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Keyword Research & Sitemapping (Inside Look)

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In this training you’ll get to see my realtime keyword research and sitemapping process using a local, multi-discipline martial arts gym as the example client.

Over the course of almost 90 minutes you’ll see how to do keyword research for core service pages, locations, service areas, and blog content using basic filtering and research strategies and how the keywords get organized into a logical sitemap.

Two critical points:

1. You’re getting paid anywhere from $500 to $2500 to do this.
2. This is the ultimate key to scope expansion – showing the client all the potential and the full scope of the pages that eventually need to be created. 

If you want to start taking your projects from $2500 to $25,000+ on a 12-month contract retainer this is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Follow up tutorials will include:

* Adding competitor research
* On-page SEO
* Service Area Page structure
* Location Page structure

Video Transcript

What’s up everybody? All right, it’s the training that a lot of you have been waiting for, highly requested training. We’re going to do a live SEO keyword research and site map build. Now, I probably do this differently from other SEOs in that I build the site map as I do my keyword research. And we’re going to talk about different principles, different strategies as we go. You’re going to see me use the HREF’s keyword research tool, different aspects of that tool, why I recommend that tool. You know, a lot of you have asked me, hey, aren’t there any free tools that we can use? There are free tools, but they only allow you to pull data on individual keywords. They don’t do a great job of helping you do topical research. And you’re going to see what I mean in just a second. Finding all of the long-tail variations and keyword associations, relationships, and on and on and on. But by the end of this training, you’re going to have a solid handle of what it looks like behind the scenes for somebody to sit down, do keyword research, and build an SEO optimized site map, which basically serves as the game plan for a website build. You’re going to see exactly how that works and how it comes into fruition. And you’re going to be able to do the exact same things for your clients. Now, what I will say is there’s a lot of experience involved. We’re going to pick one niche. This is like one case study, so to speak. And it’s a case study. It’s a niche that I’ve done before that I’ve gotten really great results in. So what you’re watching is a process that worked in the real world. It is not just a theory. Yes, it’s the process that I do with every single niche and every single client. But you know, this example that I’m giving you is an example that I’ve already done in the past that got really great results. I didn’t want to just choose a random industry because there is research involved as well. If you don’t know a lot about the industry, you’re going to have to research to find out more about the industry to be able to even do the keyword research effectively. And that’s really just hard to show. It’s about learning about all the different services, learning about the different terminology that people use.

A lot of that stuff you can ask your client, but some of it you just have to do the research and discovery on your own. This training is really just going to focus on what does the keyword research look like and what does the site mapping look like? All right. So let’s go ahead and dive in. If you have any questions, obviously post them below. We can have a discussion on this stuff. Quick overview. Before we get started, what I’ve done here is I’ve listed out the programs that we’re going to do a martial arts gym. And this gym is a multi discipline gym, which means they have different programs. So they have a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program. They have a kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program. They have a Muay Thai program. They have an MMA program. And then they have a fitness kickboxing program. So we’re going to do those five programs. They have two physical locations. And the difference between locations and service areas is a location has a Google My Business listing attached to it. It is a physical location. A service area may or may not have a physical location. So with Atlanta, like Atlanta, it can be a service area. In fact, let’s put that in there. So Atlanta is a service area, but it also has a location. So we’re going to need a location page, but we’re also going to need a service area page. And the reason being is these service area pages are also going to be linked to the different programs. And I’m going to show you how to do that.

The these are going to be effectively landing pages for our primary search terms related to these programs, which is very, very different from what a location landing page is trying to achieve. So the reason they’re going to be separate is because these are trying to achieve two separate things. All right. Now we are going to, you know, in the template world, we would put the location information on the service area page, but that gets very, very technical. What we need to do is just be able to create the site map and do the research properly. So in order to do that, we have to understand that locations are separate from service areas. All right. Lastly, lastly is we have competitors. So I have five different competitors that we’re going to be able to use to do competitor research. So you’re going to see how that works as well. I typically do, so if it’s an industry where I’m not as knowledgeable, I actually start with competitor research. If I already know about the industry, then I just start with my own research. All right. So let’s go ahead and dive in. So I’m going to open HFs. And we’re going to go to the keywords explorer here. And you’re going to see that we have this big box. We’re set to search Google and we are in the United States. You can choose whatever country you would like. You cannot choose cities. You cannot look at the city level. So I’m going to show you techniques on how to do local keyword research. You just basically have to choose a country to get started. And again, it’s, this is less about accurate data, like in terms of the actual numbers for a specific area. And more about learning about keyword popularity relative to other keywords, keyword relevancy, things like that. So it’s not about the numbers, so to speak. It’s about understanding the which keywords are super important to be targeting, the intent behind those keywords, the relevance of those keywords related to other keywords, relationships, silos.

You know, we’re going to discuss more as we go along. Okay, but just be okay. If you’re working for a local company, be okay with setting that to United States. You just have to know that you’re not going to be able to do these searches at the local level necessarily. At least I wouldn’t recommend it right off the bat. We want to get into the local level at some point. But right off the bat, we just want to see how this is playing out nationally. All right. So if we go look at our programs here, we’re going to have these five programs, I’m actually going to slide way over here. This is why I like whimsical. This is an infinite canvas. So I can go anywhere I want and I can do whatever I want. I can even do more than site mapping. I’m going to double click and we’re going to say martial All right. That’s the name of our gym. All right. Let’s do like my How about that? All right. So we have my That is the main domain. We already know there’s going to be an about page. Right. And so I’m going to put these like auxiliary pages. We’ll call them in the site map, even though in a lot of ways we may not do a ton of SEO optimization for them. So we’re going to have an about page. We’re going to have a programs page. We’re going to have a a team member page like a team bio page. So we’ll do let’s do instructors about that. And then we’re going to have a free trial page, the landing page, and we’re going to have a contact page. So this is the basic site map. Like at its core, this is the basics. Now I will explain to you.

If I draw a line down here, so imagine a vertical line. Everything coming off to the right side of my main domain is going to be a page. Now that doesn’t mean necessarily it’s not a custom post-site. Like this program is going to be a custom post-site. Instructors is going to be a custom post-site. But think of these things as core pages of the website. Anything that’s off to the left hand side is content. So this site is going to have a blog. And so all of our categories and article ideas are going to be off to the left hand side. All of our core page targeting and ideas is going to be off to the right hand side. That’s how I organize my site maps when I’m using a mind map format. If you want to change that, like there’s no hard and fast rule. Okay? But that’s how I do it. Right side core pages, left side content. All right. So we’ll get to the content at the end. I typically do that last. Sometimes we find content ideas as we go. And I might add them in at that point. But I always start with like, what are my core pages going to be? All right. So we’re mainly going to focus on programs right now. So I already know that we’re going to have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as the program. But I need to answer some questions about this. So I’m going to type in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I’m going to type in a bunch of different variations as well. So I’m going to type in Jiu Jitsu. I’m going to type in BJJ. And let’s just start there. We might even do Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Okay? That’s another kind of popular term in this market. And I’m going to hit search.

And the default search is going to give me the stats for those four things that I typed in. All right. So you go see Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, BJJ Gracie Jiu Jitsu. Don’t worry about this check mark that just means it’s on one of my lists somewhere. You can save lists inside of A-Trafson. So that’s been selected at some point in time for something. All right. So we can see that what is the like the most popular term is actually Jiu Jitsu without the Brazilian. The problem with that is in this where you know knowing the industry really comes into play, there’s Japanese Jiu Jitsu as well. There’s Japanese Jiu Jitsu. There’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. There’s American Jiu Jitsu. So we actually you know talk about keyword intent when somebody types in Jiu Jitsu by itself. We actually don’t know which type of Jiu Jitsu they’re actually looking for. So in this instance, I’m not going to use this term much. I’m going to focus on our specifics, which is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which is what this gym offers. BJJ, which is the three letters for it. And then Gracie Jiu Jitsu is a form of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And I think that there’s going to be some potential for ranking for that. But it’s not going to be one of the key terms that we go after. All right. So Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Now, when somebody types in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, what do they want? Answer the question. What do they want? Like if you were sitting here and I was training you right now, I would say, some of these types of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu into Google, what are they looking for? And the correct answer to that question is, I don’t know because we really don’t know. They could be typing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to find out what it is. They could be typing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to learn about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They could be typing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu because they’re doing a research paper on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and they need facts and historical data and stuff like that.

They could be looking for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. They could be doing a lot of different things. So this is a primary term is not so useful. So what we need to start doing is finding long-tail variations to see if we can get more specific. Remember in my Principles video, I said, when possible, get more specific. Okay. So I’m going to click on this button right here. This is matching terms. Now, there’s a good point to pause where people say, Kevin, free tools. What free tools are available? Here’s exactly what you can’t do in the free tools. And this is the most invaluable aspect of a platform like A-trefs. So I click on matching terms and there’s actually two different types of two different ways that you can match. So you can do a terms match, which means if this term, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, shows up anywhere in a phrase, like those words, then show me the result. Or you can do that’s terms match. So it matches any of these terms, whether it has, and not in that order. So it has that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but it could be Jiu Brazilian Jitsu, Jitsu Brazilian Jiu, like it would be all those variations. And then there’s phrase match, which means it has to say Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in that order somewhere in the phrase, okay, or in the entire keyword. All right, so I typically start with just terms match. Now I am going to take out Jiu Jitsu by itself, okay. So I have, and let’s take out Gracie for now. So we’ll narrow this down to show me everything, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and BJJ that contains those terms. And then I’m going to hit enter, it’s going to go ahead and search. And here’s like the power in one glimpse. I’m going to scroll away the bottom. There’s 2,362 pages of terms containing either BJJ or the words Brazilian Jiu Jitsu somewhere.

All right, so I can just scroll all the way down and I can instantly get tremendous, tremendous understanding of this niche, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, okay. And so what we’re going to do is we’re going to just start looking at what is available here. So I say, oh, look at this BJJ near me, okay. Now let’s open another. Now I often do this in keyword research. And this is, it’s such an expansive topic. It’s hard to teach because if there’s so many things to think about in cover. And I often do this when I’m keyword researching, I’ll open a brand new tab with keywords explorer. And the first thing I want to know is, all right, but is any of this really related to near me searches because what does a near me search tell you? It tell me, it tells me that they’re looking for a studio or gym near them for that thing. So I do BJJ and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We’ll do another search. I’m doing this in another tab so we don’t get rid of my main tab here. And then what I’m going to do is matching terms. And then I’m going to use this include filter. And so now what I can say is these terms, but also containing these terms over here, whether it’s all or any, all right. So I’m just going to type in near and hit apply. And now I’m going to see all the near variations, which is so powerful for finding that intent of I want to find a gym or a class or I want to buy this product, like I want to visit this this company. I want to visit this type of business. So powerful.

So I see BJJ near me and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu near me. So immediately I know, remember we have this question of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It’s a head term. Do we need to target that with our service page or should we target something more specific like BJJ classes or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes or something like that? Well, this tells us right here. We can even throw in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes BJJ classes and then hit go. And then we’ll put our near word in again when that loads, loading, loading, loading. I’m on now. All right, near apply. And now I’m going to see a hierarchy. And we see that BJJ near me wins. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu near me is second. And then look, it’s BJJ gyms near me. And then BJJ schools near me. But the thing is we can’t use the gym or the school terminology on our program page because it’s we’re advertising a program, not a gym necessarily. But these would be great for maybe location pages or service area pages. We’ll have to see. So just keep that in the back of your mind. Then there’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes near me. Now, classes could be very good target for a program page. However, look at the volume related to the volume here. It’s very clear that these should be the terms that we target for the program page. That’s not always the case when you have a very broad term. If there isn’t a near me variation of that term that’s super relevant with volume, then you may want to go with a more specific term.

Okay. It’s all about feeling out the data. So what you know, you look at this and you might say, Kevin, that was obvious from the beginning. It’s not always the case. So you have to verify with the data. All right. So we are going to target BJJ and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And this is how that’s going to look. So I’m going to go back to here. Programs are going to do Brazilian. Well, here’s what I’m going to do. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I try to keep everything lower case to note that it’s like a keyword and not an actual like page title. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and BJJ. Okay. And then I’m going to put the volume. Now remember, this is not the volume for the areas that we’re thinking about. This is the total US volume. And so I’m not going to tell the client, hey, this is how many people are searching in Atlanta, right? Because that’s not the case. I’m just trying to get relative understanding of popularity. Okay. So BJJ, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu slash BJJ because what I know is that I can target both of these terms with the same page. Look at their parent topic is exactly the same. Which means that these in Google’s mind, Google understands that these two terms are the same thing. So I can target them with the same page, but I have to mention them both. So we’re going to make sure when we do the on page optimization that both of these terms are represented fairly equally. And then I’m going to combine their volume. All right. So if we go back to here, it’s 13,000 plus 11,000. All right. So we’re just going to say it’s 25,000 somewhere in there. So we’re just going to round up 25k. And then the difficulty is going to be somewhere between zero and five. I’m going to choose the highest difficulty, which is five. So I always try to put some, the two key stats here, the volume number, which allows me to see relative popularity. And then the difficulty, which allows me to see relative difficulty. All right. So Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is going to be there. Next, we’re going to tackle Moitai. All right. So we’re going to come back to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu later. All right. So we’re going to do the same thing with Moitai. So Moitai. And I’m just going to put that term in by itself. And I’m still on matching terms match. Okay. So there it is. Moitai near me, 20,000 and three. So you know, you could do like Moitai training, but look at the volume, only 2000. There might be Moitai classes around here somewhere. Look at this. Moitai versus kickboxing right in my mind. Right now, I know that’s going on the content side. Okay. So I can even come here right now. And so we’re going to go to, sorry, I usually use an app for this, but I’m using it in the tab for this training. So we’re going to go over here and we’re going to say Moitai. This is going to be a category, an article’s category.

And then we’re going to do Moitai versus kickboxing. Okay. And I’m going to steal that stat real quick. So that’s 1.1,000 and 1, 1.1,000 and 1 difficulty. So now we’re starting to build the left hand side. All right. So let’s go back. So I have Moitai, Tiger Moitai, Moitai shorts, Moitai stance, Moitai gloves, Moitai training. I’m going to come back and do more content side in a minute. I’m just looking through here. All right. So we’re going to do Moitai. And this is going to be based on the near mini searches, 20,000 and three, 20K and three. And look at Moitai relative to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It’s actually fairly similar. Okay. That’s good to know. So programs Moitai, we also have fitness kickboxing. So let’s take a look at that. You could type in kickboxing as a main term, but kickboxing is a Maxwell martial art with contact. Whereas this fitness kickboxing, the reason it’s called fitness kickboxing is because there’s no contact. Like you’re going to be hitting pads and bags, but not each other. So people that don’t want contact are going to be looking for the fitness version of it. So we can see total fitness kickboxing. Now here’s a good lesson. A great place to pause. You would not want to target total fitness kickboxing. Let’s go to Google and let’s type in total fitness kickboxing. And here’s one of those traps. Remember we talk about traps. Total fitness kickboxing is a brand. Okay. It’s not a thing people are looking for except to find that brand. And Google knows that. So you’re not going to rank for total fitness kickboxing because total fitness kickboxing, the brand dominate that term and is the reason that term exists in the first place. So if you’re not total fitness kickboxing, you’re not going to try to rank for total fitness kickboxing. All right. That would be one of those traps. You would not want to mark that. And this would be a mistake that people would make. Why? Because total fitness kickboxing sits at the top of the list. It has the most volume. It has it’s not very difficult.

But we see the next word down is fitness kickboxing. Okay. Now we do see that the parent topic here is kickboxing Greensboro, North Carolina. Okay. So let’s type in kickboxing by itself. And let’s see what the overall relative is. Okay. So huge, huge difference. There’s kickboxing near me. And this actually says the parent topic is boxing near me. There’s a lot of confusion in this term. And when there’s a lot of confusion in the term, there’s a bunch of different ways that we can go after it. Now I know for a fact that a lot of people typing in kickboxing near me actually want the fitness version of kickboxing. Okay. So what I’m going to do, the answer this question of what should we do? Should we do fitness kickboxing or should we just do kickboxing? We’re going to go to Google to answer this question. And I’m going to do kickboxing near me. And I am going to see that we have, okay, we have maps, of course, we would expect to see that. 9 round dot com is ranking number one. And basically what I want to find out is are these contact classes or non-contact classes? There’s a group on link. I love kickboxing look, fitness kickboxing classes. Ranking for kickboxing near me. Okay. Eagle boxing kickboxing, boxing, kickboxing, gym is near me. Oh, that’s a group on link. Okay, we don’t want that. All right, so let’s check this out. So 30 minute kickboxing fitness is a fitness class. Okay. Non-contact fitness class.

Let’s check this site. Lawrenceville fitness kickboxing classes. Okay. Looks like non-contact. All right. Yep. Kickboxing has a Lawrenceville. Good. Okay. All right. Let’s check the next one. This is I love kickboxing dot com. Why it works. This looks to be geared towards fitness. Not actual physical contact kickboxing. So what am I learning by going to Google and typing these things and seeing what ranks? It’s telling me that if we want to be competitive, we actually don’t want the specific term. We want to go after the more broad term. So what I’m going to do is go back to my thing over here and we’re going to do kickboxing and we’re going to use the near me stats. So kickboxing near me 23,000 and 15. Perfect. Okay. What else did we have? We had kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Okay. So we’ll do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu children. Because we don’t know like you know it’s not not everybody uses the word kids. It could be four children something like that. And then we’ll do BJJ kids BJJ children BJJ child Brazilian Jiu Jitsu child child kids. I don’t think there’s any other super common variations youth youth. Okay. So BJJ youth and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu youth. And I’m going to hit inner and again we’re phrase matching or terms matching so that we can see all the variations. Show me everything. And I see right off the bat we have kids BJJ kids BJJ. And remember we’re looking at program pages. Program pages. So the near me variation is going to help me figure out which term I should actually go for.

So now I’m going to hit the include and type in near. And we’re going to see that the most popular near me variation is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kids near me. There’s also kids BJJ near me. Now what this is also showing is there’s not a ton of volume. There’s not a ton of volume for people looking for this keyword specifically. Okay. So Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kids near me and then choosing any isn’t going to is going to change this. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu kids near me kids BJJ near me BJJ near me for kids. There’s a little bit of the youth in there. Okay. Not a lot of there’s no data on this. Okay. Let’s take out the near me for a second and just look around on this main terms matching page. Kids BJJ kids Jiu Jitsu look at that parent topic. Okay. Let’s add that in to our search. All right. Kids Jiu Jitsu again. Okay. I’m going to start to speed this up as we go. Just so this isn’t a three hour tutorial. All right. So let’s let’s research this. And then let’s add to the include. We’re going to do the near and see if that kids Jiu Jitsu shows up in the near me. Oh, look at this. Boom. Jiu Jitsu for kids near me. So this is showing that when people are looking for this they’re not using the word Brazilian in it. They’re just saying Jiu Jitsu for kids. All right. And then you can see the parent topic is Jiu Jitsu near me for kids. All right. Jiu Jitsu classes for kids is under youth Jiu Jitsu. All right. Okay. So you can see the volume difference is pretty overwhelmingly in favor of Jiu Jitsu for kids near me. So I’m going to do Jiu Jitsu for kids and we’re going to do 150. Okay. So Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we’re going to do Jiu Jitsu for kids and it was 150. Zero I believe. I remember correctly. Bad short term memory. Jiu Jitsu for kids near me 150. Zero. Okay. Perfect. And you can see there is a cost per click here, right? And then there’s also Jiu Jitsu classes for kids near me. Fairly certain I can rank for this term with this page.

All right. So I’m not going to worry about the different one using a different page there. So we have now Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for kids. Moitai, kickboxing, and what was our other program? MMA. Okay. So let’s type in MMA and mixed martial arts. Hit inner and then we’re going to go straight to the near me variation to figure out which ones are locally relevant for a service page. And we’re going to see MMA gyms near me and MMA near me. MMA is 11,000 and then mixed martial arts by itself right there is 2.7,000. So we’re going to do MMA and we’re going to come down here and say MMA slash mixed martial arts and then we’re going to combine those because I can rank with the same page. Okay. MMA gym. I’m looking at some parent topics here. Martial arts and in. Okay. There’s also some self defense classes is showing as the parent of mixed martial arts classes. That’s interesting. Self defense classes. I think that they would be well served to have a self defense page. So we’re going to do self defense and we’re going to say. So we’re going to go back to a different tab. Self defense and self defense classes and see which one wins on the near me variation. So I’ll do include near and then enter. Self defense classes wins over just self defense near me. By a long shot. Look at that. 500 for the main head term variation on near me and then the classes variation dominates at 11,000. So we’re going to have to do self defense classes at 11,000 and for. Okay. You see this is why we’re doing it right. We can’t just put self defense the way we put Brazilian jiu jitsu when we verified with the data the classes variation actually was the winner by far. So where we don’t have classes up here in the term we do have it down here in the term. That’s why we’re doing the research. We’ve got to figure out based on the data what we need to be targeting is our primary term. MMA and mixed martial arts was MMA mixed martial arts near me MMA near me is that the 11,000 plus 3,000 we’re going to do 14,000 and then the relative difficulty between 18 and 13 we’re just going to go with 18 case of 14,000 and 18 difficulty. All right. So we’re going to do jiu jitsu for kids pull this to the bottom. So we have 25, 23, 20, 14, 11 and then 150. Perfect. So that’s and you notice I just put them out of order. This isn’t necessarily the logical order. We’ll put them in in the site navigation but from a site map like prioritized prioritization standpoint we want them in order to know what do we need to target first.

Okay. And actually I would flip these and the reason I’m flipping these is because the volume is so similar but the difficulty is pretty dramatically different. The Muay Thai is a lot easier to rank for so we would make sure to prioritize the building of that page before we build this one. 14 and 18 and then 11,000 and four. There’s another one where I would switch that. Okay. So those two get flip-flops and then we’re good. Okay. So our programs like top level are done. We need to go now into long tail variations. Okay. So we have Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ. Let’s go back to the key words and just see what’s available here. So Brazilian jiu jitsu and BJJ. Now there may not be any other you know variations and what I might also do because the volume on jiu jitsu for kids. Hmm Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ because this is going to be this the URL for this is going to be BJJ and I might even need to flip flop those. Let me go back. Brazilian jiu jitsu BJJ. Okay. For the near me variation which one was winning. That’s what I want to know right now. BJJ. So the URL is going to be BJJ. I actually need to flip flop these. Okay. So BJJ and then so I’m cool nesting this under here. So Brazilian jiu jitsu and then we have Brazilian jiu jitsu for kids as like a sub page. So that’s going to be fine. Okay. Cool. So BJJ Brazilian jiu jitsu. All right. Let’s look here. So Jens, schools, classes, BJJ school near me, tournaments, and it’s Gracie BJJ. So they don’t technically teach Gracie BJJ. So I wouldn’t want to create a service page for Gracie BJJ. But we would probably create some stuff on the content side of things for Gracie BJJ. All right. Let me keep looking here. No ghee. Oh, look at that.

No ghee BJJ near me. So no ghee is a variation of traditional BJJ where you don’t wear the traditional ghee. You wear shorts and you wear a rash guard. It’s more like wrestling. It’s more like MMA jiu jitsu. Okay. So we need a page for that because look, there’s people searching for it. It’s not a ton of people, but people are searching for it. So I’m going to do no ghee BJJ and we’ll do 60 zero. Okay. So under here, no ghee BJJ. We’re going to create a page for that. We’ll put it below. Now critical thing like no ghee BJJ, you might see 60 and be like, wow, that’s and that’s nationally. That’s so low. But there’s so many variations of that. Like there’s no dash ghee BJJ. There’s misspellings. There’s no ghee Brazilian jiu jitsu. There’s like no ghee jiu jitsu. Watch this. Okay. Let’s let’s look. So if you want to see like overall relative volume, no ghee BJJ, no ghee Brazilian jiu jitsu, no ghee jiu jitsu. Let’s just let’s just do that for now. And we’re going to see. So now we see, all right, 1.1 thousand. Then this variation has 700. Then there’s a lot of longer tail terms around it that we can get on the content side. BJJ, no ghee, another 90. So you start adding all of those variations up in volume and you start to see a lot more relevance, right? We also see ghee jiu jitsu, right? So let’s see if that’s worth targeting by itself. So we’ll just do ghee BJJ ghee Brazilian jiu jitsu and ghee jiu jitsu.

Now the problem is we don’t want to get confused with people looking for actual ghee. It’s like to buy ghee. So I’m going to do the near again, no ghee jiu jitsu near me, no ghee BJJ near me, jiu jitsu, ghee near me. That’s unclear. So we’re going to go to Google and we’re going to see if what we get is mainly product listings. Look at this. Yep, products, products, Walmart, the martial arts store. There’s a gym here. But here’s geese at Walmart. This is clearly a like we’re buying geese right now kind of term. So we’re not going to target this with a service page. I wanted to verify that. Okay, so that’s all we’re going to do for now. See, I found that that variation that’s actually I think going to become quite important. We’re probably going to change this to 1000 and zero because when you added all those up, then it becomes much more relevant. All right, cool. So that’s going to be a service page. We’re going to create a page dedicated to no ghee so we can show up for that variation. I think that’s all we need to do for right now on the Brazilian jiu jitsu side of things. Let’s check out moi tai. Moi tai and then do include near and just see if there’s any other things that we can put in here. Training. Okay, so you see Moi tai training is a the parent topic is Moi tai gym near me. Moi tai kickboxing near me. Okay, we’re just going to throw in that term kickboxing in various places on the page anyway. And then Moi tai boxing near me. Moi tai gear. Moi tai store.

Moi tai lessons is Moi tai classes near me. So like this is letting me know just in general, I’m not going to add these things to the site map that we need to be talking about lessons. We need to be talking about classes, right? We talk about training all throughout the page that we’re going to create for this service. Prices. We’re going to need to mention that as well. Clubs. And there’s fights, school shorts. Okay, perfect. I don’t see any other variations that are super important here to target. So we’re not going to. So then there’s kickboxing. Get the fitness kickboxing in there. Self defense classes we threw in there. MMA and mixed martial arts. MMA. Mixed martial arts. I do want to check the self defense variation too. We’re going to do a near surge on this. Or a near filter. Okay, MMA near me. Gym classes. Mixed martial arts. MMA training. Look at that. MMA for kids near me. And this is a service that they actually have. So we’re going to throw this in MMA. MMA for kids. And then we’re going to grab the volume on that. Oh, there’s also youth MMA. Kids MMA. MMA for kids is 600. Kids MMA is 400. Okay, so we’re going to go with this variation MMA for kids. But we are going to say that this is more like a thousand youth MMA. So we’re going to say it’s more like 1200. And then the overall difficulty is that one’s three. And then this one’s 12. Okay, all right, we’re just going to put it at 12. So we’ll do 1200 slash 12. Okay, perfect.

So that’s a good variation we just found. And I’ll also put in youth and we’ve kids MMA. Yeah, I’ll put in youth as an option there for kids youth. Okay, just to make sure we remember mentally to include that youth term throughout the page. MMA classes for kids and make classes. Okay, perfect. All right, let’s do the self defense self defense. I want it. There’s got to be different variations of the self defense term. So we’re going to look near me. Self defense classes near me. So the women self defense classes near me. Perfect. Look at that. All right, so women self defense classes near me. 400 400. So we’re looking at 800 difficulty of 15. Mother daughter. And look, that’s a parent topic too. All right, so self defense classes. We’re going to do women’s self defense. And then I think it was classes, right? Women self defense class near me. We can just do classes. So we’ll do 815. Perfect. And then we also saw mother daughter. Is that yeah, mother daughter self defense classes? Okay, so we’ll copy this. That’s 150 and one. That’s going to get its own page. Perfect. See if there’s anything else. Those are gold right there, right? Because like, how many gyms that have self defense classes that aren’t doing keyword research would brainstorm, oh, we need a mother daughter self defense class variation page, right? Like none of them probably. I mean, women self defense is kind of like, and you can see the reason why we’re creating self defense, these different pages is because a self defense class can be for both men and women.

But a women self defense class is just for women. And then a mother daughter self defense class is just for mothers and daughters. So we need separate pages. This isn’t just for like, like gaming the SEO, right? It’s literally user experience. It’s let’s talk to the person in this specific situation uniquely. All right, self defense classes for women, courses, classes, stores, crop, magas, self defense classes, but we don’t offer that. Private self defense. Oh, do we offer private self defense classes? Maybe they want to start. Private self defense classes near me. So we’re going to do private self defense classes as another variation. And that is 70 and 12. 70 and 12. Okay. So we got another one that we wouldn’t have just brainstormed. Children self defense classes, 70 and 6. I need to see, let’s do, let’s keep looking at this list real quick. So, oh, family self defense classes. Interesting. Okay. So we’re going to do family self defense classes. And this is going to be family family family, 50 and seven. There was a lot of gold mine under the self defense. Glad we looked at this. All right. So, self defense for kids. Okay. So I wanted to see if there’s anything else, self defense weapons, and we’re going to do any of that stuff. All right. Women. Okay. There’s free self defense classes. Hey, that might be, that might be really good for lead gen. You know, there are people free martial arts classes near me, free self defense classes near me. Okay. Let’s look at all the variations of that real quick. So free self defense. And then we’ll include near.

Free women self defense classes near me is huge. Okay. Free self defense classes near me. Let’s do the free women’s one. 50 and five. That’ll just be because we can run those. I would tell my client, hey, if we start ranking for this, just run these every quarter or every month, or every two months or something like that, we’ll put a little sign up page there when people land on it. They can sign up. And boom, we’re good to go. All right. We’re collecting leads. Free women self defense classes and 50 and five. Okay. Perfect. Awesome. Now, if their main women self defense classes are free, then you could just target this term and then also use the free variation. But if they have paid classes versus free classes, obviously those things need different pages. All right. So what I wanted to check was the kids versus children. So kid self defense and children self defense. And then childrens and self defense, childrens self defense, want to put in all these variations, cover all bases, inner and then let’s check the near. And we see childrens is the winner. But look at this. Oh, and then this one’s this one spell that was like the British spelling, self defense, children self defense classes near me, self defense classes for kids near me. I actually like this parent topic variation better self defense for kids near me.

Okay. Kids self defense. There’s one with no space. Okay. I think we can hit all these with the same page, honestly. So I’m going to do children’s self defense classes. And 70 and six, but I’m going to combine the others. So we’ll say like 120. Okay. Perfect. So see we ended up with all right. Yeah. We offer self defense classes. Instead of one page, we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven pages. We’re going to be creating around this topic. All right. In the May is done. I believe kickboxing is good the way that it is. We’ll just do this again. Kickboxing. Oh, actually, this one might have some good variations. Let’s check this out. Kickboxing near me kickboxing classes cardio kickboxing near me. So there’s a good, there’s a good thing, right? Fitness versus cardio. So we need to be, we need to be aware of that. And we need to be using both of those variations. We have cardio kickboxing. I was wondering if there’s, yeah, here it is. Women’s kickboxing classes near me. But look, the parent is kickboxing near me. So you can target this with the same page, even though you might have co-ed classes versus just women’s classes. If that’s the case, then you might want to create two separate pages, but you don’t have to. You could just mention on that page that you do have co-ed versus women’s only. For right now, we’re not going to worry about that too much. Kickboxing gems, kickboxing for kids. They don’t offer that. So I’m just going to skip over it. Kickboxing places, lessons, classes for youth, classes for adults, free kickboxing classes. They don’t offer that. So that’s fine.

Kickboxing studios, fitness, kickboxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing, kickboxing classes for kids, trainers, tournaments. Okay, I think we’re good. I don’t think we need any extra variations on that. Okay, I think we got what we made me. We’ll double check the Muay Thai. Muay Thai classes training gem, boxing, gear store, near me, places, clubs, fights. Yeah, we already did this, right? Sometimes I just double check stuff. Make sure we don’t miss anything. Okay, we’re good. So now what we’re going to do is move on to we’re not going to do anything with instructors, free trial, contact, about. So now what we’re going to do is we’re going to add in our locations and we’re going to add in our service areas. Okay, these are the locations is very straightforward. Okay, this is going to be Atlanta and we’re going to have one in Buford. Okay, now what do we call this, right? Like what is the page title going to be? Good question. So we’re going to do BJJ gem. Oh, this is going to be tough. Okay, BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing. We’re not going to do kickboxing as the main one. Marshall arts, BJJ, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, martial arts. I think that’s probably the extent of it. And then here’s again, this is why we’re using the tool that we’re using. Okay, this is just not possible in any free tools whatsoever. So I’m going to hit enter on this. And then I’m going to say include any word that we’re going to say, Jim, school, studio, like all the variations of what would a what would a place be that I want to find for these things? So Jim, school, studio, um, classes, we want to see how the class is variation stacks up against these other things.

Jim, school, studio, classes, I think that’s probably it. So let’s hit enter. And we’re going to see what dominates in terms of that. So it’s it’s martial arts classes. Marshall arts classes, Muay Thai, Jim, oh, BJJ weight classes, that’s nonsense. Don’t need that. Marshall arts, school, I put school in my variation, right? Yeah. Okay. Muay Thai, Jim, martial arts school, martial arts classes near me. Okay. But if we went back and we did martial arts, because our cert week, we can’t have duplicate titles. So we can’t say martial arts classes on a location page. And then martial arts classes on a service page. So we have martial arts. And then we’ll include near. So I’m thinking through things in my head that I’m not actually saying out loud. Marshall arts near me. Yeah, martial arts classes near me. Perfect. This is exactly how this works. Okay. So programs. All right. So my gym slash this would actually be like martial arts programs. That’s actually going to be the slug of that. So instead of just saying programs, that’s going to give us some extra stuff. So it’d be like martial arts programs slash BJJ, slash nogi. All right. So you can see how this is all going to start playing out from a structural standpoint. These are all martial arts programs, right? So that makes perfect sense. On this location page, this is going to be martial arts classes at Lanta. And then this is going to be martial arts classes, Beaufort. Perfect. All right. That’s going to be the actual like page title.

And it could even be the slug, but probably not. We’ll probably just use Atlanta for the slug and Beaufort for the slug. All right. And we’re just going to rock and roll with that for a minute. Now let’s talk about service areas. So I’m going to grab all my service areas here. These are not actually all of them, but they’re they’re going to be enough for this tutorial, right? So what I want to figure out is how we’re going to approach this because people are looking for maybe jugitsu Atlanta and then maybe moitai in Atlanta. And those are going to need separate pages, most likely. So this is going to branch out. But let’s take a look now, what we’re going to do. Now I’ll give you a hint for finding relevant cities, because remember, we can’t search like we can’t change United States to a city. So here’s what I would normally do. So I’m going to do martial arts and then GA. I do the two letters state code. And the reason I do that is because a lot of people, this doesn’t give you relevant volume, but it does show you search relevant because a lot of people will say Atlanta and then the city and then the state code inside of their search. So this is going to by not putting a city by just putting the state code, it’ll give us all the cities where that’s occurring. So I do martial arts, Georgia. I’m going to do BJJGA, jugitsu GA, Brazilian jugitsu GA, moitai GA, and that was pretty much all we wanted to do.

Okay, oh, and then MMA GA. Let’s do kickboxing GA. Let’s do all of them. Okay, enter. And we’re going to start to see the relevant cities and then we’re going to start to see the, you know, what’s most relevant from the program term. So we have martial arts in Columbus, Savannah, Augusta, Athens, Columbus for Jujitsu, Columbus, Augusta. Here’s martial arts at Atlanta, Georgia. All right, 70 and 11. Okay, Marietta, Athens. You’re going to get a lot of major cities this way. So hyper local, this isn’t going to be as effective. Woodstock. Okay, so martial arts at Atlanta, we’re going to need a page for that. So I’m going to go back to here. Okay, martial arts at Atlanta. Now the martial arts, well, I’ll just always put this because we don’t want to duplicate this. This, this, the slug is going to be Atlanta. Okay, so it’s going to be a service area slash Atlanta slash martial arts. And then we want to see where it’s just focused on Atlanta for now. So we’ll do BJJ Atlanta, Brazilian jugitsu Atlanta kickboxing Atlanta, Moitai Atlanta, MMA Atlanta, mixed martial arts Atlanta. And then see what we get. All right, MMA gyms in Atlanta. Now what that is looking for. So if you go to Google and type in MMA gyms in Atlanta. Okay, actually, this is different. Look, one gym came up. Usually it’s Yelp that dominates. It’s it’s lists of gyms. But actually I’m liking what I’m finding. A single gym, a single gym, a single gym. Now this, this is a list, I think, let’s double check. Yeah, that is a list. Okay, so we got that, we got here is get a recap, single gym list, single gym list, single gym, single gym, single gym. We’ve got to target this term. Okay, so we’re going to do, yeah, martial arts in Atlanta. So let’s go back to this list, MMA gyms in Atlanta. Oh, that’s, hold on, MMA gyms in Atlanta. Okay, I was typing in the wrong term. No, I did. I did MMA gyms in Atlanta.

Okay, so MMA gyms. And then let’s put these. Sorry, I got confused for a second. Too many screens open. 205. Perfect. All right, let’s see what else we got. BJJ Atlanta, 157. And then I’m going to mention the long version. And let’s see if there’s a variation for that. I’m saying, it’s Atlanta, it’s 150. So we’re going to put this at 300 for just relevance purposes. BJJ kickboxing class Atlanta 150 and 12. Okay, so we’ll do kickboxing class. 150 and 12. That’s a brand kickboxing classes Atlanta is 112. Okay, I’m going to add these together. So this is effectively 250, which puts it above MMA. Maybe if I do the MMA gyms 200, if I, there’s a mixed martial arts Atlanta mixed martial arts 70. Okay, so if we put this relative, let’s do let’s do 300 for this. That’ll put this back here. And it actually moves it up above BJJ because of the difficulty. All right, Atlanta presents you to Muay Thai Atlanta, Atlanta, MMA, Atlanta mixed martial arts, Atlanta kickboxing, boxing Atlanta, Atlanta BJJ, MMA training, Atlanta, MMA Atlanta kickboxing Atlanta, Muay Thai Atlanta events, MMA events, mid gyms, where’s martial arts? I type in martial arts. I didn’t. martial arts Atlanta. There it is 216.

Okay, and then there’s Atlanta martial arts. That’s 150. So we’ll call this 350 and 16. Perfect. I would actually swap these and then 307. So that’s the order we’ll create those in. So we actually need four different Atlanta service area pages. This is actually five. So Atlanta is a service area page. It’s going to list all of our programs. It’s going to list a lot of different things. Then we’re going to create additional pages that just target these things right here specifically. Okay, so we can add more search relevance there. And then let’s see if John’s Creek pulls any weight. So I can do what I’m going to do to make this easier on myself is I’m just going to take out the location. So BJJ presented you did to kickboxing. We’ll take out Atlanta. Then we’ll take out Atlanta and martial arts. Mixed martial arts, MMA, Muay Thai Atlanta. Okay, now what I hope darn Muay Thai. All right, Muay Thai. Okay, refresh. Okay, now I can just include the city. So we’ll do John’s Creek and see if we get anything. Life martial arts, John’s Creek, pro martial arts, elite martial arts, John Creek, martial arts, cheap, haptito martial arts, France’s bomb, martial arts lessons, John’s Creek, Georgia. Okay, let me take out martial arts with a super broad. And it does, whenever you put a bunch of different terms in, it does influence it a little bit.

So John’s Creek kickboxing. Resonue just to John’s Creek. Don’t worry about the low volume levels here. It’s hyper local. John’s Creek kickboxing. Resonue just to John’s Creek, Georgia, kickboxing. Okay, BJJ, John’s Creek. All right, so we need, basically there’s no Muay Thai represented in John’s Creek. So we don’t need to create a page for it. We’re going to create a kickboxing page in a Brazilian jiu jitsu page. So I’m going to go to, let’s click up, not there. All right, so John’s Creek, we’re going to do a kickboxing and we’re going to do a BJJ slash Brazilian jiu jitsu. I’m not even going to worry about volumes on these. Whenever I don’t put a volume, it’s like it’s low, but it’s represented like it needs to be there. All right, so we’re all going to do now a switch John’s Creek to Duluth. But in this one, we have to do like Duluth, Georgia, because there’s a Duluth, Minnesota. There’s like a, you know, you understand. Kickboxing Duluth, Georgia. So kickboxing for sure, MMA gym, BJJ gym, BJJ, MMA. Cool. So we’re going to do MMA, BJJ, and kickboxing. There’s no Muay Thai still. Okay. So Duluth, MMA, BJJ, sorry, not Muay Thai kickboxing. Perfect. All right, we’re going to do coming. Brazilian jiu jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai. Look. So where this was not represented in other cities, it is represented here. So we’ll do BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing. Basically, all of them. How about self-defense? We should have been doing self-defense the entire time too.

Okay, Brazilian jiu jitsu. Oh, got to put in the term again. Okay, BJJ, MMA. Look at that. Women’s self-defense class at Fowler Park. So if you want to create a super specific one, you can do that. So BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, kickboxing. I don’t really see self-defense on here. Self-defense class is coming. It is down there. Okay. So pretty much all of them. BJJ, MMA, self-defense, Muay Thai, kickboxing. You can get all those. All right, let’s do sugar hill. Oops. MMA, look at that. Adult self-defense, sugar hill, Georgia. So MMA, self-defense, BJJ. MMA, self-defense, BJJ. Okay, we’ll check out Lawrenceville, kickboxing, self-defense, MMA, and Muay Thai. And BJJ. Basically all of them. Kickboxing, self-defense, MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai. Ducula. This would be the last one. There’s like I said, there’s more service areas, but you guys get the point. Ducula is going to be MMA and mixed martial arts. So that’s interesting. Nothing else is represented. So it’s just MMA. Perfect. All right, let’s go back up to Duluth, John’s Creek, and Atlanta, and see if they’re self-defense. I can just just leave self-defense in there. And then for the, I can do any word and do Atlanta, Duluth, and John’s Creek. Self-defense, MMA, Jem’s, and Atlanta, on the world. Did I not, okay, I didn’t refresh that up top. Duh. Okay, Atlanta, John’s Creek, Duluth. Okay, self-defense, yes, to Atlanta. See, Duluth, M-in, that’s Minnesota. So let’s change this to Duluth, GA. So self-defense class at Atlanta.

All right, let’s take it land out because that’s like going to show up everywhere. We already know it’s there for sure. So we’ll just look at John’s Creek and Duluth, GA. So no, yes, to John’s Creek, but no to Duluth. Okay, so John’s Creek gets self-defense. Perfect. So now we have our service areas mapped out. Look how many pages this turned into. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty, twenty, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-seven, twenty-nine, thirty, thirty, thirty, one, thirty-two. Okay. So you can see where the money comes from, right? And long-term relationships and more additional work. Don’t go find more clients, sell more pages to the same client, right? Pages that they actually need to rank for all these terms in these different areas. Okay. Now what’s cool about this is I can actually collapse this. Oops. So which button is it? That one, okay? So if I don’t want all that clutter, like you can do this on any of them. So you can make it nice and clean. Then you can just expand and see what’s going on here. You can even collapse like these little ones. So super, I like I love whims go for this stuff. Alright, so we’ve gotten our our martial arts programs nailed down. We’ve gotten our locations nailed down. We’ve gotten our service areas nailed down. Our instructors is just going to be our instructors free trial contact. What I want to do now is switch gears and let’s look at the content side of things. Let’s let’s start building out this left hand side of the site map.

So I’m going to go we’re going to have articles on Muay Thai. We’re going to have articles on BJJ. We already know this right? We’re going to have articles on self defense. We’re going to have articles on Muay Thai. We’re going to have articles on fitness kickboxing. We’re probably going to have articles on weight loss and fitness stuff like that. We’ll do articles on health probably. You know, we it is a gym. So health weight loss, fitness kickboxing, Muay Thai self defense, BJJ, Muay Thai. All right. BJJ is their primary thing. So these are categories right here. Categories. We I’m not going to guess on these. We’re going to verify that that’s what the categories need to be. But these are my best guesses just as a starting point. Now I’m going to go look in BJJ and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So BJJ slash Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. And we’re going to hit inner and again, we’re staying on matching terms. I just want to see all the variations that we’re that we’re getting here. Now I will give let’s instead of doing that because this does take a lot of manual analysis and there’s a lot of clutter. So it’s hard to separate the signal from the noise. What we can do is we’ll do BJJ by itself. We’re do the same thing for same technique for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. But I want to do one at a time. We’re going to go to include and we’re going to say any word who what when where why how is can there’s a lot of different terms that are involved in like article content based searches, right?

So I’m just going to hit apply. And we’re going to start to see a lot of different variations. OK, and a lot of these is going to be related to content obviously. So what is BJJ? How to tie BJJ belt. All right. So literally, let me see if I’m recording properly. You guys see my whole screen. OK, hopefully you can. I’m going to break this tab out and we’re going to come in here. Perfect. OK, so yeah, I’m looking at my preview. You guys can see that. OK, so we actually make this a little smaller. I need to see more of my screen here. Awesome. All right, I hope nothing is getting cut off. All right, so let’s take a look. So how to tie BJJ belt. That’s going to be 504. And then what is BJJ? So I’m just going to do a, see the parent topic is jujitsu. So I’m just going to do a Brazilian jujitsu slash BJJ article, 2019. OK, that’s going to be a huge overview topic. It’s like, what is Brazilian jujitsu? And a lot of other sub topics involved there. Like what does BJJ mean and stuff like that? So how to tie BJJ belt. This is actually like 800 combined these two. See, there’s another variation of it down here. How long does it take to get a purple belt in BJJ? That’s 201. Oops. Perfect. What does O’s mean and BJJ? O’s BJJ. OK, I’m not, I’m going to worry about that. It’s not super relevant. Like, see, this one, even if we don’t rank for it, it’s actually a good article for them to use internally. So in their onboarding process, right, they haven’t, how long does it take to get a purple belt? How long does it take to get a blue belt? So on and so forth. That’s just good for them to use internally.

It’s good for them to have this content just to answer the questions for their members. And then if we rank for it, you know, even better. There’s one, how long to become a black belt. OK, and that is 103. How long to get a blue belt in BJJ? Slightly different variation on the phrasing. OK, can you highlight this please? Jeez. 102. That bumps that to there. All right, how to tie? How long do you get a blue belt? OK, perfect. How should it be JDG? How to tape fingers for BJJ? 50 and 1. Now, you know, some of these obviously are going to be videos too. We would write an article for it, but I would also tell my client, hey, you need to be making videos for these things, putting it on your YouTube channel and cross linking those together. So you see here, how many calories does BJJ burn? But the parent topic is calories burned, jujitsu. So I’m going to do jujitsu calories and so I’m going to go to a new tab here. Jujitsu calories, BJJ calories and see what we get. Calories burned jujitsu. 61. OK, so let’s copy that. These aren’t actually the page titles that we’re going to use or the article titles that we’re going to use. We just need the keywords in there to know what we’re going to be targeting. All right, let’s go back. We’ve got to wash BJJ key copy. This is 50 and 0. OK, now by the way, these are just terms referencing BJJ. Think about this. BJJ has an entire technique system. We’re going to be able to build content out for all of those techniques, right? So I can actually create a subtopic here. Techniques. Now, I might not be called techniques. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to go here and I’m going to say BJJ techniques, BJJ moves, BJJ, we can do skills, BJJ. That’s probably what we should just compare here. Look at that.

BJJ moves and BJJ techniques are one and the same, both under BJJ basics as a parent topic. And there’s jujitsu moves. We need to jujitsu moves, jujitsu techniques. Look at that. Jujitsu moves and jujitsu techniques. Jujitsu moves BJJ techniques. BJJ techniques is the parent topic of jujitsu techniques. And then again, jujitsu is very general. So even though it’s kind of juicier, I’m going to go with BJJ techniques, which is already going to be that this is going to be slash like BJJ something related to BJJ. So I can just put techniques under here. I just wanted to verify that that’s the term we should be using. All right. So I’m going to take a break from these for these types of BJJ terms because you can see how we’re doing that. And I’m going to move to techniques, right? So under BJJ techniques, I’m going to do BJJ. Let’s see. Arm BJJ leg BJJ mounts BJJ like there’s positions or techniques. We might even do techniques versus positions. So BJJ positions, jujitsu positions, jujitsu positions, 101 BJJ positions, basic jujitsu positions. Okay. Let’s see what the basic basic jujitsu positions. What’s the difference in volume here? Okay. BJJ positions. That’s interesting. Okay. So techniques, we’re going to do positions perfect. And basic BJJ, BJJ hierarchy of positions, BJJ strategy. Sorry. I’m just doing just doing my research. This is this is what it looks like. BJJ strategy is only 30 and one. Okay. So BJJ mount BJJ back BJJ guard side. Oops. Let’s just start there.

So you can see my guard is actually a position in and in jujitsu, but we’re getting mixed up with rash guards and ear guards and all this other stuff. So again, we got to separate signal from noise. BJJ guard pass. A lot of these are going to be best utilized for video. BJJ mount escapes, techniques, positions. So we’ll do BJJ mount escapes and then we’ll do BJJ side control escapes and then we’ll do BJJ. I don’t really care about the volume. Half guard. Oops. Oh, here we go. Positions positions. BJJ half guard. We’re actually just put in half guard because the BJJ is already going to be in there. So side control escapes, half the escapes, half guard. Okay. What else we got? Z guard BJJ. S mount. Oops. Full guard. These are all relatively the same like volume. So there’s no point in putting the volume. Quarter guard, rubber guard, cross guard, spider guard, butterfly guard. You see, like we’re getting, like we can write articles on all this stuff. I think that’s enough for today. Like you’re seeing the gist of it, right? You don’t have to see me make the entire thing. So boy tie. Let’s do that. Okay. Boy tie stance. Tie stance. 2.2000. That’s worth putting the thing on. Boy tie ropes. Boy tie gloves. So boy tie gloves. This could easily turn into like, you know, best gloves for boy tie. And you list like the top five brands. Maybe even use affiliate links in there. Boy tie gloves. 2.1000.4. And we can even verify that.

Like if you do boy tie and you just do best top, we need to put this in any word. So best top review, something like that. So there you go. Best boy tie gloves. 601. That’d be more specific. Best boy tie gloves. 601. Best boy tie shin guards. This is going to be 250 and 1. Best boy tie shorts. 101. You can do the same thing in BJJ, right? So if we go back up to BJJ and you do best BJJ, best BJJ key, all right? That’s 710. Best BJJ rash guard is 150 and 2. That’s going to go like here. Okay. All right. Best BJJ, best BJJ mouth guard, 100 and 0. Perfect. Okay. So just like an endless amount of possibilities. We would continue going down this list, building out content ideas for all of these different topics. You’re going to end up with, and it’s just how much time do you want to put into it? How much time do the client pay for for your discovery package? Just try to get as much done in that time allotted. But you can see where let’s just do a quick review here. Let me do this and pull this over. Okay. So we went from, you know, clients says, oh, well, we need five pages. We need a, an about page. We need our programs page. We need our locations page. We need, they won’t even mention service areas. Our instructors page. And then they won’t even mention a free trial page, most likely in our contact page. So six pages. Now, we went from six pages. Let’s, let’s take a look at this whole thing that we’ve built here. Look at this. Look at this web that we’ve built, right? Where think about expanding domain relevance, expanding our tentacles into the web. So many opportunities to rank for very, very important things. Google starts to crawl this and understands, wow, they’ve got a hundred articles on Jujitsu. They’ve got a hundred articles on Moitai. They’ve got program pages for Jujitsu. They’ve got sub pages for Jujitsu. They’ve got sub pages for, for Moitai. They’ve got service areas that they do all this stuff in. Google is getting the gist. Let me, let me talk to camera again. Google is getting the gist that like this is a legit gym. It does these five things. It does these five things very well. They’re certified experts on these topics. The amount of content that they’ve published across these five topics, we can easily see that this is a high authority brand. We start getting backlinks like this is how you create a dominant website with SEO. Now, we’ll talk about timeline for a second. What is the timeline to create a site like this? Well, you don’t try to tackle this entire thing at the beginning. So when you’re talking to the client, you have a review, you review the site map with them and say, all right, this is all of the opportunity that we found. If you have a site that looks like this, you are absolutely going to dominate your local market. But we cannot create all of these things right away. You don’t have the budget for it. We don’t have the time for it. Here’s what we propose. This is what we do with all of our clients who are in your situation. We start with a version one of the website. This is going to have your core service pages. If we look back here, and I would be showing them on here, we’re going to build your about page. We’re going to create your programs page. We’re going to create a jujitsu program page, a Moitai program page, a kickboxing page, self-defense classes page, an MMA page. We’re going to create your two locations pages. Then you’re going to pick, if it’s in your budget right now, you can pick one of your primary service areas so that we can show you how this works. We’re going to create the main service area page, show you how you can rank. We’re going to create your instructors page, your free trial page, and your contact page. Then what we’re going to propose is that we put you on a retainer. We’re going to give you three different retainer options. The first retainer option is going to allow for the creation of XYZ number of additional pages every month, maybe a couple of articles every month. Maybe it doesn’t.

Maybe we don’t even do the articles. We just focus on getting our core site built out, knowing that that’s going to be the most hyper-local value. We just say retainer one is going to get you two more pages every month, or four more pages every month. Then retainer two is going to be more aggressive. It’s going to get you six or eight more pages every month. Retainer three is more aggressive, maybe 10 or 12 pages every month, and so that they get to decide. We’re going to say, based on this, all of the content that we can do, because after we do all the core pages, all the service area pages, etc., then it’s in the content. It’s into all the article publishing and writing. We just say, let’s do a one-year retainer, and we’re going to accomplish this amount of stuff during the year based on the retainer you’ve chosen, and at the one-year mark, you’re going to get to revisit. We’re going to pull up all of… Now, we’re going to tell you all your progress all along the way, but at the end of the year, we’re going to do a yes or no recap. It’s like keep going or cut us loose kind of recap, where we give you all the stats. We show you, here’s everything that we’ve accomplished during the year. Do you feel like you’re getting a tremendous ROI? If you don’t feel like you’re getting a tremendous ROI, then you can cut us loose. If you feel like you’re getting a tremendous ROI and you want us to keep going, then you just give us the thumbs up. We’ll sign a renewal agreement, we’ll do another year, and we’ll just keep doing this year after year. Most of the clients that work with us, they’re doing… Oh, so I’m not even talking to camera again. I got to remember to switch back.

Most of the clients that work with us, they do the one-year retainer, they get amazing results, they resign up for another year, and on and on and on. We work with them for three, four, five years, building an insanely robust website. This is how they gain market dominance and their local markets. You guys might even expand if you’re doing really well and open a new location, which then branches out into new service areas. This is a living, breathing thing, and we are guiding this steering the ship for you, taking control. So all you have to do is worry about teaching amazing classes, providing an amazing experience for your members. We are going to take care of your online dominance, and this is the game plan for how we’re going to do that. So it’s really a yes or no situation. Do you just want a basic brochure website that just kind of sits there and doesn’t do much, you’re going to have to pay to drive a lot of traffic to it, or do you want us to do the work to build you a website that’s really going to dominate your market. You were going to be the number one gym in all of these local areas. If that’s what you want, then this is the game plan that we need to go after, and the retainer model is the way to do it. So you’re going to pay us up front for the initial website build, the initial core pages that we talked about, and then we’ll sign an agreement for one year to do XYZ pages a month for the next year.

The end of that year, you get to decide whether you want to cut us loose or not. Okay, and that’s the decision you’re asking your clients to make. And most of the time, especially if they already have some success in the market, they already have revenue, they already have customers, they’re going to say, let’s do it, let’s do the retainer. You can three different retainer levels. So if they’re on a tighter budget, they do the slower model where we just do one or two new pages every single month. It’s much cheaper. If they want to be aggressive with it, they can be as aggressive as they want, right? Realistically, according to what you can deliver, obviously, but it makes it an easy decision. You can also tack in other things to this retainer. It doesn’t just have to be about more service area pages, more articles. It can be, all right, well, also inside of this retainer, we’re going to get, we’re going to do Facebook brand awareness ads for you. We’re going to do Facebook offer ads for you. We’re going to run PPC for you. You can tailor custom retainers for these customers based on their needs. Okay? So this is how it’s done. You saw the entire process. You saw the power of the tool. Why I use the specific tool that I use. Notice that I didn’t really dig into the stats a lot. Why didn’t I dig into the stats a lot? Because at the hyper local level, a lot of that stuff is less relevant. I just need to know what people are searching for, the areas that they’re searching for, the men, what’s the hierarchy, what’s the relationships. I know these pages need to exist anyway for the most part, right? We just need to make sure that there is optimized as possible. Now, one final thing that I’m going to say, we have just done the top level site map game plan. We haven’t done the planning for each individual page. So when I’m creating a, let’s go back to our site map for a second, and I will zoom back in. Okay? Let’s choose the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu page as an example. So I would want to go back into the research and see what are all the subtopics that I need to cover on this Brazilian Jiu Jitsu page. Remember we saw things like what is the cost? We’ll go back to camera here. What is the, like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes cost? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes times, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, whatever. There’s all these different things that people wonder. Then there’s going to be FAQs.

So then I’m going to go back into the research and find out what are all the questions that people have about BJJ classes. I’m going to build those into the FAQ section so that we can make each individual page as robust as possible. And then that’s going to extend our chances of ranking. Now, we’ll do that. We’ll do a training on that when we get to on page SEO. So I’m going to do a separate training for on page SEO. And that’s going to be included in that. And then you’re going to see how we create the actual content and all of that. I’m going to create separate trainings for how to build service area pages, how to build location pages, how to create relationships. So these things can be tied together. It’s all coming. But now you can at least get started with the discovery side of things. I believe now you are equipped with some practice and probably some bouncing questions back and forth inside the community. You are equipped to build a site map for a customer and charge them money to do this keyword research and build that site map for them. And then remember your site map is like your number one sales tool for the future phases of the website and selling your client on retainers and other services embedded in those retainers as well. So if you have any questions, let me know that’s the end of this training. We’ll be back very soon with additional trainings. So stay tuned stay a member of the community absolutely. And don’t forget interaction inside the community is how you’re going to learn a lot of the residual things, the auxiliary things related to these topics. Don’t be afraid to leave comments, ask questions, there’s no stupid questions. Like if you’re thinking it, somebody else is probably thinking it. So go ahead and ask it and I will answer in the comments.