call us today there. I got to move on. I’m waving the white flag on that one. That’s too much. Come down. Let’s categorize these FAQs. God, leave it. That took way too long. I got to do one more session on the next page too. We’re winding down the clock on this thing.

What am I doing? I don’t even know what I’m doing. I have the inspector open. I’m wandering around. That’s the gave me a black eye. Oxygen. What am I doing? Metabox. Taxonomies. That’s where we need to be. Okay. FAQ categories. Slingler name, FAQ category. FAQ categories. Publish.

Okay. I think we’re good there. Post-tites is FAQs. Now we got FAQs. We can go to FAQ categories. We can say, all right, we’re going to have FINs installation, FAQs, gate installation, FAQs. Don’t need to write the word FAQ. Gate operators. Gate maintenance. And then gate repair maybe. I don’t. Eventually. FAQs.

All FAQs. All right, we’re going to add new. This is a question about a gate. Laurel Ipsum. Publish. Okay. We need to do. There’s a setting in here somewhere to make it hierarchal. There we go. Update. Refresh. We can close this rank math box. Now we have the checkboxes over here. So this is going to be a gate installation. Okay.

Add new. This is another question about a gate. Gate installation, publish. And finally. This is a final question about a gate. All right. Now we have to remember how to query from a taxonomy. You might have that as a nice little recipe over here. Zero. Query post from a custom post type. Only post of this category. All right. Tax query. Array. Taxonomy field terms.

All right. I’m just going to play around with this later. I’ve done this before. I thought I had a recipe for it. And I don’t. Apparently. So I’m going to figure it out. Create the recipe. Put the recipe in. And then do the next page. But we’re out for now. We’re over our time. And I’ll come back in a minute. We’ll fix this up. And we’ll do the next page.