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Figma Dynamic Facebook Ad Mockup Template

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Do you run Facebook Ads for clients? Want a perfect way to plan out your ad campaigns and get client approval quickly without having to stumble through the Facebook business manager dashboard? Download my Dynamic Facebook Ad Mockup template!

Video Transcript

0:00 Hey, what’s up everybody? Just wanted to share this resource that I created for our agency and it’s should be helpful for you if you’re gonna be running any Facebook ads for clients.
0:10 Basically what this is, is a Figma Facebook ad mockup, which is really, really important because inside the Facebook ads dashboard when you’re trying to like, you know, create your ads, plan out your ads, things like that, it’s just not a great experience.
0:24 It’s way better to plan and design all of this stuff out in Figma, just like you would do for a website and then share it with the client, get their approvals, and then go into the Facebook ads dashboard and actually build what you see here.
0:39 So what’s special about this is obviously you can come in and you can just easily swap out your image with any other image that you want.
0:46 So you can choose any sort of brand asset or, you know, stock photo or whatever it’s gonna happen to be there.
0:54 And then with the text, you’re going to be able to write any body copy that you want and, and what you’re gonna see is that the template actually grows and you know, conforms to what you’re doing as far as creating the ad.
1:10 You can come down here and edit the headlines. You can edit the subheading, you can edit to put your client’s domain.
1:17 You can change the text of the button. You’ve got your share bar down here. Everything looks exactly like it’s going to look when it’s on Facebook.
1:25 And you can actually put in the brand name of the company here. You can also change their logo very easily, so you can literally make an exact replica of a Facebook ad, and then if you want to create variations, it’s as easy as duplicating them.
1:41 So what I’m gonna do is we will grab that Facebook ad and we will duplicate, duplicate, duplicate sorry, I was hitting a shortcut that was actually triggering a shortcut inside of Loom.
1:55 So that’s always fun. But you can see now that I have, you know, easily three different variations. Now I can change the copy on a variation.
2:02 I can show them what images we want to test with. I can show them different headline variations that we’re going to use.
2:09 Very, very easy then very easy to share. And then obviously with Figma, they’re able to put comments directly on the ad mockups themselves.
2:18 However you wanna manage that is up to you. But I find this to be very, very, very beneficial, way easier than trying to, you know, plan this stuff out inside of Facebook or just give your client like random ad copy.
2:33 They can’t really see what the ad looks like. This is a perfect representation and a really good experience. So hope this helps.
2:41 I’m gonna give you the dot fig file. All you have to do is install it and you should be off to the races.
2:46 And let me know if you want any other types of mockups like this that you would consider to be an asset to you.
2:54 Let me know and I will consider creating them. Cheers.