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Peachtree Fence Part 01: Intro & Basecamp Setup

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## In this Video

* Project Background
* Look at Existing Dev Site
* Basecamp Tasks Setup & Organization

Video Transcript

What’s up everybody, welcome back. We’re going to do another full website build in Oxygen. I want to give you the context on this project and then we’re going to take a look at the project and we’re going to build out the task list inside of Basecamp in this first part of the series. So this was a project that I was doing for a friend but as part of my partnership with my former agency. And so we onboarded him at my former agency and in that transition it got abandoned and I wanted to take control over the project but it took a while to get all of that worked out. Anyway, I now have control of the project and it’s time to get this site launched. My friend understands you know everything that went down but at the same time it just has to be done. And I want to get this thing done before 2022. The problem is you know it was like mostly done.

It’s like 75% done but it was done on all of the old frameworks right. I was using WP Fluent Forms. I was using not automatic that CSS I think it’s on Oxygen. So I don’t want to just kind of like push this thing over the hump. I want to make sure it’s done the right way. Really since my friend has had to wait a lot longer than he should have been waiting. I just want to do this for him right and then to make up for all of the lost time I’m going to be adding a bunch of SEO work over the coming months for him for free. But anyway you guys get to watch me rebuild this project from scratch in Oxygen and it’s a really cool project. It’s for a fence company and it’s going to have custom post types. It’s going to have a lot of more advanced stuff, it’s going to have a payment form through WS form that we’re going to build. Yeah, let’s go ahead and take a look at it and let’s build out the task list. All right so let me see if I can pull it up.

All right here we go. So this is where we got to at that other agency as I mentioned. So it’s Peachery Fencing Gates and we’ve got the homepage here. I had this idea for just kind of being able to cycle through images here instead of just being a static image so we’ll try to recreate that because I still like that. It’s really you know fence installation services and then they do gates and operators as well. So there’s gate installation and gate service. Those are kind of the things that we’re going for but there’s a lot of sub service pages under that. So for example at fence installation and we come down for SEO purposes there’s going to be all of these longer tail service pages like vinyl fence installation, farm fence installation, rot iron fence installation and we’re not going to build pages for these initially. We’re going to build pages for these eventually and so while we wait we’re still going to use custom post types and we’re going to act like there’s pages there but you’re not going to be able to click on them and open a page you’re just going to be able to get a quote.

So that’s it for now. We have the process. We have you know about them. We have reviews that we need to put in. We need galleries. Those need to be categorized. We have Q&As that we have to build. That’s going to be a custom post type. We’ve got this nice giant footer inquiry form. I believe that that leads to a longer form when they would like they hit start quote and then it takes them to a longer form and auto populate those fields. So that’s going to be a little bit more advanced and we’re going to figure out how to do that. Mobile menu which is terrible. I think we’re going to do something else for the menu.

I might do something like with what we did on automatic.css with the modal menu at least for mobile right. We’ll still do this traditional menu for the desktop because of the industry that they’re in. Let’s see I think you know that’s it. So what we can do is we’ll start building out in base camp here. I’m going to come down to I think we’ve got a spot for them. Let me just type it. Peach tree fence. Okay. So here’s their project area inside a base camp. I’m just going to do this. This is a fresh project area. So I’m going to go ahead and make a list for the website rebuild. So we’re going to do templates.

We are going to do. I usually have a template that I follow to do all of this but I’m just going to do it off top of my head here. So we’re going to do templates. We’re going to do development development. Well development is kind of like let’s do this. Let’s just say pages. All right, we’ll do CPTs that’s for custom post types. What else do we want to do? We want to do launch. I can actually copy that from a separate list. So if I go out here to home and I come down to my to do list templates right here and open this I can actually grab this launch template and I can say actually I don’t want to move it. I want to copy it.

So we’re going to do copy. And I’m going to copy that over to Peachtree Fence and Gates. Guys this is like all my active projects. This is insane. Peachtree Fence and Gates copy to new location and boom it’s done. All right, so if we look here we now have this whole launch list and we can drag that to the bottom and it’s got everything that we need to do for launch already programmed in there. Nice and easy. All right, so templates is going to go at the top. Then we’re going to do CPT’s then we’re going to do pages. Then we need to do functionality. That’s going to be like forms and things like that. So I’m going to make a list for that. Okay, we’ll drop that down to there.

All right, so for templates, let’s take a look at the site. We’re going to need a primary template. We’ll just rattle these off top of my head. So primary template and we’re going to do a basic page template and then we need a service page template and then we’re going to need a 404 error template and we’re going to need. I don’t think he has a blog reviews late now. There’s no blog so we don’t need any of those type pages. Let me close Facebook. We don’t need that. All right, cool. CPT’s. We’re going to need a service services CPT. We’re going to need a reviews CPT. We’re going to need a project CPT. Let me edit that one.

Okay, save, cool. And for pages, we’re going to need a homepage. We’re going to need a bout. We’re going to need latest projects, reviews, contact us. We’re going to need get a quote, fence installation, fences, all right. So fence installation, gate installation, gate service. Okay. And think that might be it. Let’s go down. Make sure there’s no other pages. There was a learn section for a blog, but I don’t think, yeah, we didn’t build anything for that and he’s not a blogger. So that we can talk about that kind of stuff in the future. Okay, so pages, I think, is good. Functionality, we’re going to do a contact form.

We’re going to do a get a quote form. And then we also need to do a payment gateway form. He wants people to be able to go online. I think we already did this somewhere. It may not be linked up yet. But if we go on the back end and you’ll see, like this is, it’s all wack. Like all these plugins are at a date. Like this has just been literally just sitting there. All right, let’s go to, it was fluent forms. Oh, maybe it was in pages probably. I’m pretty sure we made a page for this. Yeah, pay online. So if we take a look at that and we’re going to need to pay online page. So it says payment portal where they put in their first name, last name, they put in their invoice number and their payment amount and their email address and they go to next.

But what happens is we also have to tack on the credit card processing fee. So let’s just do four, five, six and payment amount. Let’s say a thousand. And then this is Kevin. Let’s just do. Yeah, let’s just do this. So All right. So yeah, so it puts on this. It shows them the processing fee. It has to show them. It has to calculate the processing fee and show it to them. And they can’t edit this. And then it has to add that to the total do. And then it has to allow them to pay either with a card or with PayPal.

All right. So yeah, we’re going to have to build that. All right. So that’s going to be super fun. We’re going to get way form and then we’re going to need a payment gateway page. Well, we’ll just do payment gateway. We’re going to have to do functionality is going to be. Stripe integration. So we’ll just do stripe and PayPal. Well, we’ll do them separately. I like to do everything separately. So stripe integration, PayPal integration. We’re going to need a email sending server, which I think. Yep, is already part of my launch phase. So that’s good.

All right. I don’t know. I mean, we may be adding more things as we go and find things that are missing. But I think this is a really good start for now. And I’m just going to go ahead and we can assign all of these. So I’m going to assign all of these to Kevin. I’m going to make them assign to me, but I’m probably also going to loop in. Now, because we’re doing tutorials, this whole thing is going to be a tutorial. It’s all got to be on me. So assign three to do is. All right. Perfect. We’ll assign all of these. I’m not going to give them dates yet, but I am going to assign them. All right.

Assign these. And all these launch items. I want to assign those yet because those obviously they don’t need to be done. Until everything else is done. All right. So what’s cool here is that I can also go to set up a hill chart. And we can track all of these things. I don’t track the launch phase, but we can track all these things. So when the client is checking in on this stuff, you can actually kind of visually show them where our progress is on every aspect of the website revealed. That’s what this list is. I’m going to set all this to the beginning here. And I’ll actually have to set cancel. So it’s going to stack them all right there. And yeah, well, maybe move those things around.

So you can kind of see what the client would see. My client’s not actually in this base camp. I will, you know, I’m just building this behind the scenes for. He doesn’t even know I’m rebuilding it. But I told him everything will be ready to go before 2022. So yeah, I’m just going to kind of surprise him with, hey, we also rebuilt the entire site on a much more modern framework and yada, yada, yada. And then I’m going to let him know that we’re going to do a bunch of free SEO work for him as well. Okay, so, P-Street Fencing Gates, we’re ready to rock and roll. That’s it. I’ve given you the context. The next video will be the first video, the first actual build video in the series. We also have to work on as we rebuild this, making the website look a little better as well.

I want to kind of spice it up with the design. But definitely, like, there’s no photo anywhere to be seen when you first arrive, which I think is a problem. So, that’s something that we’re going to address in the rebuild. But this should be a really great project for you guys to see going from scratch to a finished product. There’s a lot of cool stuff that we do on lots of client sites. So if you’re a freelancer or you’re an agency owner, you’re going to see a bunch of stuff that you can do for your own clients. And this is going to be a really good learning experience for everybody. So stay tuned. Here we go. Here we go.