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Video Transcript

happening in the WordPress world, realizing that all of your plugins are now simply incompatible and everything’s blown up and whatever. But it’s weird though, isn’t it? You’ve got a mid-makeup in it. How many times do you just talk to the screen? You’re talking and there’s no one else right? Right. And you just talk weird. And there’s weird. That’s why I keep my eye on the chat. I don’t know. There’s other people there. Yeah, and I do sometimes feel like, God, do people actually not mind sitting here listening to me talk for an hour, but they keep coming back. They keep coming back and it’s amazing. Yeah. No, it’s absolutely fantastic. I mean, I love the fact that people are all over the world. It’s still blows my mind. I mean, I’ve been on the internet for a long time, but there’s a difference between when you’re just on the internet as a user and you’re, oh, okay, there’s somebody over here and this other, but when you’re actually building something and when you’re actually creating a community, and then when you’re actually developing relationships with a lot of these people, the idea that you have like, you know, a two-year-long, like you’ve really been interacting with this person who lives in Japan or Africa or wherever it’s like. And you’ve seen him on screen, like I bring guests on to my, when I do my digital agency table talk, you know, I bring guests on live from the inner circle. They come on with their camera, they’re mic, so everybody gets to meet them. And a lot of these people, we have been just chatting back and forth in the inner circle, but we’ve never really seen this person’s face and now we get an opportunity to meet them, and it deepens that connection even further. And like you said, it’s also important for people to have this because like you said, when you’re constantly behind your desk and you’re alone, right, you’re not, it’s like your team’s not working with you. Even if you have a team, you’re all remote typically. And so you’re alone all day. If you’re in a situation where you’re kind of bummed about maybe the state of your business, you are living project to project. You feel like you’ve been struggling to keep your head above water. You don’t have like some of your clients are not great people. So the interactions that you are getting a lot of times is like a negative phone call or a negative email. And so you’re just in this like, oh, there’s nothing great happening here.

To have a community that you can go to that’s positive and that knows what you’re going through and is able to support you in that and give you advice and give you tips and coaching. All of that is like just it’s a tremendous tremendous value. Well, it’s also becomes a bit like a soundboard as well. So there’s been times when I’ve been debating with myself over how to handle either a problem, a difficult situation or I have an idea, but I’m not sure if it’s going to work. Who is it even worth looking into? And it’s like a soundboard. And I’ve noticed some of the comments on his saying, some people said, oh, there’s surprise that introverts can do this sort of thing. And it’s almost like saying, but a lot of introverts actually, when they’re on their own, you talk to the mirror, you have a rant, you just let it out sometimes, you write it in a diary, you put it in a text message. In a way, that’s kind of what we’re doing. We’re letting out our inner thoughts and feelings towards what’s happening in the word, press community, what’s happening in the world. You know, it breaks. You know, bricks is doing really really well. Then they come a point where bricks might release an update where we’re all going to go, what are they going to do that for? Yeah. We’re releasing what we’re feeling inside out there. But yeah, it’s, but yeah, it’s good. All right, let’s let’s turn to some questions. I’ve got one from the Hunsey. And he’s a regular in this community. He says, what advice would you give a freelance developer in Africa to get work from agencies like yours in England? Make sure you’ve got a good portfolio. Don’t worry too much about who you’ve worked for because I can tell you now, if someone came to me, in fact, let me give you an analogy. When I do recruit people in the NHS, I’d have someone pop in and they’d like, I’ve got all these qualifications. I’ve got all of this stuff. I’ve worked here and there. I don’t care what your qualifications are. I want to know what you can do. So even if you have had about 10 clients or even just one, if I can see on your portfolio what you’re capable of and I want you to be honest, so I advise some people today, said to me, oh, my brand new web designer, I haven’t really got much of a portfolio. And I said, right, this afternoon go and create three fake home pages, you know, dummy home pages. Don’t just use a template. Don’t just use a pre-built theme like Astra and all you did was change the image, restore them when, don’t do that.

Actually build one out. So I can see what your stamp is, what’s your voice, how do you do your calls to actions, how do you do your menus, how do you lay things out? Do you think about spacing? Do you think about the strategy and the flow? And if I can see that you’ve got that, there is a higher chance that I might want to work with you. At the same time, don’t undervalue yourself. Don’t do what a lot of people do where they go, well, in Africa, the going rate is X, right? And I’m now going to work with someone in the UK. I can tell you now I am on a war path against a lot of UK web design agencies. A lot of UK web design agencies are hiring people from Africa, India, Thailand, those places. I’ve got, there’s nothing wrong with that, but they’re going to pay you peanuts. And then what they’ll do is they’ll take 99% of the profit from that for themselves. And I do kind of argue back with them when going, if you’re willing to pay someone money, value what they do. Yes, you might want to pay them not as much as you would pay maybe a UK web designer. That happens, however, value what they’re doing. So I’ve gone off on a tangent here. Don’t undervalue yourself, but work on your portfolio. If you’ve got example stuff, put it on there. At the same time, don’t put every website you built. I’ve built websites that are atrocious, but they were atrocious because that’s what the client wants it. They are so ugly, I dare to open them again. Don’t put it on. I only put on the ones that you’re happy to show off, right? It’s like if you do, if you cook cakes, you’re not going to put a picture up with a burnt cake. I know why would you do that? Yeah. You’re going to put on the ones that look amazing. So work on your portfolio. Now, how would you get in touch with people? Well, you’re just going to keep your eye open. Join WordPress forums on Facebook. There’s often, there’s people out there who do kind of say, hey, look, I need some support. I need some help. But at the same time, don’t just think that you’ve got to work for a UK or a US agency or even a German agency to make it, right?

Think about what you can do in your local community. Have you built any websites? Let’s say you built five websites and four of them were really happy with your work. One of them not so happy, but four of them were, why don’t you contact those four and say, hey, do you know anyone who wants a website? And if you refer to me and a website is built, I’ll pay you $50 maybe. And you’re not paying out your back pocket, you’re paying out the profit you made from the referral. So re-re-um engage with your previous customers. Sorry, I went off on a tangent there. No, no, no, that’s perfect. You actually said, and guys, by the way, if you have a question for Imran, just go ahead and put his name in all caps and then write your question. That way I can tell your question apart in the chat. But you hit on something very, very important. Two things actually. One of them was the portfolio thing because there’s people I’ve seen all the time who are like, I don’t have a portfolio because I don’t have any clients. I’m like, you don’t need a client, right? You can get any but go find a local business website that sucks and rebuild it. Don’t even tell them that you’re rebuilding it. Just rebuild it as if they had hired you, right? And then write a whole case study on what you did. And then do two things. One, publish the case study so that everybody can see your work, right? And what in your thought process and all of that stuff. And two, email them the case study and be like, hey, just for fun, you know, over the weekend, I went ahead and did this whole thing for you. If you don’t like it, whatever, it’s fine. I just wanted a little project for myself. I wanted to test my skills. Yada, yada, yada. But if you like it, let me know. Let’s talk, right? And suddenly your phone rings and they’re like, dude, we love what you did. You know, we need that. Like, how do we get that? And there’s your client right there.

So don’t just sit on twiddling your thumbs. Like get to work and actually put something out into the world that’s valuable. Because the second thing you said is don’t worry about, yeah, your portfolio is good. But people talk about their resume too much. They talk about like, here’s my skills. And here’s my this. And I’m like, but you can just write those things, you know, like show me what you can accomplish. Show me what you’re capable of actually doing in real life. That’s all I care about. I don’t care about where you went to school. How long you went to school? What courses you studied? The name of your cat, your favorite color or whatever else you want to share, right? I care about can you execute, right? And if you can execute, you’re probably hired. If in fact, can I jump in there and say one of the things I regularly point out to a lot of people when they do share their their website, their portfolio is I don’t care what your name is. I don’t care that. Hey, I’m in Ransodic. I’m a web designer developer and I’ve been doing it for two years. Well, one of them very recently said, I’ve only been working on this for five months and I’m still learning. I mean, what the heck are you doing? Who’s going to want to work with you? You know, you can tell them about your name and what you do later on. Or maybe it’s part of your URL. That’s different. But how about you tell them what you can do? So if you build niche websites like shoe websites, I don’t know shoe shops or whatever, tell them I can do this. I’m going to help you achieve X Y said, try and make it clear what you problem. You’re going to solve for them because someone has come to your website, not because they came for fun. They were searching to solve something and why they landed on you? What is it about you? Reward them with valuable information in your hero banner.

And I completely agree, Kevin, I am not a fan of length for you about. In fact, I tend to say, leave a lot of that for your about page. You can have a snippet and a photo of yourself, you know, a small one, whatever. But remember, no one cares about where you live or what you’re driving or anything like that. They want to know about what you can do. Can you do SEO? You can, great. I was looking for someone to help me out with that. So don’t waffle, like I’m waffleing right now. Just don’t, don’t pad it out with allowers. It’s 100%. And like you said, do you do mostly e-commerce or do you do like, who do you mainly? What kind of, what kind of web post do you know? Do you know, do you know something? We do do e-commerce, but I hate doing e-commerce because there’s so like, oh my god, I want this, I want that. I hate them. No, I mean, we mainly work with small businesses and consultants, but it’s more about, you know, like appointment booking websites. And also we’ve done a heap. I mean, there was a period where we did like, we had three clients in one week for directory websites. There was this massive thing about them, but it’s mainly small businesses, consultants, people that are trying to advertise their services and things like that. So we treat them the same way. We almost, when we know what their business is, we take a step back and go, right, I’m going to pretend I’m your business now. How would I approach it? Rather than, oh yeah, there’s a really cool template or there’s something we could use that’s going to work with you. And by the way, we don’t use templates. Uh-uh, no way. We build from scratch, you know, I don’t, you know, I don’t, I don’t want to pre-built sandwich. I want to make it. That’s a lie. I do like pre-made sandwiches. So I would do that. Yeah, no, I totally get it, 100%. All right. So, you know, going on on to Hunsey’s question, let’s see. And actually, people go, guys, I’m reading the chat. If you’re throwing links back and forth, some people are trying to link this stuff. I don’t think it works in YouTube chat. Yeah, they strip out, because people are like, I can’t see the link. They strip out all the links. But the other thing to Hunsey, the other angle on that is you also can’t just don’t put yourself in the web design bucket. If it, if it all possible, like we talked earlier, there’s so many disciplines involved in creating a website that actually converts and actually grows a business. You can have a specialty in any of those areas. So yeah, it’d be great if you can come on as a designer and a developer. But what part of this process can you really like, wow, things are falling down in my office, like a bomb went off.

What part of this process can you really like master? So for example, if you are amazing at analytics, like you can do websites and development, but you really have a specialty in analytics, like advanced analytics. And we’re talking about like, you know, for clients who are running tons of money through Google ads and Facebook ads and Omni channel digital marketing and they really need to be able to track their numbers from all these different places. And you know how to go in and set up all this tracking. You have great software that can organize all of this and put it in a dashboard for people. Like this is an area that you specialize in along with the other work that you do. You are immediately going to be a unique and more valuable asset to a client or even to an agency. You can’t just come in as I do web design like everybody else. Please hire me. I can put the pixels in the right place. Please hire me. Do you specialize in accessibility? That’s another area where you can come in and say, hey, yeah, I can design and develop websites, but what I can really do for your agency or what I can really do for your business if you care about this is I can make sure the accessibility side of these projects is locked down 100%. And that’s not something that everybody can say. And anytime you can say something that other people can’t say, you’re immediately more valuable. So please don’t just reach out and say, hey, I design websites like everybody else, pick me. There’s no reason to pick you. There’s a gazillion people, right? So find another angle of this process and hone in on it and be a master at it.

And I think you’re going to have more success. Yeah. And can I just add on site? You mentioned about how light if you found a business that had a really bad website spend a week and redoing it. If you think about it, when I’m doing a YouTube video, it might only be like 10 minutes that comes out on YouTube, but I probably spent an hour recording it, another hour editing it. For some reason, editing always takes massively long time. Yeah. And then I might have spent two hours prior to that researching about this plugin or solution or what I was going to do. So maybe I’ve lost four or five hours of my life for 10 minutes. Let’s say there’s a company out there and you do a search for, I don’t know, carpentry in your local area and a company pops up. They’re in your local area and they’re on page five of Google. Why don’t you go to Semrush for free and find out what their keywords are. Find out what they’re ranking for or not. Then contact them and go, hey, I think we can help you out here. Don’t just say, oh, your website’s doing, you know the spam emails again. Oh, yeah. Oh, your website’s doing really well. We can do your rest. No, no, make it real and relative to their website. Mention how you know they’re doing this and if they were maybe worked with you on a bit of a social media marketing campaign maybe or you advise them a bit or just had a look at their key. Are they even doing any keywords? Maybe they’re not. You can do that for them.

Would they be, you know, do they want to discuss it further? So great, great, great, great, great answer you gave their Kevin about, you know, don’t just pigeonhole yourself into the web design category. It’s also like page speed performance. Yep. We sometimes we might not touch the website but we’re going to go in and just help them improve on that. So find out what your strengths are and start contacting people based on those. 100%. 100%. All right, we got about five minutes left. Let’s close it up with this question. Jason wants to know, do you have people on your team? Do you have copyrighters? Do you have designers? What does that look like? And if you do have any designers or copyrighters on your team, where do you recommend people find good ones? So we do have contacts for copyrighters. We have contacts for loads of designers. A lot some of them have come from our community that we built up via our live chat, but we have new contacts, contacts, sorry. I did a lot of creative writing. So I’ve published five books in the last 12 years or so. So I’m quite good at kind of like tweaking what people do and thinking about that. But I would say if you’re trying to find copyrighters, don’t just go to Fiverr. There’s not very long with Fiverr and upwork. If you want to go there, go there, but speak to people. So if you’re part of Kevin’s in a circle, speak to people in the inner circle. Maybe one of them is a copyrighter. Always be sure who you’re working with. Don’t just work with people because you know them or you know, make sure you’re getting value for money, but they may have a contact and make sure it’s the right type of copyrighter as well.

Okay. So, look, it’s like novels. A romantic novel is very different to science. It’s different by my city novel. So maybe you’re getting the right kind of person, a very formal, informal, witty. I am going to say as well that AI, content writing, AI solutions are really good, but always use them as a starter and then paraphrase it to work. So I would always say to people, if you want to save a bit of money, berfor AI, I do use that for some clients, but then I modify the wording to make it round off a bit better. But that’s another thing you could do. Yep. Cool. And I’ll give everybody a quick tip here. So let me see if my screen share still works. So it is hard to ask people like myself and Imran these questions because we have communities now. And for us, it’s like a cheat code almost. We can reach into our community and find really talented people to fill these different positions. So we’re not really in a situation where we have to go to the channels that a normal agency or a normal freelancer would have to go to. But with that said, even though I have hired copywriters out of the inner circle, I have gotten them from here as well. And most people probably know this site. Pro blogger, it’s been around forever, I feel like, since blogging started. And what I would recommend you do is you go to their jobs board. Now the thing about this is, I don’t really like how it’s organized. I don’t like traditional forum type stuff like this, especially on WordPress. But the key thing about this is, and I’m not an affiliate, I don’t know Darren, like personally, I’m just telling you this is a good place to go. And the reason it’s a good place to go is because if you want to post a job, say like, hey, I’m looking for a copywriter, I need somebody that’s knowledgeable in this industry or whatever, you have to pay to post. Okay. So the only people posting, and this is all their serious copywriters here because they know that people are paying good money to post a job opening and then get people to apply. So I found very high quality writers from this job board. Now I’m not saying everybody who applies to your job is going to be amazing. But a lot of them are really, really good. So you self-to-vette people, but you’re going to find a good copywriter through here 99% of the time.

So that’s what I will put out there as my resource for today. All right. So Imran, we are going to wrap this up. Thank you so much for coming on, man. This has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve got, I’m going to put the link below to your channel so everybody can go and subscribe. Any final thoughts for everybody? No, just believe in yourself. Okay. Just believe you can do it. There’s no matter where you’re starting off if you’ve been web designing for 10 years, one year, even just one week. Believe in yourself. Get the right support. Okay. Learn all the time. We’re always learning. Okay. You don’t just think that we know everything. We’re always learning and changing our minds with what we do. But just believe in yourself and you will get there. And just work hard. Okay. We’ve all got to put the efforts in work hard. Okay. And you will get there. And at the same time, you know, just because some people might be earning 10, 20,000 dollars whatever for a website or they’re doing really, really well, we all have to start somewhere. Okay. And you might have a pricing strategy where you eventually work. We all you want to be earning this amount. But you might have to earn this amount to start off with. Get the reviews in. Build your reputation up. And then you can charge a bit more. Get your reputation up. And then you can get to where you want to be the sweet spot. And that’s your starting baseline. Never go down. Don’t race to the bottom.

That’s my starting point. I will not build a website below that. That’s just where I roll. Okay. And after that, it goes upwards depending on what you want. But believe in yourself. Absolutely. Excellent advice today, my friend. Thank you so much for stopping by. And I hope to do this again very, very soon. No problem. Great. Take care everyone. See you all soon. See you. All right. That was fantastic. Go ahead. Make sure you subscribe to M-RON’s channel. And we’re going to have Mark Westguard on. And just a second, he is in. I see him in the green room. Before we bring Mark on, I am going to go back through and answer a few more questions. We are in kind of the entertainment and value portion of today’s live stream marathon. But I still want to make sure that people are getting their questions answered. Let’s do this. If you, because I don’t know if I’m going to be able to scroll back up. So if you’re here and you’re active and you’re engaged, put your question in again right now. Real quick. And I’ll go through them. So all caps question. Then put your question. We’re still over 226 watching live. So that is absolutely fantastic. And then listen, when Mark comes on, if you have questions specifically for Mark, which I hope you do, all right. The man is very knowledgeable. WS forms an amazing product.

You have to write Mark in all caps before you ask your question so that I know your question is for Mark. And go ahead and get those in. But if you have a question right now about frames, ACSS, inner circle, I know there was a lot of stuff about those earlier. All right, let’s scroll through and see what we’ve got. Yeah, there’s a lot of banter back and forth in the chat. So if your thing doesn’t have question, it’s going to be hard for me to get to it. I already have the $69 USD ACSS and I want to upgrade. How would I do this? So I think there is a way. You guys are getting me back into just hating on it on EDD again. I’m pretty sure there’s a way to upgrade. And if you ask the team, they may know. If they don’t know, then we’re going to do this. After the live stream, don’t worry about all the logistics. We will respond with the exacting that you need to do, whether it is just purchase the thing now and we’ll cancel the other one or whatever. We’ll figure it out for you and we’ll make sure that you’re still part of the contest and all of that. So don’t sweat it is basically what I’m saying. Put in your ticket or message the team through the ACSS website and we’ll go ahead and get it all sorted out for you. If you want to get to the $99 USD from the $69 USD, we’ll make sure that it happens is basically what I’m saying. Evan says accessibility is now one of my unique selling propositions. It’s a good USP, my man. It is a good USP. So that is a good idea.

Is there an upgrade path from old IC price to the new deal? That’s all done manually. For inner circle, because it’s through thrive carts, basically you just get the new deal for $149, send us a ticket and say, hey, I need to cancel the other one that I had. All right, let’s see here. Man, there’s a lot of chats. All right. Okay. A lot of people talking to each other. All right, let’s scroll down. Question. Did you hire Mateo from the inner circle? 100%. Is frames coming to oxygen? Sorry, if this has already been answered. That has already been answered. I just bought frames, another great product, greetings from Italy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate it. Question regarding maintenance plans. Do you determine them based on the total cost of the site? In other words, here, let me put this on the screen. More complex sites that cost more have a higher maintenance plan. Is it a percentage? Yeah, it does need to be based on the scope of the website. 100%. It also needs to be based on the goals that the website has. If they are running a lot of dynamic stuff, right? If they have a checkout system or something like that, that’s much different than a static website. So for those of you doing e-commerce, 100% your management plans should be much higher. If you’re doing static service-based marketing websites, probably not so much. Unless, of course, they’re running a lot of omnichannel stuff.

It also depends on if you’re mixing your management plans with other retainer work that you might be doing for them, which I’ve done a lot of times. Sometimes I know a company is going to have me be really involved and we’re going to be doing a lot of ongoing work and we’re going to be managing a lot of different things. I don’t like nickel and diamond. I’m like, well, there’s this management plan you got to buy. There’s this retainer you got to buy. I just say, hey, look, here’s the thing. We’re going to do XYZ for you. It’s going to be 4,500 a month and we’re going to take care of it all. Bing, bang, done. That includes the hosting. It’s all included. It’s fine. Just make it as simple for them to understand. That’s probably the best way to do it. Yes, if they need a lot more and they need those things on a constant basis, they need to pay more for management or whatever that entails. Okay, cool. I think that is it. So here’s what I want you to do. I’m about to bring Mark on. I want you to get some questions ready for Mark. Make sure you put his name in all caps before you ask your question. Let’s get some forms questions going. Let’s get some stuff that Mark is knowledgeable about. Let’s get these questions in so that we have more stuff to talk about. But I assume Mark is ready. He’s been in the green room here hanging out. I’m going to go ahead and promote him into the broadcast. Mark Westgard, everybody. How’s it going?

Good. Thanks for having me on. We should do an absolutely fantastic. So it’s been an exciting day so far. We just had him run on a little bit. How’s your Black Friday going? It’s going well. Just trying to keep up with support tickets and questions. You know how it is? Absolutely. You decided to just broadcast yourself live for the whole day during Black Friday. I think he’s brave. Yes, it’s insane. But we’re doing it. It’s fun. It’s more fun. You know, then not doing it, I guess. So there was a lot of unanswered questions. Like, am I going to be able to make it through? I think that’s part of the entertainment. Is this man going to fall out at some point on this stream? Half the viewers are probably just waiting for that, honestly. But that’s okay. They’re here and they’re entertained. All right. So first of all, let’s start out with Black Friday deal for WS Form. What is it and is it going on right now? Yes, going on right now. It’ll be going on until November 30th. It’s coupon code BF30. And you’ll get 30% off any of our additions. So that’s the personal free dance and the agency addition. If you happen to need any add-ons, if you don’t have the agency addition, you can also use the coupon code for the add-ons as well, the integrations that we have. Excellent. You are also on easy digital downloads. Is that correct?

Sadly, yeah. So my question for you is, have you been looking at SureCarts? And how do you think? Okay. Now, I’ve stuck for now. I’m stuck on version 2 of EDD because I don’t I don’t want to upgrade the version 3 because I don’t trust it yet. I’ve tried upgraded plots and it broke both times. Bless it. But yeah, I’m just keeping it, keeping it stable right now. So but yeah, no plans on moving all of my, it does what I needed to do at the moment. And I’ve managed to get it styled up and functional and I know that how it worked like you did. So yeah, no plans on moving yet. Yeah, it’s, you know, it’s it’s good on one one side, but it’s frustrating in a lot in a lot of different ways. I’m your further along and I’m sure you’ve got more licenses across more time. It would be much harder for you to migrate. Yeah, it’s ahead. I’m just I’m enticed by it. But my main question for you is before we get to the questions from people in the chat, you know, I’ve been telling people for a long time now, WS Form hands down. It’s the best form system for wordpress. You’re in a category where there’s a lot of competition. I’ve been frustrated by people who don’t take my word for it. I’m like, I let me just tell you and I you weren’t here earlier, but I was I was giving people stories about messaging you on Facebook. And it blows my mind that like everything I think WS Form probably can’t do that’s probably going to have to be a feature request. You’re like, well, I can do that. And you just send me a link to like documentation. And I’m like, you guys see me coding behind the scenes.

That must be it. Yeah, you’re like live coding it into the yeah, I don’t know how it works. But for some reason, everything I haven’t been able to do in other form systems I can do in WS Form. And then there’s those instances where if I haven’t been able to do it 48 hours later, an update shows up in my account. And I hit update and now the feature exists. So it’s just been fantastic. But how do we how do we convince people? You know, like how to I tell them it’s the best form system. And I know people are invested in other systems. I know it’s not just like a let me install it. And I can magically, you know, have all my forms on WS Form now. Like there’s a hurdle, right? But what are you what do you think are the key things that we need to communicate to help people understand this? Yeah, you know, it’s a challenge because it’s usually a 20 30 minute demo to really understand the real benefits of it. And you know, we developed it. We’re an agency. So we developed it being an agency. We were frustrated with what was out there. You know, basic stuff like just being able to build a free responsive form was a challenge with with different form plugins. So we’re a fully free responsive, you know, break point friendly, form plugin, which is all done with point and click. You know, really what I my objective as an agency was I didn’t want to charge 600 bucks for a form and then it take a day to build it.

And that was one of the frustrations. So with WS Form, pretty much the first form you build with it, you’re going to make your money back on it for sure. So we’ve yeah, we’ve got the responsiveness. We’ve got the range of different field types that we have in there. So 55 plus different field types. The integrations that we have are super deep. So you’re fine with a lot of form plugins. If you integrate it, let’s just say for example, Mouchem. Yeah. With Mouchem, typically what you’re going to do is configure a form plugin and say, yep, I want a contact of the ad is whenever someone supports that form. With WS Form, what it’ll do is you can go to templates, click on Mouchem, click on ads, and it’ll actually pull down your list from Mouchem. You click on one of those lists and it’ll build a form for you. So the form is built. You can style that, you can change the responsiveness of it. And it’s also mapped to Mouchem. And it’s also bidirectional too. So if you want to actually create like an edit profile page form Mouchem, it’s really good. That’s just the case of going into form settings, data, populate using action and off it goes. So it does a lot of work for you, particularly on the post management side as well. So if you want to create a form that creates a post for you, if you’re using ACF MetaBox pods tool set, WS Form builds the form for you. So you just literally go into post management, choose the custom post type you want, click on ads, and it builds a form for you. And it supports all the basic, all the core fields that are in each of those custom field plugins. And it’s all bidirectional too. So you can use the form to create a post. You can also use it to edit a post as well. So yeah, it does a lot of work for you that you’d otherwise have to do in another form plugin. You have to put all those fields in, you have to map everything, test it and everything else. Testing is another thing where WS Form comes into its own. So we have a debug console, which I hope you’ve been using. Basically, you build a form and let’s say you’ve got 50 fields on that form. Every time you test it, you’ve got to go through, fill those, those filter fields out and then hits of Met and then test it and then go back to the beginning again, fill those fields out, hits of Met. With WS Form, we have a populate and submit button. And you just click that, it also fills out that form for you with context sensitive content.

So it’ll put emails and email address fields, phone numbers and phone number fields. Even if you’ve got like a password field with a password confirm, it’ll put the same password in both of those fields for you. You hit populate and submit, it’s one click, test the form, pushes it through and off you go. So it really speeds up that development process. And these are just things that we put into the product, being an agency ourselves. We would just, you know, frustrated around to do these types of things, open over again. And that’s the key. You know, there’s been times in the past, because I’ve used, I feel like I’ve used every one of them. All right. And there’s two. Yeah, you get to a situation and this is what I’ll tell people. You get into a situation where you’re like, all right, I really like how the UX of this one is or whatever, but it’s, it’s not fully featured. We’ll just say that. And it works for you for a time, especially if you’re in the mode of like contact form, basic, basic, whatever. Okay, there’s going to come a time where a client has a specific need. And then you’re like, ah, this one doesn’t do it. And then you go over here and you get this one. And now you’ve got like this one for your basic forms, this one, another one for this advanced thing that you needed. And now you got form systems all over the place. And then when you get into maintenance in terms of agency, you got 12 different sites on one, this other site has three. It’s just an absolute spaghetti mess of form systems. So with WS form, it’s been the only system that I’ve been able to switch to and never feel like I need a different one to do something. And I’ve done very, very specific things. And I’ll give some examples.

Basic one start out with is my client was like, Hey, they’re a service-based client. And they are, they’re a service-based business. And they go out to people’s houses and locations. Okay, not going to give away all their details and all that. But they were like, listen, people are going to come to our website. We want them, they’re called to action. We want them to put in their address. And when they put in their address, we want a map to zoom in on their, on their like house with Google Earth or maps or whatever that is, Street View or whatever. Because we think that interactivity would be amazing in our like lead capture system. So we asked for the address, it says, Hey, is this your house? They’re like, Yes, they continue. And then, and I’m just thinking like, I mean, yeah, you can get whatever you want, you know, but like, let me see, let me see what the logistics is like. And then I just opened WS form. It’s like, I can do that natively in WS form with the map element and the Google auto complete address field. So because literally they talk to each other. So I put in the Google auto complete address field. I put the map module right above it. And I’m like, does this? And then I go in and mark already has it so you can set the zoom level when somebody puts in the address. I’m telling you like, it’s just stuff where like this is a obscure request. And it just already happens to be there. The second thing is we actually built this for ourselves is we wanted a better way to track Google ads conversions. And so we’re using UTM parameters like you should, but we don’t want to just rely on Google analytics UTM campaign tracking and all that stuff. We actually want when somebody submits a lead through a form that it actually inputs in their UTM parameters, right? It says here was the campaign they came from, here’s the term, all that. And so we have it to where we’re actually remapping this about the teach it using bricks as new interactions feature because it actually it takes some of the complexity out of this. But we use a UTM in the Google ad. The person arrives on the site that UTM is captured into their session data. And then we have WS form when they submit any form on the website, WS form pulls those fields from their session data, puts it in the form, send it to me, send it to the client and takes that lead and puts them in a Google sheet. And then that Google sheet reports to a dashboard. So like, again, I can’t, I don’t know of another form system that’s just able to do that out of the box. And it’s those situations that I constantly come into contact with where WS form has never let me down. And then I go into a Facebook group and I’m like, guys, you got to trust me. WS form is the best system for what? And they’re like, I’m on fluent, I’m on this. And I’m like, just trust me. For once, just trust me. And so you got to beat them over the head with it, I think. But when I give these examples, that’s, and there’s many more on top of that that I could go into. There’s no comparison. Yeah, I think we’re not necessarily in the game and trying to convert people from what they’re currently using because that can be a big learning curve for people. But those that have, they love it. Once they take the time to play around with it, they absolutely love it. I think going back to your point about it has all of that functionality built in. We’ve also done that without the need for adding five or six different plugins to achieve something. So some form plugins, you just want like a signature field, you’re going to install another plugin for that. We have that built in that we’ve made sure that all of that functionality doesn’t load when you render a form. We have dynamic inculence and make sure that, for example, if you have a phone field on there, then we’ll only load our phone JavaScript libraries if that field is actually on that on that page. We only load our libraries if a form exists on a page.

So we’ve done a lot around performance to make sure that we’re not loading a bunch of stuff that doesn’t necessarily need to be there. So there’s a lot of performance-wise. And I think, I think one of the areas that we shine in as well as in our conditional logic. So with a lot of forms form plugins with conditional logic, let’s just say you have a text field and you go in the conditional logic on another form plugin and you’ll have some conditional logic that will say, okay, only show this field if the value of this other field equals x, y, z. And that’s pretty much the extent of it. With WS form, our conditional logic is form-centric. So what I mean by that is I can take any pieces of that form such as the form itself, the overall form, a tab, a section of field, if I can do if conditions on those, I can even do event-related stuff. So I can do stuff like if the mouse hovers over this field do something. And then on the then and the else, I can do multiple different things at a form tab section field level. So you can do things such as if the user hovers over the submit button, then run a form save in the background. So you can do like former dynamic stuff. And once you get into that and you understand how that works, it makes the form incredibly interactive. The amount of stuff that you can do is crazy. So, you know, for example, on our a WooCommerce demo site, we have an example of a t-shirt. We can actually change the color of the t-shirt and based upon the lightness of the color you choose determines the font color on the t-shirt. So you can do crazy stuff like that. But we have some people producing some really quite complex calculators for their websites. Anything from, you know, basically, more gist of stuff I’ve just never even heard about. Like equestrian stuff. Stuff that they would generally have to write a lot of custom JavaScript for can all be done within WS form. Now, you know, we don’t limit people from writing custom code either. So we do have hooks and filters and things like that. I think if they want to be able to write their own code behind it and expand it even further than they can absolutely do that. The forms are basic HTML5 forms. There’s nothing special about them. So you can apply your own JavaScript and code to the form itself if you want to.

We’ve started to HTML5 stands. But we’ve basically taken the HTML5 spec completely ripped to the part and made pretty much it. We actually built for a field type available within the app. So you can do most of the stuff you need to do within the app and itself. The conditional logic is insanely powerful. The ability to do all sorts of math equations inside of these forms. I mean, there was one that I built. It was actually not even a form itself. It’s crazy because it’s like this wasn’t capturing any data. All I needed was a slider because I was working with a client who sells bulk licenses for things to enterprise level companies. Right. And they’re in a space where if people are spending $250,000 a year on this other option and they switched to their option, they can save 75 grand depending on how many licenses they need or how many people are in their organization. So I need one of those slider things where it’s like choose how many people you have. And based on how many people you have, we’ll tell you how much money you can save by switching to us. And so I built that inside of WS form. And it was all visual and beautiful. It was just a slider and it was auto calculating and displaying the numbers. It wasn’t even asking anybody for information. It wasn’t collecting any entries. But WS form, I was able to build it. I didn’t have to turn to another third party tool. Another one like you talked about with quizzes. We did one for a doctor’s office that was all about the COVID thing. And it was like having to ask people questions and we needed to generate notes for them on the back end with PDF files. And so what we do remember that project. Yes, because I messaged you a couple of times when my brain was breaking over the logic.

Because there was like four different scenarios that had to happen based on the questions that they were answering. And certain questions had logic display. Other questions based on their answer from the one before. And so I’m building this whole thing and it’s breaking my brain. And but finally we get to the working logic. And it was to the point where people can come. They can answer all of the questions. They hit submit. It takes that form entry and sends it off because WS form integrates with Zapier. So it sends it through Zapier off to Pandadoc. Pandadoc has the ability to take the answers that were submitted in WS form from Zapier and dynamically insert them into a PDF we created. And then automatically email that to the person. So this whole like system was set up through WS form Zapier and Pandadoc. And it worked perfectly. And had an insane you know conditional logic stuff on the back end. But it was like I just didn’t see any other system being able to do that. And it’s just time and time and time again. And people are probably like well I’ve never had a need for that. It’s like but you you will. And when you do you don’t want to be racing around looking for the system that’s going to make it work. Like just use this one I’ve been there done that and just take my word for it. Yeah and we’re very very good at listening to our customers and and enhancing the product. I mean it wouldn’t be where it is today have we not listened to customers. Pretty much all the functionality we’ve added in the last 18 months has been customer suggestions and feedback. Just yesterday we launched Final Kit. So you can now use WS form with Final Kit. They they’ve changed their model slightly and that they really want to put the owners on the plugin developer now to integrate with it. Which is actually quite cool because it gives us the ability to use our conditional logic to determine whether or not a form is submitted through Final Kit. So obviously then go through their automation. So it gives you a lot more control with it. And that that was just listening to customer feedback. Someone’s like when are we going to get Final Kit working here? I can’t nudge his name. They probably asked 48 hours before you release the Final Kit integration. Yeah yeah. Come and promise we’ll always be that quick. But we’re usually usually fairly responsive. Yeah. All right so about the feedback from visitors. It’s a good segue. It’s a good segue. So Vision Rocket has a question. Will the signature field be let me put this up on the screen. Will the signature field be enhanced to include the option to select include an image of the signers name? So like an auto complete. Do they mean with maybe maybe they mean like can I just up can the user upload a signature instead of? Oh yeah you can do that with a file upload field. We’re actually working on the signature field right now in terms of accessibility because signature fields are notoriously not accessible. Very difficult for people to use a key well to be to sign something. So my suggestion is that you almost have an option that says do a text signature a signature field or you could do a file upload and you could do that very easily with WS phone with additional logic. So you could maybe have a radio button so you can choose which where you want to sign and you can show one of three different fields in order to do that. So yeah that would technically it be possible yeah. So speaking of accessibility can you talk a little bit about accessibility that’s been considered for WS form and baked it. Yeah so we’re WCIG compliant all the way through. Apart from those weird fields you know like a recapture field or a signature field. But if you run a WCIG check on a WS form you’ll find that everything is compliant. So that includes things like ARAA labeling making sure that that’s all correct. And then we’ve done some special stuff with things like rating fields so you can use the keyboard to go up and down on the rating field for space to select and things like that. And yeah we so I actually work with a guy in Europe who specializes in accessibility who will just go in and prod WS form now then and just make sure that everything is accessible as we can make it. And there’s a lot more we can do because that that world is always changing. So whenever I go to a work camp I always talk to you know A11R and wire the talks to them about the latest standards that are coming out and making sure that we’re implementing those as much as we possibly can. Awesome. Somebody wants you to Ann Marie want you to talk more about the integration with WooCommerce specifically for customized products.

Okay yeah so we have a WooCommerce extension and it basically ties WooCommerce to WS form and you can go into a product and then you can actually choose a form to place on that product to customize it. And you can use any of the WS form fields on that form to customize the product so you can do things as simple as you know enter a text field into to add some text to a product or you could do a file upload you could even put a signature field on there if you want. Our tab system works within the products itself repeaters work. So you can use that to produce pretty much any type of customization a product you want if you go to we’ve actually got some demos there to show you how that works. You can also use our eCommerce fields to customize the price of the products as well. So let’s say you’ve got a $10 based product price any fields that you have on the form itself will be added to that $10 also attractive if you want but most people will add to that. So in its simplest form you could do like a donate product you could just put a price field on a form add that to a product and then you’ve got a donate product. But we’ve got some more context examples on there like a t-shirt example we’ve got a picture example on there we’ve got you know calculators all kinds of stuff you can play around with. So yeah take a look at that we’ve got some really extensive documentation and the video about that extension on the WooCommerce site itself so actually approved extension on the InWooCommerce store. So I’m not a big eCommerce guy is this the integration with WooCommerce I know you know product page there’s inputs like quantity all that. The WS form actually add additional like inputs to those fields and then you can do that. So you know one of the questions actually we used to get asked is by customers for some reason but they always wanted to move the add to cart button to the top of the form or top of the page. So you can actually do that with WS form when you install the WooCommerce extension it gives you I think 68 additional field types that you can then drag on to your form. So you can determine where the quantity field is where the add to cart field is and you can actually put multiple ones of those on there and it will by default hide the WooCommerce add to cart and quantity if you add that to your form. So it gives you a bit of flexibility and then you can also add fields such as you know the sub-total for that particular product so you can see what the total amount of all the additions is on that form on the actual product page and then when you click add to cart what it’s doing is it’s adding those form fields as cart metadata to the actual cart which then follows all the way through to the order and then in future I’d like to extend that to like checkout fields and things like that but for the moment it’s a it’s a product customization plugin. Checkout fields would be amazing because I know that’s one huge just downside of WooCommerce basically any eCommerce system. I think there’s just a bunch of add-ons that are like specifically targeting you know the ability to change up those checkout pages. Yeah yeah yeah and it’s funny a lot of the form plugins that have this type of integration they just kind of stick to product because that in itself is a big enough challenge of WooCommerce but I’d like to extend it to checkout as well. Cool tiny tech talks wants to know any estimate on if and when Mali payments will be available for WS form. I’ve never even heard of Mali payments but yeah it’s one of the ones that’s on the carts hopefully we can get that launched next year. I know that our European friends have a lot of payment platforms that they use that I’m actually not used to obviously because we’re US based but they don’t tend to use stripes so yeah I’ve got some other payment plugins on the carts for next year for sure.

Cool. Here’s a good one for you. You’ll love this one. I’m sure you’ve never been asked this question. Is there an LTV for WS form? There is not and there will never be an LTV for WS form. I’m very sorry about that but I just don’t believe in it. Yeah so we for LTVs are great for like a new product to get you know customer interest in it and build it up but ultimately we want to build a sustainable product and a well supported product and the way we do that is through our annual fees. If you go for that Black Friday deal it’s still going to be far off a lifetime deal for the next four or five years so yeah take a bite of it what you can but sorry no LTV currently. Somebody did ask discount for Black Friday you already mentioned that 30% is that correct? 30% off using coupon code BF30 so if you go to WS you’ll see a big banner at the top with all the information. Excellent. Yeah. All right Mark says will there be a time when and I think we’ve talked a little bit about this. Will there be a time when WS form will detect the ACSS framework like it does bootstrap and others? Yeah that’s an interesting question I think and we have a little bit of a chat about this on digital ambition I think or it may have been the so the way WS form works currently is we have we know before the ACSS integration came out we were integrated in with bootstrap and foundation which is very similar to your framework and what we actually do is we natively output HTML for those frameworks so where I think Kevin and I would both like to get is eventually have ACSS have support for all the different four amendments that are out there and let’s go take some time I mean it’s a it’s a massive robust yeah it’s a robust yeah you warned me about this too when we initially talked you were like I’m just going to warn you there’s a lot to do here yeah because there’s a lot of four fields out there and you know all these different plugers as well like bootstrap and foundation some of them have prefix and suffix and stuff and feel some of them don’t some of the older versions don’t the newer versions do so we’ve actually had to support I think about seven or eight different versions of bootstrap and foundation but yeah so what we would but we’d ultimately where I’d like it to be is that yes it detects that ACSS is there as the framework and then we output HTML that’s native to what ACSS wants for those four fields and that would really that would effectively mean we can switch off our styling and then we’re 100% reliant on ACSS so that’s our ultimate goal it’s just going to take a few more sleep just nights with Kevin and Mike to get to that point absolutely yeah absolutely all right um I don’t know what this question means necessarily our WS form license stackable on the current licenses I don’t know what that means um do you mean can you upgrade uh between maybe the hungry clear clear that question up if you can ask it a different way and we’ll see if we can get to it yeah you can serve the upgrade though so if you’re a personal customer you can get in free last to agency if you’re free don’t know you can go to eight so you can you cannot rate uh over time and we charge a pro rated amount for that so if you’re on the personal edition you’ve had it for half a year you’d only pay half a year of the difference the price to get up to agency so go on it’s all cool fair um fluent forms if some of these on fluent forms for example can they is there a way to migrate to WS form not yeah there will be currently we do migration for gravity forms WP forms I think visual form builder um fluid forms are about halfway there with it we’ve doing a a migrate path and our our migrate will actually migrate forms but it’ll also migrate this admissions as well so it’s a couple of clicks and everything is moved across so yeah it’s coming awesome uh the 30% first year only are permanent discount first year okay uh John wants to know please explain more about WS forms ability to edit posts this has been a thorn in my side yes it’s definitely a thorn in every one side I think um so the way it works in WS form is with the post management plugin you can either set it up just to create a new post and it’s all done around this one setting called post id so if the post id setting is blank it creates a new post if a post id is present in that field either a number or you could even do something like a query variable or you could put it in dynamicly some other way it will update that post so usually we recommend one form for creating a post another form for updating the post because they behave slightly differently um but it’s pretty simple we’ve actually got a really good knowledge base article about that so if you go into our knowledge base and I think if you just search for something like post update there’s a specific article about doing updates and that works with just a standard own post or a post that has ACF metabox pods or tools there um so yeah you can do by direction stuff with that and our post management add on just so you know you can map you know any number of fields across you can do custom field mapping so you don’t just have to take values off the form to push them to a post you can actually do static values or any other data you want to push across see that post you can choose the post status the post author it supports attachments it supports file uploads um all kinds of stuff so it’s it’s fairly very involved it can be a little bit complicated to learn it um but those knowledge base articles certainly help and they’ll talk you through that whole process cool all right um oh one more question about that so I don’t I actually have not used that use case yet what is like a actual real world why do people want to be editing posts with a form versus just editing posts usually it’s they’ve got some kind of list that they want to show on their site maybe a business directory or something like that um and it’s just to enable people to add that content from the public side of the website as opposed to using the admin to do that um so yeah wherever you want to capture data and and put that into a post list you can do that yeah a lot of people will set the post type to like pending or drafts so that they can approve it prior to it going live um but yeah it’s um they usually the the situation where people want to do that and when someone’s logged into the website it will it will by default assign that post to that user as the author so if you want to build maybe a list that’s specific to certain users then you can use it for that use case as well excellent uh Amanda says I’m I’m interested in trying it on a single site but to get my CRM working it requires the agency license uh that’s a barrier for me potentially switching form plugins so if you’re using the personal edition you can actually buy the CRM add-on separately you don’t have to go the agency edition so if you go to WS4 go to the top of the site you’ll see an add-on link just click on that and you’ll see all the add-ons that you can buy out of car so so basically the way it works personal has no add-ons included you can just add them as you want the freelance comes with a bunch of uh add-ons included and agencies basically everything um the only thing we don’t include is the WooCommerce extension because we have to sell that exclusively to the WooCommerce site but every other add-on is included so if you want to buy the single site license with that CRM add-on just click on add-ons and then choose the CRM you want to link with and you can buy that separately cool yeah and I would recommend I mean if if if you possibly can you know if you’re especially if freelancers maybe better off with a lower package but if you are legitimately an agency and um forms and you work with clients that have different CRMs for me like the agencies just been a no-brainer um especially with regard to like I had a couple clients on Salesforce not every form system for WordPress even integrates with Salesforce at all they don’t even have an add-on available um but I had the agency license at WS Form hey there’s the Salesforce I just downloaded and now I can integrate with Salesforce no problem so it just you know it just takes all the thought and like scrambling to figure out a solution for it’s just all there for you yeah there’s a lot of value in the agency license there’s an awful lot of integrations that are included and that includes the post-pagetment and the user management stuff as well which is probably our two most popular add-ons so you get that all included yep absolutely uh vision rocket says can I render forms on the back end I’m trying to take fields from one post and create two other posts on submit I can already accomplish this on the front end can’t do it on the admin site yet so only only public site you can render forms okay um there was one thing I did something with a WS form where well it was on the front end yeah you’re right so the form was on the front end but when they submitted the form I was actually it was a preferences form it was for a membership site and it was kind of like what are your interests and stuff and so they would fill out what their interests were and it would take that data and save it to their WordPress profile um but I did that on the back end and then they were actually bidirectional so if they were logged in and change it there it was just it was it was fantastic but yeah you can restrict yeah you can restrict the forms to admin only users if you want so we in WS form at a form I think a form section and a field level you can restrict those elements by the user role that they’re logged in at you can also even do it at a capabilities level as well so you can actually switch individual fields on an off base upon the capabilities they have so if you if you’re trying to restrict it just for an having user that would be one way of doing that excellent uh public road map yes or no somebody wants to know no public road map we do have a features request page on form you can see everything that’s currently pending um if anybody has any ideas that are outside of the scope then I immediately say please put it there um because then I’ve got a list of stuff that I can work against um but no there’s no public road map but I keep people up to date in the news letter and and we’ve now but we just started a Facebook group two days ago got help me oh nice all right so yeah you can you can you can check on there and I’ll be posting you know new stuff as someone it comes out but so we’ve we’ve got a lot of feature requests um and we tend to look at what’s being voted for the most is what we’re going to focus on next cool what excites you about the future of WS Form um I think just working with more and more customers and just expanding the the offering that we have man I mean it’s just it’s just it’s endless it’s crazy I know when we first started building WS Form we thought six months have it done yeah never what we done for good right yeah yeah I can just sit back and look no it’s it’s a it’s a daily daily work course um yeah I mean it’s just uh I we you know we sponsor a lot of work camps we go to a lot of work camps we did work camp Europe uh we did work camp US and uh we we’re going to be at work camp Asia so we’ll be in Bangkok in February are you going to be there’s a there’s one in Greece right as well yeah it’s going to be in Athens yeah we’ll be there as well um so we’re sponsoring both of those yeah yeah it’s it’s a good time it’s good time for networking and I you know but by reason for saying that it goes back to the question is I just love meeting customers that have used it um that come up and and I love meeting new people that want to learn about it so for me it’s just you know growing the community and improving the product and continuing to do that and continuing to we focus number one on customer service that’s what we’re really hard um and people should hopefully find that if they start using it they’ve got any questions we try to get back to people quickly and thoroughly and if a if a product if the product can’t do something they want we’ll definitely consider adding that functionality for them to to get it to do what they want depends on you know what it is someone comes to us and says you know we want to be able to train with it then all right and no no no no uh if you request the LTD he’s not he’s not going to create an LTD like nine other people have asked that already yeah yeah I know everybody wants an LTD but um I want to be respectful to all the customers that have got the using agency licenses and like I said again we want to just keep it sustainable and well supported so that’s that’s our payment model with this ticket to it I’m probably losing tens of thousands of dollars by saying I said the same thing hey listen listen I would be I would be many many many dollars richer if I come out today and said hey there’s an ACSS LTD right and and people think that’s all we care about but in the end we care about other things yeah yeah and three four years down the road he’s not going to do it’s not going to do the customers that he good so um but I think you know the price is that we’re throwing out today it’s you know it’s it’s a great deal uh absolutely what do you get what do you get uh GDN web media says purchasing now thanks convinced uh please talk more about metabox integration can we edit existing fields in the front end yes you can yep so the metabox integration is fully bi-directional um it supports all the core fields that you have in metabox and it also supports um repeaters so uh repeaters I believe are done in metabox as a clinical group yeah yeah um so you would create a group check that it’s phoneable and then as long as you’ve got a section in WS form with the same fields in so yeah it just has to match to the side um then it’ll actually integrate bi-directionally with that the easiest way of getting started with metabox and WS form is to set up all your fields in metabox how you want them and then go into WS form afterwards and click on add new click on the post management tab and then you’ll see your custom post types listed there and the ones that have metabox fields on them will have a small black M logo the metabox logo um and when you click on add it’ll create the form for you so it’ll create repeatable sections if you have them um and behind the scenes it will actually be mapping the bi-directional side of things for you as well so the form that it creates out of the box is a is a create a post form um if you want to make that into a bi-directional form then all you need to do is go to form settings click on data and then do populate using action just check that and all of the mappings for putting the data from metabox will be populated for you um I would definitely recommend having a look at that update post knowledge base article because it kind of explains the process more um before you jump into it because it could be a little bit a little bit complicated but um yeah yeah so you can definitely update uh post using that add on the post version add on and that also extends to the user management add on as well so you can use the met use a management add-on with fields from metabox too cool there’s a lot of uh a lot of WooCommerce questions about this tech stuff uh can you do a form that adds the text to a product and show the product with the text on the front like a fancy product design etc you can but it’s going to take a little bit of custom codes to get it done so because obviously it depends what products you’re using right you could be using a can a teddy bear whatever it might be so you’ve got to configure it you’ve got the way that I do it is I use an SVG file and the reason I use an SVG file is I can then reference elements within the SVG and change them so you could have a text um part element within the SVG and then use JavaScript to modify that text um if you go to you’ll see a t-shirt demo where you can type in the text um and we have a t-shirt tutorial on the website as well yeah so go to and then let’s click on the t-shirt on the left hand side there okay so on there if you click on the colors you can see how the colors change so that’s actually modifying the color layer within that SVG so this is this is WSform right here yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah the form on the right is is WSform if you click on custom text there you see the radio button above that uh this one yeah so there you can actually type text in and that’s changing a text layer on that SVG so um so it does take a little bit of custom code and get it done but we use conditional logic for that so there we’re saying for example if that custom text changes then run some JavaScript that modifies that dom element um if you go to go to and go into the knowledge base and this actually sorry just to clarify that was a field from WSform this color picker yep yep yep so that’s uh that’s a radio field um and then we’ll use some starting on that and we’ve actually got some examples of that knowledge base as well guys the one time the one time I ever did anything with with WooCommerce I had to do something like this and I had to buy a whole another add-on to do this the fact that you can just do that in WSform again it’s like it’s mind blowing okay uh we want me to go and type 5 or 6 WooCommerce extensions bundled into one really yeah yeah good advice for click on knowledge base at the top and then do a search for t-shirt yeah click on that top left search result okay so this is a a walkthrough of how to build that t-shirt it doesn’t include the text overlay stuff but it should give you an idea on how to do that and all the files that you need to build that t-shirt denim are available on that knowledge base article this is the uh this is one of the hardest parts of of being a developer is all of the documentation right keeping up with it all explaining all how it works putting in the screen shots it’s like this is this is a you know it’s a part I think a lot of people realize and appreciate but they don’t see you know necessarily the hours as being this is part of the what you’re buying right like this all has to go into it uh at some point yeah so in our knowledge base there we’ve got you know a bunch of different tutorials that you can play around with we’ve got information about all the different field types I do do a search for Google Kevin on the on the search there just to show them to click on Google address for example you’ll see on every field top we’ve actually got interactive demos that you can use and there’s a download button at the bottom of all those forms you can download them pull them in to WS form if you want um but yeah so we try to go a little bit step further and just show people how everything works on this interactively yeah absolutely amazing all right let’s get back to camera and let’s see yep people saying there we go dang silent field wants to know are you going to be doing any tutorials in the future yes yeah we so we have there’s a few Google tutorials there I’m actually about to record a bunch of 60 second videos as well and you’ll find a lot of tutorials in a knowledge base so if you go into the knowledge base and click on tutorials you’ll see a bunch of different stuff in there there’s there’s tens often and a lot of time when we get a customer support question about a particular feature if you’re sorry I think someone else is going to find useful we’re writing knowledge base article about it and respond with that as opposed to writing a lengthy customer support request back yep is it translated to Russian I don’t know I don’t think it is but we could we could have that’s the list all right that’ll be available in 24 hours yeah you know the problems I’ve had with translation is that WS4 is full of so many small little elements it’s very difficult to translate because they’re not full sentences um so hey if you want to join in and help us with Russian translation then let me know send me a support to come we’ll get on it excellent all right Anna you you signed yourself up all right let’s see can you add WooCommerce product variations from the front end to create products with variations I don’t know exactly I’m not of WooCommerce guys I don’t know but WooCommerce product variations from the front end oh maybe he’s talking about creating a product with the post management add-on um I don’t think that’s possible currently because product variations are actually apparent and then a bunch of child products underneath there with attributes and it makes it very difficult to build those anything other than in WooCommerce you can definitely create standard products though with the WS4 post management add-on so that’s that’s possible but variations I don’t think it’s possible uh can you implement putting icons into fields you can do that with some pretty basic CSS and as I said a lot of all the fields are pretty much HTML5 you can apply your own CSS to do that our labels are actually HTML enabled as well so you can put HTML into the label itself so if you wanted to put an icon next to the label before it after it whatever you want to do you can do that um Mark says I’ll probably pull up the screen share again could you tell us the various CRM systems you integrate with so add-ons add-ons yeah so we’ve got like HubSpot we’ve got Salesforce uh pipe drive we’ve got um we don’t think we don’t have CRM there’s ERMs in there yeah Clavio you know that’s Cineros or well I personally use HubSpot so I liked I like that integration yeah and HubSpot just wanted to point out on the HubSpot integration is that we use we use OAuth integration with that so HubSpot is about to stop using API keys I think they may have already stopped using them um but we use OAuth which is the new way of integrating in with a lot of these platforms so it’s just a single click authorizing off you guys there’s no keys to play around with nice yeah you got notion in there as well um and then if you’ve got anything else you want to integrate in move we’ve got Zapier there and a few others like WP WP Fusion’s another one that you can integrate through other platforms with um but if there’s anything else you yeah Zoho is another one yeah so if there’s any other ones that you want to integrate in let us know if we get enough demand for it we’ll get it implemented excellent uh let’s see your post management add-on does it work with posts and custom fields made with jet engine not yet but it’s coming um you can use it with basic meta types like text and stuff like that currently but we’re building a jet engine integration right now um and that’s going to give you the support for like images and radios and selects and more complex field types so that’s coming awesome uh can you accept payments for letting people publish a post yes yeah you can so you can add like a stri-port write-on net paypal button to the page and the form will not submit until that payment has been authorized and then so one of the things we didn’t touch on was the actions part of WS form so with a lot of form plugins you’ve got just like an notification action that you can figure with WS form you can have any number of actions you want so that could be send an email show a message push a SMS through Twilio push it to Slack whatever you want to do um so with payment you can use that as a gateway to prevent the other actions from running um so yeah that’s possible.

Callicinics Ireland has a technical one for you. Hmm will it be possible to have a unique ID for photo and video uploads in a repeater especially when uploading to google drive dropbox something in the form out of field one repeater field one one um I have to look into it send send me a support ticket for that through the website and I’ll take a look with the with third party integrations that we have with like dropbox and stuff like that you can build a custom field path and that can include a submission ID which is a unique ID to that particular form so it’s possible to put unique IDs in there that way but you would have to use something like dropbox or google drive or one of our other external file up loads locations to do that. Will we see conditions like if else within Calc fields? You can do that already actually so um we have a hash if and hash end if so you can actually put that within a calculation to change the calculation content within it so that’s possible. Another way to do it is to actually use condition logic um and then you can set a value and put a hash Calc in the actual value that is set so it’s quite a few different ways to do that but uh hash if and hash end if we’ll work at a Calc you just got to be careful how you put it together make sure you’ve got no strain you lines or spaces and stuff in there keep it keep it tight. Yeah and I will say in the documentation there’s a lot of good examples of math calculation stuff because I’ve I’ve been wondering how to do some some things with math and I’m not a math whiz but I go into the documentation it’s like did you give me the formula? I think right there for some of the things. I’m like oh thank you copy paste. Copy paste that’s the way to do it. Yes yes all right let’s see uh anything else I want to make sure I didn’t miss anybody here Anas says Mark I can translate it for you. Oh wait sorry it came with a stipulation can I get it I’m gonna be an LCD. Uh she put an LOL so it’s it’s all good um all right how does the image of the okay we’re back on the uh customize text how does the image of the customized text on the product translate to the cart page does the customized text on the products show in the cart page yes it shows the field so you can see what the text is it won’t actually show the collect image yeah okay because that that’s all just kind of dynamically generated on the spot.

Yeah we’ve come I see there’s a little bit restricted on what you can do the cart data um so we basically just push across all the the content as uh plain text and then that’ll come through on the order as well so you’ll see that but it won’t take the SVG and embeds whatever you changed through to the cart page. Cool all right let’s do one final question and then our time is up for today do you have plans to integrate with infusion soft yes we do we do have plans to integrate with infusion soft excellent all right mark it’s been fantastic thank you so much uh I even learned some new things and I think a lot of people are are they’re coming around they’re coming around so hopefully you get some more users today and uh yeah absolutely thanks for stopping by and hopefully we can do it hopefully we can do it again sometime that’s good bye guys take care bye all right guys that was mark west guard from WS form uh that was a fantastic hour I really uh I really enjoyed that we’ve got our next guest coming up shortly we have a little break before we get to this next guest uh Patrick Gallagher from grid pain is going to be here if you have any questions about hosting if you have any questions about security if you have any questions about grid pain specifically but they can just be hosting and security related in general um that is going to be the man you want to ask so get your questions ready for that before I go to a quick break I want to just see if there’s any other questions about ACSS frames or inner circle with automatic CSS I just want to explain this again with the pricing our pricing is going up on Tuesday we’re unveiling all new plans all of these plans have limited website activations right right now you can get unlimited website activations for $99 a year that is the current price so what this deal is is basically giving you a heads up saying hey you know we didn’t have to notify you on Tuesday these plans are coming out we’re notifying you ahead of time and if you want a $99 per year license that grants you unlimited website activations you have the opportunity to get that right now that plan is not going to exist as of Tuesday and if you don’t have it you’re going to be like I wish I had unlimited website activations I don’t want a limited license right this is your chance to get that and by getting that right now if you don’t already have it if you already have it you’re good to go if you have the single site license and you want to upgrade to the 99 and get unlimited website activations you can absolutely do that and then any upgrade you do or any purchase you do of ACSS today is going to get you into the contest for the $2000 plus bonus giveaway pack that we’re going to be picking three people next week for which is an ACSS LTD a frames LTD and an inner circle LTD and I didn’t even mention this earlier 60 minute consulting call with me on anything you want to talk about and the Figma add on for frames when it is available so really really great bonus pack that you have the opportunity to get and anything that you purchase ACSS frames the inner circle deal all of those get you into the contest the frames deal is a $249 LTD and that is all of that is on the frames website here I’ll go to it right now so get watch this video to see how frames works and then click on this red button and then you’re going to see $249 lifetime unlimited it gets you unlimited WordPress activations all supported builders right initially this was only going to be for bricks builder but we have committed now to all builders that we support this one license will cover you for all of those no add-ons no upsells you get access to the frame support group inside the ACSS community you get all of our frames dynamic components that are coming carousels models toggles accordions menus so you’re not going to need third party tools to fulfill all of this all right so all that is coming if you get in now the $249 lifetime unlimited that’s a good deal that is going to be a very good deal it’s going to be I can guarantee you it’s going to be something that people are just that they didn’t get it they’re going to be kicking themselves over just like the people who didn’t pull the trigger on the ACSS LTV when it was available a year ago and on black Friday and that was the launch of ACSS there’s hundreds of people kicking themselves for not getting it then don’t be that person this time kicking yourself about frames as I mentioned before with our vision with the way things are going ACSS and frames are positioned there can be some domination going on in this word press space this this can be the go to thing all right and everybody’s going to want it and you’re going to be sitting pretty with your lifetime unlimited LTV and you are going to want to have that so don’t kick yourself don’t be one of those people and then we have the inner circle offer let me get back to camera here the inner circle offer is 149 it says first year guys that is a mistake okay so it’s 149 a year and you renew on that price okay I just realized it says 149 first year so there probably was some confusion there it is 149 it renews at 149 we’ve never offered an annual plan it’s always been monthly or you pay every six months and six months gave you a little bit of a discount over the monthly this 149 first year saves you about 38% all right so this is like a 38% savings over the regular price it’s never been offered before it’s not going to continue being offered after Monday so basically on Tuesday when people go to sign up for the inner circle they’re going to see what they’ve always seen they’re going to see monthly and six months and that year deal is not going to be there so this is kind of an exclusive opportunity you’ve got a few days to lock in that 149 dollar per year price so go ahead and do that and if you have any questions about any of this stuff still I will go ahead and answer like Gerson says is the frames alpha LTV the same as the lifetime unlimited and yes the answer is yes yeah if you have purchased that before you are taking care of all right let’s see if we already have an ACSS LTV and we get picked for that prize can we switch it to say the ICLTD if you get the prize you’re getting an ICLTD anyway the prize back has an inner circle LTV in it it’s got a frames LTVD in it it has an ACSS LTV in it it’s the LTV prize back right along with the 60 minute consult with me and the Figma frames yes the frames add on or the Figma add on for frames all right Jeremy Cran says your mic is off I don’t think it is can everybody hear me nobody saying nobody saying that the mic is off all right I missed the answer for WS form one year discount or so yeah the WS form black Friday deal is the discounts for the first year only and then it renews at the normal price after that winning the competition is better than winning megaball I don’t know about that I mean millions of dollars you know it’s it’s a good deal though it is a good deal sold on the ACSS unlimited license plus frames LTV fantastic David good to have you any ACSS support for community platforms such as buddy boss buddy press no not not currently it really depends on this is actually the first time I’ve seen that request and it’s really going to come down to you know how many people are asking for it how many people are needing it how many people can we serve it’s just prioritizing platforms based on community size and whether or not we can truly integrate in a meaningful way that’s kind of what goes into it all right so when I already own an ACSS LTV and I win another one what do I do with it you have permission to sell it we I talked about that in the beginning you can actually just sell that for cold hard cash my friend was this for the LTV or annual pricing that’s a question for Jeremy so I don’t know what that is about audio is good we can hear you we can hear you fantastic oh wow see you win them all very cool yes yeah three winners and all three of those winners win all of those things so it’s going to be a good deal so very well I mean you could let’s say you had never bought anything from me before and let’s say you’re like dude I’m all in on I want ACSS I want frames I want your inner circle they just buy all three things and then they win the contest they get all their money back they’ve actually spent nothing and they get LTVs for everything that is a possibility that may very well happen to somebody all right guys I got a hard break I’m going to be back in 25 minutes with Patrick Gallagher please don’t go anywhere we’ve still got over 200 live viewers this is absolutely fantastic the deals are still open I just got to get a sip of water I got to go the bathroom got to just get ready for our last guest and then what we’re going to do let’s talk about our schedule here so we got Patrick Gallagher coming on at 3 p.m. Eastern time that’s in about 20 minutes 25 minutes then we’ve got my final hour I am growing more confident as we go with this started I was like I may very well fall out I don’t know I’m getting very confident I’m looking at this timer two hours and 20 I can make it guys I can survive I think my voice is going to survive in the final hour if you want me to do a website review that’s maybe what we spend the final hour doing is a website is website reviews people love that the other day they wanted me to dedicate more time to it they wanted me to dedicate some streams to it so we’ll just maybe do that as fun but here’s the thing you cannot put links in the chat I cannot see them they don’t come through so go into the inner circle log in and just create a post that says review my site and put the link in there you don’t have to come on the stream or anything like that I’ll just go ahead and and review it and I’ll do these reviews myself so we don’t have any guests worrying about doing their part to the review I will go 100% and do the review Ronald Rodriguez says are you having fun Kevin I’m having an amazing time I mean this is I can’t imagine like what else would I be doing right just hanging out eating turkey or something like I’m hanging out with the community this is this is as fun as it gets um all right I’ll be back if you want to get your site reviewed go paste it in the inner circle I cannot see it in the chat I’ll be back in just a second all right guys we are coming back from break it is three o’clock I’m going to let everybody continue to stroll back in man even through these breaks we are we are keeping people around which is fantastic we still got over 140 live viewers we had over 350 when we first started but that was like five hours ago and a lot of people were just here they were here for the deals but we have it had some really entertaining conversations if you missed any of the guests that have been on today you’re going to be able to watch all of this in the replay so as soon as this live broadcast is over it’ll be on the YouTube channel so you can go through it and watch before we bring on Patrick from grid pain who is here I see him in the green room so he is ready to go uh before we bring him on I just want to answer a few of the questions that we have about the deals there’s still some questions about that stuff and I want to hit on a couple things that people have said during the break um so first off we’re going to start with Amanda who says how is the migraine uh funny enough it’s it’s it’s actually progressively gotten better throughout the live stream so it was horrible when we first started I thought I was going to need sunglasses for the blinding lights um it was just things were not looking good uh for the day but slowly over time I don’t know is live streaming the antidote to my I’m not sure I don’t know but uh it has progressively gotten better somehow throughout the live stream so that’s good uh let’s see I’ve I start a couple of these chats been going pretty crazy I wanted to highlight this one check this out Gregor says purchased uh I think it’s it’s a Gregor Gregor I don’t know purchase frames an hour ago then created the client’s website homepage wireframe and I sent it to him and just a few seconds ago the client approved and paid for the whole site just amazing so this is like I mean we’ve got people buying frames building websites and getting clients to send them money all in the same two hours uh that that’s absolutely fantastic and I want to talk for a minute about there was another some some people were talking about pricing right uh first another one about this and I clarified this guys down bottom left hand corner you see the deals right I had that little mistake with the inner circle pricing it said 149 first year I corrected that during the break it now says the the correct thing 149 dollars per year you save 30 percent it will renew at 149 so you don’t have to worry about any of that stuff it is just it’s just a better plan so if you’re on that plan you’re on the better plan you’re on the best plan and you’re on a plan that’s not going to be offered after Monday so that’s always a good thing right there was one thing people were talking about price of frames you know like debating that um and I just want to make sure the two 49 we all know that’s a good deal and people in I mean it’s it’s people are buying it like hotcakes right they get it but there’s some people who are going to forget I think that this is not just a tool that’s going to make your workflow more efficient it’s not just a tool that’s going to build more margin into your products because of how you can work faster and work smarter and have a better outcome it’s literally a tool where the thing you build with it can be sold that you aren’t already selling and that’s the wireframes part of this right a professional web design process should have wireframes I just want to hit on this and give you I’m going to give you a monetary example of this a professional web design process should have wireframing as a very early stage step in the process reason being you want to get the structure down and figure out your content flow and make sure that your your calls to action are in the right place and that you’ve got the right offers in there and that you’re starting to build your copy and content into here so you’re creating a really cohesive narrative and you’re getting all of this figured out before you start development and before you get to the design stage why because things change things need to iterate well with frames before we had to do wireframing in figma or xd because these are tools designed for all of this iteration to happen and to not create a mess inside WordPress because what most people do when they try to do this stuff inside WordPress they try to do everything quick they style things at the ID level they use utility classes everywhere what I call utility class littering and they make a giant mess of the project and then things start to iterate and change and move around and now the mess gets bigger and bigger and then yes you finally work your way to a finished website but under the hood you’ve got an absolute disaster and this is not scalable and it’s not maintainable frames is a product that allows you to move the wireframing from figma directly into bricks because of the way that it’s built and structured it keeps everything clean there’s no mess and because of the BIM classes everything is organized everything is scalable everything is maintainable of course it’s also built on automatic CSS you get all the benefits of that and so what you’re able to do is wireframe directly in the builder which most of you wanted to do right if we don’t have to be in figma then that would be nice if we didn’t have to be but here’s the thing you’re not just wireframing when you wireframe with frames you’re simultaneously accomplishing 75 percent of the development of that website just like this person said he bought frames he wire framed out a home page he sent it to the client got approval on it actually got paid and look when he goes to design it’s not now where in figma if I wireframe and the client approves it then I have to go build it all but with frames it’s already built all you have to do is design it and then the site’s done you can literally build a website six to eight times faster and let me go back to selling the actual wireframe so let’s say you don’t sell wireframes right now personally for a very standard site basic website I’m not doing anything crazy this isn’t a hard client they don’t have a hard thing to sell okay they don’t it’s just simple it’s basic for that I still charge around two hundred dollars per wireframe so every page that gets wire framed is about two hundred dollars let’s say that it’s a ten page site that’s two thousand dollars just for wireframing just for UX design because we’re putting a lot of thought into the layout the structure the flow content all that stuff okay two hundred dollars a page so let’s say you’re not selling that right now and now you have frames and maybe the reason you’re not selling it by the way is because you don’t know how to use figma you don’t know how to use XD and you’re like oh I’m just going to do stuff in the builder because that’s all I know how to do and you’re in there creating a mess and you’re just kind of kind of doing UX and UI and dev all at the same time and just working your way towards an end result let’s say that’s what you’re doing right now I don’t think that’s a great process I think it’s super inefficient and super messy but you add frames to your stack so now you do the wireframing with frames and you charge the client and you can charge you don’t have to use my numbers all right you can charge the client whatever you want maybe it’s fifty bucks maybe it’s hundred bucks per frame maybe it’s maybe it’s the two hundred that I do for these simple clients so ten page website right two hundred dollars two thousand dollars you just made for UX design for wireframing and all you’re doing now is using the frames product to accomplish this so you’re having a more efficient process you just got two thousand dollars or one thousand or what it but based on what you were charging even if it was five hundred dollars you could charge eight five hundred dollars to do the UX design for all ten of your pages you can say that if you wanted to say that I think it’s really cheap but if you want to do that you could you just make five hundred dollars on one project you spent two forty nine on frames you own frames two forty nine for the rest of your life and you just made five hundred dollars extra on one project and your next project you’re gonna make another five hundred dollars extra and then you’re gonna actually get it in your head that wow this is too cheap let me increase the price and then you’re gonna start making a thousand extra a project or two thousand extra a project or three thousand extra a project you see what I’m saying so we compare that to the two forty nine that you’re paying for an LPD it’s it’s it’s this is it’s not even in the in the realm of conversation like it’s a no brainer this is the definition of a no brainer so go ahead and grab that you already see we just got a random comment from somebody that’s like I just bought it I just made a homepage I just got the client to pay me last two projects market says price wire framing in my last two projects eight hundred pounds for each that’s enough for plenty of frames LTDs yes so in Italy two hundred pounds for each wire frame is impossible it’s actually not it’s actually not maybe fifty to seventy five pounds almost and anytime somebody tells me a price is impossible it’s only impossible in their head and they’re not saying the right things in the sales conversations and they’re not creating the right proposals and there’s a lot of things not going wrong that yeah it it is impossible in your individual context but it’s not impossible for somebody else to do and this is the stuff we teach all the time in inner circle and we get people out of these mental blocks in inner circle there’s people who come into the inner circle saying I I would never be able to charge more than twenty five hundred dollars and then six months later they’re charging eight nine ten thousand dollars for sites this happens all the time I get messages from people all the time so don’t limit yourself but even if you think my number is crazy if you use fifty pounds one project you already made double your money on a ten page website so that’s the other side of this it’s not just make it more efficient it’s not just let’s build more margin in it’s literally you can go and collect revenue you’re not currently collecting and it it pays for itself a gazillion times over all right so that is all I’m going to say about that we’re going to bring Patrick in from grid pain what I want you to do is get your questions ready uh… this can be hosting related security related i would imagine uh… make sure that you write patrick in all caps before your question that way i can sort out who’s got a question for patrick versus who’s just thrown around random stuff in the chat so all caps patrick then ask your question all right let’s go ahead get mr patrick on the live stream how you doing sir i am excellent how are you i am doing good i’m on uh… we’re on our five of seven and we’re hanging in there we’re hanging in there great um… first before we start i mean i do want to thank you um… we’ve had a uh… so we did our frames alpha launch many months ago and i underestimated the amount of people who would be purchasing at once and the server crash and we had a bunch of trouble getting it back up and running and we ended up having to completely switch to a new server and i did more due diligence this time i i messaged you i had a time and i said i don’t want that to happen again what do i need to do and you switch me to wp cloud and it’s been absolutely flawless today there has not been a single hiccup so i just want to thank you for that and maybe talk a little bit about like what is wp cloud for people that have never heard of it before and uh… why was that the recommendation sure so um… so some people probably heard uh… when we were at uh… uh… wordcampus in sandiego back in september we announced that that automatic the parent company of all things wordpress had made a strategic investment in grid pain um… actually many many months before that we actually started just looking at a technical integration with this wp cloud service and the reason that we were very very interested in that is as soon as we laid eyes on it and started kicking the tires we basically recognized that this is something that we would have probably built in twenty twenty three um… and it’s kind of what my ct o and i would have built if you basically gave us an unlimited budget um… and you gave us you know six to twelve months to build exactly what we wanted in the context of enterprise hosting um… that’s what automatic had already built okay and so crucially what it is is it’s the correct way in our opinion of how you build a truly managed uh… wordpress implementation basically what they did is they built these massive servers the largest servers i’ve ever seen some of them are i think they’re a hundred and twenty eight core two hundred and fifty six threads they’re just mega boxes that you can’t even with all the supply chain issues that are going on all around the world you can’t even really lay hands on this kind of hardware um… but what they did is they they stand up these servers and then they create what are called pools where you have this massive server say in berbet california and then it is synced to another server that an identical sort of sister server in Dallas for work for example and so they have all the load balancers and all the global enterprise cdn stuff set up correctly and then those servers are staying in sync at all times and so basically if the big one happens and california falls into the ocean your site instantly fails over to that that sister server in Dallas for work and you don’t even know that anything’s happened okay and so if they are one of the first hosts i mean there’s really only i think one other host on the face of the planet that does that exactly the way they do that um… and that’s that’s company called pagerly who we have an at tremendous amount of respect for they’re literally the original oge manager or press provider um… and they they also do that sort of like hot swap across data centers um… what’s known as geo redundant um… high availability um… and so all kinds of other hosts at you know you go to your kinses you go to your wp engines you go to your pantheons you know they have very very large you know clusters of servers but they’re all in one data center so if an entire data center goes down you still go down even though you have a quote-unquote high availability setup um… and so wp cloud solves all kinds of performance issues all kinds of speed issues but but more than anything i was most interested in it and and my cto was most interested in the idea that they’ve actually cracked true high availability and so when you reached out to me i said how about i not take a look at your work load how about i just move this in wp cloud and we just never talk about the suffering yeah so um… so it’s saved it also saved me not having to bother my engineering team to go in and audit your work load it’s just like let’s just put it on the biggest servers we’ve ever seen and and it’ll be fine so yes and here and it has been flawless which is fantastic so uh… can anybody like sign up for wp cloud or like how does this work yes so right now um… the way that they are partnering they want to partner exclusively with with large scale hosting companies okay so so they’ve built out all this infrastructure they don’t want to have to worry about going direct to an individual consumer and getting those people to sign up for this service uh… so right now the only way that you can get access to wp cloud is by working with with grid pane or if you’re a very very large host like you host a hundred thousand websites automatic would love to talk to you um… but if you’re just getting started you know your smaller scale agency maybe only have dozens or hundreds of sites um… pretty much you have to get this through through grid pane and before this current black friday promotion um…

that that we just turned on and made publicly available today the only way you could get it was by going on on an agency plan with us and so that stuff starts at eighteen thousand dollars a year and goes up depending upon usage and and other things and so now with this new developer plus plan you can actually reach out and say hey i need you know i need seven sites or i need just one site you know and um… and basically you can give me some details about that site and i can go okay let’s spin it up in you know they have four different data centers that they’re that they’re serving wp cloud on right now i can pretty much take any workload and say oh okay let’s put it in our length in Virginia let’s put it in Amsterdam and then we can just help you migrate stuff in there and then you’re you’re off the races excellent all right so let’s get into what a lot of people are probably interested in um… grid pane uh… i know a lot of people in my uh… community have been asking me like should i bite the bullet should i do it um… who is it for like who’s who’s the ideal kind of person that would really get value out of grid pane and what are the black friday deals that they need to know about sure so the uh… so for just i think it’ll be useful to just give a bit of context about why i built the thing in the first place because i think that that that will hopefully answer sort of who the ideal customer is so before i launched grid pane in 2018 i ran my own marketing and technology consultancy for about thirteen years and um… and so in that time i certainly use every crappy host on the face of the planet um… but i use a lot of really good ones as well uh… and it was actually the second time that i can’t look at wp engine that i decided to go all in i figured out what it i need to solve this problem for myself and for my customers and so i set out to create this tool set that will allow um… somebody who is not super technical like i had a i had this fantastic project project manager on my team she could sell she was great customer service she knew wordpress she was awesome but if i said hey i need you to stand up a lamp server in Dallas she’d go i don’t know what you’re talking about yeah so so we started so i started building this this tool set that would basically streamline the process so i could have somebody who is not a technical on my team stand up a server um… and and then after about a year year and a half of um… serious investment my wife says uh… you know you’ve put like a hundred thousand dollars into this and i’m like yeah and she’s like you know you don’t even talk about your customers anymore like you’re not excited about your customers you’re excited about this tool and i’m like yeah and she’s like maybe you should do something about that you know and so pretty much um almost overnight decided to fire almost all of my clients um… literally kept only a handful of people that i really really liked your they’re like family effectively at that point and and went head down all in on on on bringing grid pain out to the to the world and so grid pain is a is a set of tools that allows serious freelancers agencies developers um… it allows people to basically build their own manage hosting okay so so we give people all the time like how do you compare to kinsa or how you compare to you know wt engine um and and the short answer is is that like i would argue we’re way better on pretty much every axes but also we let people pretty much put their logo in the top left um and we let people own own the relationship to the infrastructure itself so when you’re hosted at kinsa for example you’re not actually hosted at kinsa you’re hosted on google compute engine and kins that’s the hardware that lives underneath it and then kinsa is packing on a significant markup on top of that and they have just their UI that lets you interface with that um whereas our UI lets you literally oh you want to go to AWS you want to go to Google compute engine you want to go to digital ocean you want to run a server in your basement like you can literally connect any infrastructure that you want um and now we’re adding more and more infrastructure providers like like wp cloud you’ll be able to host things there um we’ll probably add ovh hatsner um other you know other dedicated players um and so now i think we natively connect to something like 70 different data centers um and we have customers in over a hundred different countries um building powering something like i think 300 000 websites have been built on our platform now wow so if if somebody you know most people in my community they’re going to be freelancers or they’re going to be there’s a lot of agency owners and they we talk a lot about management plans and we talk a lot about making sure that when you have a relationship with a client it should be an ongoing relationship and so you’re not building them a website shipping it off and like hey good luck you know you’re staying with that client you hopefully are wanting to be in control of the hosting of that website because there’s always you know clients going to choose like the cheapest host they can find if they don’t know what they’re doing and then us for us that’s like you know we run into constant problems because of that um so it’s a better deal for us if we can control the hosting environment that all of these clients are on but the real question i think a lot of people have is if they don’t know a lot about hosting and servers and all of that is there a danger to managing that stuff for clients inside of something like grid pain yeah so so one of the most common questions that i get from people regardless of their experience or their budget or anything um is i constantly get asked like what if i don’t know anything about servers and my answer is always always the same it’s great don’t ever touch them like literally spend them up inside of grid pain and then just don’t ever log into them you know um like in the beginning i think that we um because we were still new and the platform was was unrefined and we didn’t have like literally 2000 pages of documentation which is what we have now um i think that we probably rightly or wrongly sort of wanted people who were not sophisticated users to not sign up for our platform um but unfortunately we made the mistake of of i think our headline has has pretty much always been some version of you know the the definitive tool set for serious word press professionals and by doing that it’s like we we sort of attracted a lot of people who only had the aspiration of that you know like we like we could have said like the you know the world’s sexiest word press professionals that’s what that’s what this thing’s for and like all kinds of people oh yeah that’s me you know um the world you know tallest most handsome word press professionals you know um and so unfortunately we’ve we’ve we’ve kissed a lot of frogs over the last over the last few years but the the way that our platform works now like i honestly don’t think that there’s anybody out there that if they literally will take an hour just to sort of follow along and and literally just watch the watch the onboarding videos and like ask questions in the community and go through go through an onboarding with us you know i don’t think that there’s anybody that seriously will give it a try that that our thing doesn’t solve for you know and so clearly we have we’ve covered every edge case you know so like it’s like every workload that comes to me now you know we’ll get people to be like well you know i get a lot of traffic or or i i’ve got a really complicated workload and it’s like not to me you don’t you know like we literally seen enough of the edges to to be comfortable with any hosting literally any workload now but we’ve also seen every sort of user across you know people that are just really getting started and don’t even know how to use wordpress i would argue that maybe our platform isn’t great for that person simply because you’ve already got plenty to learn you know you’ve already got to learn how to do wordpress you know and so why why make it hard on yourself by also learning sort of these fundamentals at the same time but anybody that knows wordpress really well i think that we’re a great fit for them you know and yeah part of the reason that we launched the the core plan which is totally free back in back in april is because i want i don’t want anybody to have an excuse you know we if we’ve gotten a complaint over the years it’s been this is too complicated or this is too expensive for me and so it’s like no i don’t i don’t believe that to be true hi death that’s my daughter dassa she doesn’t care about any of this but so yeah so now it’s like literally just try it just kick the tires you know like we’ve got great documentation we’ve got a great community we’ve got great support and so really nobody has an excuse to not literally just test it you know yeah and that’s what i did you know i’ve told people many times like i’m not a uh i’m not a hosting and and security and all of that expert right and i i had the same kind of thing with grid so i was on wp engine i was on flywheel it was very comfortable knowing like hey if something messes up i can i can pick up the live chat with flywheel or whatever and say hey fix this and whatever whatever they’ll fix it um but i ended up wanting more control and i wanted a better environment and you know i came across grid pain i can’t even remember where i found it but i ended up signing up i think it was like a fifty dollar a month plan at the time or something and so i signed up and i was like you know what i’ll do i’ll migrate my like two or three personal sites to it before i do any clients and i’ll just see how it works for a few months so i i migrated those it was really easy to do um it’s a it’s a very simple interface and nothing happened like everything worked smoothly flawlessly and then i was like okay well let’s start moving clients over there started moving client sites into grid pain and then you know the things that i was open the door to it and i’m not gonna say like fly fly fly was good but there were definitely some things where i was like oh gosh really um and there were problems it would flywheel would would crash every time you tried to do multiple plug-in updates at once it would like the site would go down um and they were like we’re working on it i’m like oh that’s that’s i’ll tell my clients that every time but you know sure that gets old after a while there was issues with their staging stuff um every time i would go on staging and then try to migrate it back issues things would break so you know with grid pain started using it here and there started doing site clones and things like that and like every time it’s just it works flawlessly um and you know the fact that it integrates with cloud flare so i’m spinning up a new kind of dev environment and it goes into the cloud flare and it hooks up everything for me like all that little stuff and now obviously i’ve upgraded to it wasn’t long before i upgraded to the 200 a month the developer plan that you guys had and i can say like it’s it’s been one of the platforms where with flywheel i was talking to them it felt like every week every week i was talking to them about something i’ve submitted two support tickets to grid pain in the entirety of me being with grid pain which has been a little while now one of them was after the my server crash on on black friday just asking like what happened and how do we clean this up kind of thing the second one was i need to upgrade my account for this black friday’s deal this is the only two tickets i’ve ever had to send to grid pain ever um yeah so it’s just been fantastic um so i would encourage people if you have a couple personal sites like just sign up and get those migrated over see how it performs for you um like you said you get to choose like i hook up personally with vulture so far um but you’ve got digital ocean you got a bunch of offerings in there it’s easy for people to get started with but what are the offers today that they’re going to be looking at and which offer do you think it’s like what kind of person is best for each one yeah so we’ve um so as we’ve done in the past we’ve actually just while we raised the price of a couple of our plans and we created an entirely new plan and we’ve actually taken that that two hundred dollar month plan off the market uh much to uh much to the chagrin i imagine of of people who who find out about us on twosday um but we have our we still have our panel plan um and we still have core you know and so core is completely free you can run up to 25 sites on that um you mentioned vulture i definitely highly recommend vulture um for a couple key reasons they’ve they’ve been um much faster and and much more on the sort of high frequency train so if you haven’t heard of high frequency servers before this is this is basically servers that have much higher clock speeds so so when you’re building like a gaming computer you know a gaming rig you might have a four gigahertz processor even a five gigahertz processor um the faster the individual processors are the faster WordPress works because WordPress is a single threaded php application okay so it doesn’t matter if you have 500 cores you know each core is only going as fast as that as that max clock speed and and that’s something that that vulture has been doing a really good job at for a long time the other thing that vulture has been doing well is they’re they’re adding new data centers just faster than anybody else and so i think they have 20 or 23 now and it was like literally just a couple years ago it was like 13 you know so they’re just way outpacing um way outpacing digital ocean and some of the other big players in that regard um but so you know for for your freelance users um the panel plan uh is now a hundred dollars a month a thousand dollars a year um that for a thousand dollars a year that’s that’s effectively unlimited sites you know obviously fair use agreements apply like if you’re going to all of a sudden have some kind of direct to consumer offering that has ten thousand websites on it we’re probably going to reach out to you and say yeah you should probably be looking at an agency plan or a or an enterprise plan with us um our new developer plus plan is is currently what we have the the 40 percent special on right now only for annual it’s a bit more it’s you know it’s it’s a it’s a price-year upgrade for for certain users but what’s interesting is a lot of people who look at our thing and they go oh it’s you know it’s eighteen thousand dollars a year or it’s in the case of um of of our developer plus three thousand dollars a year a lot of the people that we solve for every single day they might be spending three thousand dollars a month you know like I just spoke to a guy um last week and we’re going to be he’s going to be one of our strategic partners um on this on this new offering that we’re doing he’s spending over three hundred thousand dollars a year almost all of that at WP engine um and he has massive massive media sites and uh when I first talked to that guy I’m like well you know here’s what we can do um and I’ve laid out a few different options for him and and basically it was here’s a Tesla model s-plab to your bottom line your welcome and he gets to put his logo in the top left and everything’s going to get better for him you know so our higher tier plans like people people think oh my god this is this is really expensive but it’s like yeah not if you’re you know not if you’re Disney you know like like the the larger you are as an organization the larger you are as a as an as an agency or an enterprise um you know our all of our pricing like it’s almost too low you know and that’s that’s what we mean over the years is that some like the market is just pulling us more and more up you know up market um but we still want you know people in developing economies we still want students startups nonprofits to have access to this tooling and that’s that’s why we created core you know um and so so yeah one of the one of the funny things I think I dropped it in in your in your circle group is like one of the laundry longest sales cycles I had was a guy who came to us from pageley uh and he he signed up I think I think at the time agency was like 5,000 or 7,500 a month or or 7,500 a year and after four months of me going back and forth with the guy he’s like yeah you know the reason that I didn’t immediately pull the trigger on this and I’m like no like please do tell me he’s like I was spending 10,000 dollars a month and he’s like I just couldn’t believe that I was literally going to be able to save 95 cents on the dollar it just didn’t make any sense to me he’s like if you told me it was 60 grand I would have signed up immediately and I’m like ah so do your point about what you what you said to that person before we jumped on you know everybody’s beliefs around pricing um there’s you know you can definitely charge two hundred dollars a wire print there’s probably somebody that if you showed them two thousand dollars for a wire print they’d go oh absolutely 100 percent in catch and so it’s like just literally choose to do different do business with a different caliber of customer you know and it’s like we don’t you know I hate the you know sometimes people like man it feels like this isn’t for me anymore and it’s like no that’s why we do these like specials that are just for people before we publicly announce it like every year we try to do something just for our existing customers while also creating new value and also you know increase increasing our revenue um but it’s like at the end of the day we the best customers that we can solve the most for they’re spending significant amounts of money at Kinst flywheel WP engine um and we want to build tools for them and we want to you know hopefully have impact for for people like like you that that were at WP engine were at flywheel and hated the fact that you couldn’t actually see what was going on when your box cratered you know right uh we very much are big on the transparency of going not only will we show you but hopefully we’ll show you so that you don’t have to bother us right you’ll know that’s where it is it’s right there because she was all the logs and here’s all the the exact specs of my box yeah yeah so and you know I’ll just tell people like when you’re when you’re if you’re thinking about trying this out and you’re just wondering like what is the the workflow and how would that be different from a WP engine or a flywheel so me coming from flywheel you know I sign up for flywheel they give you your account you go in you spin up a site you start working right so it installs WordPress for you automatically it does and then you just start working in the site they don’t ask you any questions it’s just like I want to spin up a site what’s it going to be called what’s your password done about about it being by by now with grid pain it’s just like for me it just feels like it’s a couple extra steps it’s like you go in you first you choose your server right like where do you want these sites to be hosted so you choose your server I chose Vulture you sign up there it connects right into your grid pain account and then once that’s done and you you have a question there’s a question of which Vulture server would would you like to choose like what are your specs going to be that’s going to be I think for most that’s going to be the hardest part this is like which one do I choose you know so I want to ask you in a second what you would recommend for people in that regard but let’s say they choose their server it hooks up to grid pain you guys now you’re in the same exact situation grid pain asks you what do you want your site to be called what do you want to use your name or password you hit done and it spins up the site for you just like it would happen in flywheel or wp engine the difference is you have control over everything where you had control over nothing that’s kind of a simplified version but is that accurate absolutely yeah I mean the the big thing is is that once you have one or more servers in your account I I would argue it’s actually fewer steps inside of our platform because you know like one of the things that always like blew my mind is it’s like so I’ve logged in I’ve logged in with my email address you know and now I’m spinning up a site for a client well I’m going to use my email address again because I’m the agency you know and I’m going to say my username is Patrick because that’s like my name and you know and so we have all of those things as defaults that you can set you know and if obviously if you want your password to be password 1 2 3 4 5 you can do that but I don’t recommend that you know but but certainly you know we try to have like I used to say if you can find something in our platform that takes more than three clicks you’ve found a bug you know like that’s literally how we want things to be and so the way that I would recommend people do their do their work now is have you know have again one or more server spun up have a staging server for example that just has your boilerplate of what it is that you build with you know and so in your case or or pretty soon to be my case also I wanted to pick your brand on bricks a little bit but like you could you could theoretically have your default site I used to do a lot of work in in real estate for example so I might have my residential real estate boilerplate that’s bricks it’s frames it’s the plugins that I use for SEO it’s all of the my independent third party integrations with all of my user names and passwords already added into everything and so I’ve got my boilerplate I can clone that basically and one step you know and so I don’t need to go and install you know we have a feature called bundles where you can say install these themes install these plugins these things will be active these things won’t be active then you can do that and then you go through and configure everything but I think just have your 234 main boilerplates that is the code basis that you want to work with and just clone stamp those things over and over and over again and so when you log in you know yeah the first time you got your saved password that’s 30 30 characters long then activate activate your two f a or whatever then you know reset that password or whatever but you’re just literally diving in via a single sign on to that dashboard and you’re already an hour in to like all these toggles and all of these things where it’s just like yeah I’m in bricks I’m in frames I’m working right now yes that is that’s yeah 100% so we have a development server we have and then we have client servers so we do everything all of our development is on a development server so it’s alive so my clients can see it which is fantastic and then our whole team can work on it right from everywhere in the world that they you know if they’re on their laptop whatever they can log in they can work on the site so we take those we have a bricks blueprint so basically I set up a brick site like exact way that I want it all my settings all my ACSS settings then I did the same thing for oxygen and then anytime I need to spin up a new site you go in you grab that little blueprint site you go to the clone area you hit clone it actually where do you want to clone this you which one which one of your servers you want to put this on I choose development server and then I just hit go it remaps everything in cloud flare for me it installs that side takes about three minutes I log in I’m ready I’m ready to go I don’t have to touch anything so and that if I want to oxygen site I do it the oxygen one if I want a brick site I do it with the bricks one and then when we’re done building a site and we’re ready to push it live we just take it from one server and clone it to the next server right so we have it we keep a copy that’s good until we can verify the new one is all good to go and we get to choose which live server we want to put it on we can see how many sites are on each server so we can keep everything kind of balanced we can add new servers anytime we want to if a client needs like their own dedicated server a easy one click bam boom move them over that’s done it’s it’s been it’s just it’s phenomenally easy yeah and again yeah coming from somebody would know I’m not an expert in this stuff and it’s it’s been easy to do yeah well and again the like it’s like the with great power comes great responsibility I mean certainly we have you know we’ve built an arsenal of tools inside there and so if you don’t know what you’re doing and you just randomly start juggling plane throwers and snakes and steady like that can be really really bad but but obviously we try to do our level best to take responsibility for what for what it is that we give you you know we know that we’ve built a flame thrower that’s attached to a chainsaw that’s on top of a tank but we try and make it so that it’s very very straightforward for you to just get you know get in there get your feet wet and and not be overwhelmed but if you want to go way down the rabbit hole to you know like we’ve got one that that we just recently we’re working on where the the client does millions of dollars on WooCommerce every single month but they also have multiple retail locations and they do millions of dollars in their stores and these are very very high transaction values but they have very complex like back in the ERP systems that need to talk to the warehouse and they need to cut and install custom software and all of those things are just for you lay it in our platform whereas you try to do the exact same thing at Kinsa and they just go no but you can’t install anything you know like you’re you’re high like we’re not letting you get on the server you know whereas it’s like oh you need a last search you need this you need this here you go here’s a mountain of documentation and here’s five other people that have done exactly that thing you know so it’s like you can go as far down the rabbit hole as you want but you can also stay at a very simple surface level and just make knockout 50 brochures sites one after another after another you know but but to your point about the way that you’re doing that workflow that’s that’s that’s really exactly what I would recommend so when people ask like how big of a server should I get who should I sign up with you know that’s really one of the most common problems that that we that we hear from people is they log in and they see all those logos and they go well which one you know and so the short answer is just pick culture okay and then when they go well where should I put it I’ll say where are your customers or where are your customers customers is really the more appropriate yeah so they could say well my all of my customers are high-end craft beer bars in Chicago and I go great spin up a server in Chicago and then you’re serving right there like you literally can’t serve your stuff any closer than that and so huge performance increase with that because the server is literally in your in your backyard right so it’s like a multi you know two three hundred millisecond lag because you’re hosting it in New York it’s literally right there in in Chicago and then in terms of sizing what I generally recommend is all of their servers that that are a multiple of six in their price so 1224 48 those are their high-frequency servers so I recommend those and then what I would normally recommend is go the smallest box you really should run and this is true anywhere like at cloud at cloudways at run cloud server pilot doesn’t matter if you have control of the server and you can see what size box I recommend not going below two gigabytes of RAM okay so that will be like 24 bucks I think at at bulk if you’re doing the high-frequency ones and and again just sort of locate it proximate to where your end customers are so for a lot of people in the United States for example if you’ve got customers all over the United States I recommend having an East Coast server a West Coast server and probably something central like in Dallas okay yeah and another thing that I’ll throw out there is yes I’ve recommended Vulture but I also recommend signing up for all of them so sign up for digital ocean sign up for up cloud sign up for for linode sign up for all of them because you only pay for what you use and and literally I there’s no reason to have all your eggs in one basket you know and so we’ve tried to build the platform in a way such that Kevin can’t come back to me and say oh well the the Vulture data center in in London is down although yeah there’s five other ones in our platform in London you know like why are you bothering me like get back to work like you have no food to scare you know and so we tried to build in as many redundancies like that as possible so that people never have an excuse about being able to spin up new sites you know and finally I’ll just say that’s the way you describe your workflow having a dedicated sort of development environment or multiple development development environments again based around geography and then moving those workloads into the clients dedicated server or you could say hey I’ve got I’ve got my East Coast server that runs two dozen static sites great but then I’ve got individual servers that are running WooCommerce so they’re running some kind of dynamic learning management systems some kind of complex workload those I generally recommend that you just keep those one per server and it’s not because it’s insecure or anything else but you just want to have max on headroom to be able to to scale you know so that if you get a lot of traffic on your you know for your launch or whatever you’ve got enough headroom so static sites if you’re running that two gigabyte setup or even a four gigabyte setup how many static sites would you recommend people put on on a server yeah so the sort of fast and dirty rule of thumb and this entirely depends upon the cleanliness of your code base and just how gross your code is is roughly 10 sites per gigabyte of RAM okay so so when you’ve got that $20 server or that $24 server you can very easily run you know a couple dozen 20 24 sites even you know you could theoretically pack 50 on there if you wanted to but I generally recommend to stick to sort of that that roughly 10 sites per gigabyte of RAM as you scale up you can fit more in there so so let’s say you’ve got an 8 gig server instead of 80 sites you could probably have 100 or 120 but I don’t actually recommend going much larger than than like a four gig box because I don’t want to have more than 50 of my on the same one yeah yeah I don’t like if something’s going to go sideways if there’s going to be an outage that is outside of your control it’s generally going to be an entire data center goes down right okay and that happens you know but I don’t want to have more than you know 40 50 of my customers in any one place because I just you know I don’t want to deal with 40 40 angry clients versus 20 angry clients yeah yeah exactly and and and the pricing is is really linear you know so it’s like if you have two 20 dollar boxes it’s basically the exact same price and nearly the exact same specs as if you had one 40 dollar box right so you might as well just spread them all over the place yeah yeah and and then another thing that’s pretty cool in our platform is the snapshot failover feature which allows you to have like server a which could be in Chicago for example and then you can have server B that could be less and you can sync server a to server B on a set interval and so if you’ve got a lot of static workloads like your clients don’t really update their sites with any frequency you can keep those servers in sync and then if something goes wrong like server A goes down it immediately fails over a server B and you’re back in business you know and so on the on the surface of that you might go well now it costs me twice as much to run all of these sites and it’s like well if you’re packing in correct margins you know you’re running a care plan where your minimum hosting is a hundred dollars a month which is kind of where I want people to start you know it’s what I tell customers on good paying all the time yeah like well I’m thinking about twenty five dollars I’m like no don’t why you know like think of hosting like I don’t even necessarily like the fact that that care plans I think the biggest thing that people do wrong in care plans is they sell them at the end you know it’s like okay now it’s all done and I’m getting the last third of my payment or whatever and now I want to talk to about my care plan it’s like no no no no you talk about that in the very beginning and it’s not even optional you know like I will not build your site like if I had to do it all over again I would never build a site that I wasn’t definitely explicitly going to be hosting if they’re like oh I’m going to use bullshit go daddy whatever like then by yeah I’m not building this for you yeah because I’m just not going to deal with it like like we see it all the time we get people that it’s like yeah the client moved to go daddy and now they want me to come back and it’s like you end up burning hours just getting a download of the site to be able to move it back to grid pain you know and it’s like no just that it lives there and it has to have a care plan like that’s how I was guys that’s my best I’m just gonna talk to my inner circles right now because they know they they know that so what Patrick just said is what I’ve been saying from the beginning right and they I have my proposal template in the inner circle and you guys know you can go look at it right now the care plan talk the the management plan it’s all in the first proposal that they get and you know I’ve said before make it mandatory quit working with people who don’t want you to manage their website okay just wanted to make that clear said it many times no I mean you can say it a million more times you know it’s like I say it all the time it’s like I would not separate the idea of hosting and care plans it my hosting is the care plan it’s back up the security it’s updates it’s it’s you know three tasks a month or whatever it is you know and it’s a minimum hundred dollars a month and it goes up from there you know and it’s like I think the I think another way that I would look at it is if you if you’ve got a lot of knowledge about a given area like real estate for example you know like what I would do if I had to do it all over again I’d build one 25 thousand dollar real estate website and then I would make it a minimum of two hundred and fifty dollars a month and that’s how they get it they just get a top notch world class website that I’m going to constantly be updating and constantly add value on and it’s yep it’s 250 you know 450 and a thousand bucks you know and you get x y and z baked in for that you know like that’s how I would think about that’s how I would think about my my sort of agency business is I think way too many people are far too transactional in this context and it’s like ever make everything return you know because then it’s so much easier to say yeah look I’m giving you a twenty five thousand dollar website that’s why it’s a thousand dollars a month right you know because you you just got all this value they didn’t all right so we got about twelve minutes I want to I want to turn to the chat and let’s see if we got some questions for you so flip back says can you ask what the difference is between grid pane and cloudways yeah so the the simplest hyper short version is that the cloudways is business model so one one big thing is that cloudways they let you host pretty much anything okay and we have a very very singular focus on WordPress now you can run things that are not WordPress on our platform you can run just pure html you can run vanilla php you can run droople you can run whatever you want we just ask you to put those on dedicated servers where you do not have any other WordPress workloads because all of our tooling the updates security the staging backups all of those things are WordPress centric okay and so you really need have all those things disabled generally because they’re the server is going to try and look for a WordPress install and a second find it you know so it could be dangerous so so that’s a big thing the you know setting that aside I think the the biggest differences between us and them is their business model is basically all of their software all of their tooling is sort of baked into this idea of you have server a at at digital ocean and let’s say the retail cost of that server is $10 what cloudways will do is charge you $24 for that server okay and so it’s always more than double what the retail price is and what most people don’t realize is they’re definitely not paying the retail price so so they might be paying $6 on that $10 server and they’re turning on and charging you $24 okay and so at scale if price is your only motivator at scale our platform becomes much more cost effective because the cost of your infrastructure is directly the cost of your infrastructure so if you have you know a dedicated server that you bought and you and you literally like stick it in a data center and you spend five grand on that server then you just own that you know and you or you own the relationship directly with digital ocean so a $10 server is $10 okay that’s a hyper simplified version I would definitely make the argument that you know in terms of performance at scale support all kinds of things there’s lots of qualitative differences between us but but just broad strokes if you’re just looking at you know the simplest version of things that’s sort of the big differences is hyper WordPress focus and then our pricing model you own the server directly so like you can’t get root level access at cloudways because part of their model is making sure that you don’t that you can’t break things for example whereas in our world like if you want to get in and break your server by all means not yourself out we don’t recommend that but but we will let you get in and install custom software like so that that ERP custom software example you can’t run that at cloudways because they just won’t let you have access to the box to do those kinds of things got it uh Sylvia says do you provide temporary domains like cloudways so this is this is another one that’s um I might have seen I’ve seen this question in last 24 48 hours so the short answer is no um but the actual answer is yes um so the way that most people are are accustomed to to setting up hosting you you know you spin up a new site at at WT engine and you get whatever random thing dot wp engine sites dot net yeah like they automatically generate that for you we don’t do that in our in our platform though we’ve gotten enough call for it that I think that we will um and we’ll just attach some nominal fee to that um but what we let you do inside our platform is as as Kevin mentioned like you own all your domains and you own your relationship to cloud flare for example so you could have your agency dot net as a domain that’s installed inside of cloud flare and then you could inside of grid pane generate whatever the hell dot your agency dot net and then not only do you own that and it’s branded to you and it’s immediately available but those DNS records get posted out to cloud flare and that stuff goes live immediately and so a lot of people are like wait a minute this doesn’t have that and it’s like no no we definitely have that we just let you own it and so it’s not branded um it’s not branded to us and SEO juice doesn’t flow to us it’s like this is whatever you want it to be um and that’s definitely how I recommend building every single site on our platform is just client name dot our branded whatever dot tld you know and then there’s actually um what I do and I think this is a great experience for clients too um so my my agency is digital gravy dot c o so I bought digital gravy dot dev yep and so that’s my dev you are right so every site I spin up is client name dot digital gravy dot dev and I just been these up in grid pane and grid pane like I said creates the cloud flare records for you so you don’t even have to do that part and so you you can spin up but basically a new domain and a new site right in grid pane and then when I send that to the client it’s like it’s a branded experience for them you’re keeping your name it’s not like hey look at this cloud waste thing we did or this thing over here right that’s like come on now uh that’s we got to go pro level so pro level is give them your own domain correct correct and they yeah they don’t get confused they they see their name and so they’re like oh okay this is for me and then they see the business name that they just hopefully you know wrote a check to right and so they’re like oh yeah that’s Kevin’s you know and it just it just makes sense and so it’s um it’s the same capability like we we just literally from day one it was always super important to me that that was how it was going to work for someone I didn’t want like we we let people white label inside of our platform we let people you know obscure us away entirely and so it’s like it would be kind of silly if your client dot grid pane sites yeah it shows up front of them you know and and it’s sort of interesting another reason that we’ve that we’ve changed our pricing change our messaging is like some people get freaked out about like oh no what if people find out about grid pane it’s like yeah go ahead and let your client go and look at grid pane and like see all that nerd stuff like they’re going to take one look at our price and just go yeah that’s not for me you know like please and again they hopefully have already enrolled in you know your care plan and and exactly your prescribed methodologies so right yeah right that it’s it’s kind of the similar to you know you would have this problem if like let’s say you build websites on wicks and it’s like you’re trying to hide that from your client and it’s like what if my client finds out about wicks a big well you’re in fucking trouble because all their commercials say that fucking anybody can do this right so you are in trouble my friend but if you’re doing shit legit and there’s a lot that goes into your process and there’s a lot of stuff that you know how to do that they don’t know how to do you’re actually incentivized for them to find out about all that shit because the more they find out about they’re like you’re right you need to take on this right not me yeah exactly exactly like a prime example of this is like um we get it’s weird like across thousands of users all around the world there’s this there’s some people that like don’t want to manage DNS for their clients and it’s like no no you definitely want to do that you know why because they’re going to fuck it up like they’re definitely going to to mess it up yeah and so certainly there’s environments where it’s like oh I work with universities okay great their IT people are not going to let you touch DNS but but that’s an area where it’s just like yeah show them all of this and they go DNS text records for SSL valid ah no like please just take this off my hands you know they that’s what they want you know and that’s where premium pricing comes from as well it’s just less pain less aggravation less you know like the yeah just overwhelm them with all of the things because then they’ll go great cool right glad that it’s in charge of this not not me yeah exactly question does this core have staging capability no it does not we may ultimately add that in there it also does not have cloning capability but you could sort of poor man that with with with a plug-in basically and yeah so so we that’s obviously we’ve got to be really careful we want people to be able to get their beacwett with with core but we obviously don’t want to cannibalize are yeah are the rest of the offer you know so yeah for sure all right last two questions first one is when do the grid pane haps go on sale so we we were going to launch that I wanted to actually do that as part of this but I will tell you that people who are signing up now are going to including Kevin are going to be laying hands on some of these like actually I think we’re going to do for the first I think for the first 10 people I haven’t pinned it down yet we have to actually take inventory of everything we have some obviously branded hats already that are like grid pane and then WP Cloud but we have we’re going to do custom hats for the first 10 people so it’s going to be like a joint you know frames and then grid pane on the back or whatever so so that kind of stuff but yeah I think we’re going to launch the swag for sure we’re going to launch the swag store in the month of December and then I think we’re going to do a pretty cool promotion like the 12 days of Christmas and so everybody will be able to get credit card knives and and all that all that cool stuff in December for sure excellent all right Patrick says same comparison question about Hetzner please in terms of like what are my thoughts on it I guess or like grid pane versus Hetzner or just going to get some background on what Hetzner is so yeah so so Hetzner is a so if you hear me talking about boxes or servers or infrastructure as a service Hetzner that describes the companies that grid pane and cloudways connect to for example so when you’re hosted at cloudways when you’re hosted on grid pane we don’t have dedicated boxes in my basement here in Okamas we have we’re we’re connecting to infrastructure providers all around the globe Hetzner is is one of those infrastructure providers and so Hetzner is super big in in Europe like a lot of our customers absolutely love them they have multiple data centers there unfortunately here in the United States I think they only have one in its east coast US but Hetzner has been a great you know a great provider and they have some of the best values out there I don’t know if they’re literally just running a complete loss leader and their and their goal is to just eat market share and they’re super VC back I don’t know but it’s like you can look at OVH as an example of another large infrastructure provider that has insanely good prices and Hetzner beats them all day long you know so in terms of like value for money Hetzner is outstanding but you’re going to need some kind of like management layer on top of that something like grid pane in order it probably in order to to use a server like like Hetzner got it all right Patrick thank you for coming on man this has been absolutely fantastic is there anything people need to know about getting started with grid pane no so we haven’t pinned down I mean you can definitely go and check us out just grid we haven’t pinned down exactly what we want to do but I am going to say that anybody who has signed up before now and anybody that does sign up subsequent to this make sure that we know that you came from Kevin’s world because I think what at the very least what I want to do is do something like this again like a deeper dive where I can actually show this is exactly how I would configure a WooCommerce environment for example this is how if you’re building a learning management system for a client these are the things to watch out for and so my hope is that we can do at least one or two more sort of like value added deep dives just specific to this community and so we’ll pin those things down after we get out of this black Friday’s side of Monday craziness but we want to be able to do something special for you for your for your community and so we’ll just figure it out I mean you can get feedback from them and just say hey guys what do we want Patrick to teach us yeah and then we’ll do like serious you know workshop so thousand percent I will I will definitely hit you up about that I mean the inner circle ask me questions all the time I’m like I’m not the guy for that so you’re the guy for that so we’ll bring you in and you can teach him some stuff that’ll be awesome okay cool we’ll enjoy the rest of your black Friday’s and everyone is everybody good luck with all your launches and yeah thanks for having me awesome thank you we’ll do it again all right guys this has been man just absolutely fantastic I’m really excited about all the guests that we’ve had today we’re in our final hour we are in our final hour I mentioned if you want to do we’ll do a little bit of site reviews in our final hour because we haven’t done any of that yet and I think that’ll be fun in the inner circle I created a threat on the last break and I was like hey if you want your site critiques go ahead and drop it in there I’m about to pull that up in just a minute we made it guys we made it I mean we’re not technically done yet but I we’re in the home stretch and so my voice is still here and my headaches still I mean it’s a little bit but it’s it’s all right and I’m kind of glad I’m a little glad that we’re done with the interviews part of it they’re not easy for me to do they’re just it’s it’s one of the harder parts of of doing a stream like this but hopefully you guys have gotten value hopefully you guys have been entertained by these conversations and now we are going to finish up strong so let me go ahead and pull up the inner circle here I don’t know let’s see if I don’t even know if anybody’s around let’s just do it let’s just do it on this all right here we go all right we got a few we got a few here side I will rebuild in bricks as it was built by some freelancer and a shit maybe it would be a good example of how not to build a site this is Michael Michael put two in here one he built an oxygen and just working on redoing it in bricks so let’s see this one and what is this honestly a bit nervous to put myself out there but we’ll have an honest review of my agency site a few things here and there need to be finished we’ll be officially launching beginning of 2023 so let’s open that up let’s open this one up and see what we’ve got there okay it is a little hard for me to do if it’s not in English I sometimes some of these I can translate a little bit all right that’s the thing is if I critique your copy and you’re like it didn’t translate it correctly I like I get that so that that could be a thing we’ll keep that in mind as we as we critique okay we’ve got this one and let’s see we’ve got a little construction site going on here this is a first draft of a site built in frames for a client okay that’s interesting we can pull that up as well all right I may not be online when the review is done but I will watch it later okay so there’s a construction site all right this may have been done in frames that looks like a frame to me that looks like a frame to me it’s hard to you see you wouldn’t be able to tell on the front end a site that’s built in frames because they can look anyway you want them to look but because I’ve built the actual components I can recognize some of them here so all right let me first before we dive into critiques too deep I need to get to a couple questions that people had so questions like this one you said frames plus ACSS will replace bricks extras but how would you style complex elements such as slider and light box custom settings and bricks builder or through pure CSS writing okay really really good question it’s see I can’t I’m glad you guys are asking good questions because I I can make a whole list of stuff that I have to talk about and hit on and all this other stuff but I always leave stuff out every live stream every training I hit stop on the record and then I’m editing and I’m like I should have said this I had one more thing to add I forgot it and that’s just the life of I guess creating content for YouTube that whatever you create lives on and the things that you forget about are just forgotten about so let’s put that coming up I hate how they just disappear so frames the component side of things models menus toggles accordions that stuff is not going to be just like code blocks okay and this was one of the problems I have with oxygen right when they released remember oxygen released those like that add-on pack and like you go into add the add-ons and they’re half a month even like natively built it felt like they’re just like code blocks in there randomly and stuff everything that we build for bricks all of these components they’re going to be like native bricks elements they’re going to be right there in the panel and you drag it wherever you want it like you want a modal basically the same way bricks extras has executed on this that’s how we’re going to execute on it with frames we’re just going to execute on it differently so you know we’re going to do our user experience differently than they’ve done theirs and we’re going to we prioritize different things okay so there’s naturally going to be differences but it’s all going to feel native in bricks it’s not going to be code blocks and things like that but that was a very good question okay I purchased bricks extras last night how soon will we see a similar features set with frames ACSS I might request a refund I mean it’s it’s um I don’t I can’t talk about the timeline but what I can tell you is they’re going to be released piece by piece so it’s not going to be a situation where we just work in silence until all the components are done and then we’re like here they are when the modal is done we’ll release the modal so you can start using it right away when the accordion is done we’ll release the accordion so you can start using it right away right and we’ll just keep working our way towards where we want to be and that’s going to be a safer way to do it anyway because when we release something obviously it’s not going to be perfect on the first version and we need feedback from people so if we build it all in silence in the darkness and then just release it all on you it’s like oh some of this does not the way I wanted it so it’s better it’s safer if we just go component by component so you know it depends on what you use if you use a modal a lot and we release the modal first and that’s really all you use from bricks extras then you’re like I don’t need bricks extras anymore but if you use a component that we don’t get to for a little while then you might need bricks extras around so I it’s really hard for me to answer that question I did not see uh okay so I did not see any speed issue when you used bricks with ACSS in your video but some users experience speed issues it’s confusing I thought all users were experiencing that issue not all users experience the issue it depends on what other plugins you have installed on the site it the speed issue is not there is a bricks an oxygen has this issue a little bit and Thomas is um diligently investigating the issue I can confirm that and I’ve been talking back and forth with Thomas and it’s not related to ACSS specifically it’s not related to frames people have this issue with other frameworks people have this issue and it really it frames doesn’t matter at all um we don’t know if it is the number of classes in the database we don’t think that’s it we think it’s that maybe perhaps a memory leak somewhere um but it’s it’s most likely I would say 95% chance it’s completely solvable and we’ll be gone soon uh that’s number one number two it goes away on refresh so if you refresh the builder any lag that you are experiencing is going to go away immediately and bricks is so quick to refresh it’s like you know a second and a half um but the problem is compounded by other plugins that you have installed potentially server specifications computer specifications browser specifications how many of these little forgot what they’re called these little widget things that you add to your brow the the chrome add-ons some of those are problematic on different sites and this is why it’s hard to track down exactly what’s causing it is because it it seems to be different on different environments and sometimes it doesn’t show up at all sometimes it shows up when you use more variables sometimes it shows up when you use more classes sometimes it’s just when there’s more dom elements it there hasn’t really been a rhyme or reason and but again based on how it’s behaving it feels like I think Thomas is confident I mean I can’t speak for him but I I think he’s confident that he’s going to be able to find and and fix it and then it’s not going to be an issue and we’re not going to we don’t have to talk about it anymore but I can also say that I build sites all day long all day long and I do trainings all day long has it stopped me from doing anything that I do no is it annoying from time to time and I have to refresh sure but like I’m annoyed by a lot of things that I have to deal with on a daily basis not a showstopper and it doesn’t it doesn’t prevent me from doing the work that I need to do um so I do I choose to spend no energy on it whatsoever like I’m confident that Thomas is going to track it down and he’s going to fix it and we’re all going to be good to go I don’t really give it any other thoughts during the day I have way more important things to think about it’s really to me not a big issue at all especially if you’re running good hardware and good we just talked about server performance like all that stuff actually matters if you’re running your shit on go daddy on their cheapest server I mean you’re gonna have a lot of problems with with lag and speed and things like that so make sure you’re on good hardware make sure you’re on good hosting and then if you run into a little bit of lag hit refresh and then keep working and then if you run to a little bit of lag later hit refresh again and keep where it’s not it’s really not a big deal but I do hope it’ll be fixed I do hope it’ll be fixed um and and guys like you see you know I do the trainings and I do stuff on live and I do I’m not hiding it I don’t have a trick to like make the make the lag go away for this recording if it comes up it comes up if it doesn’t it doesn’t most of the time it doesn’t bother me so you can see like in a real time environment that it’s really not a big deal all right um I’m kind of going backwards in the chat now make sure you have question in all caps so that I can see your question Kevin one question where do you buy your hats I use the exact same style uh I you know I like hats uh I don’t buy them from lots of different places though I may need to start but I’m very like I don’t know if I have a weird shaped head or what’s going on but like some hat brands they just fit me really well and then some just don’t at all and so I just kind of stick to the brands where I kind of like the the fit this is melon I got a lot of melon hats you guys can see I had a whole stack of melon hats right here um I have built I have a couple hats from built um you know I don’t like the old like starter hats and things like that you know I don’t know I don’t have to answer that question melon good melon it’s in me L.I.N somebody asked if I was sponsored by melon I’m not I just you know they seem to fit good so and they’re good quality and that’s that’s the answer to that I just bought frames um so I got invited to chat don’t really know what it is oh that’s a support community you got an invite to the support community so go ahead and accept the invite go in private community and that’s where you get to discuss frames automatic CSS all that good stuff I think that’s probably what you’re talking about oh Samarian says geez we’ve been here so long I know I want I’m very I’m very thankful that we’ve sustained the viewership that we’ve sustained this this entire time this is uh it’s been phenomenal it’s been fun oh see is there a knowledge base for how to do the temporary branded domain okay so this was a question for Patrick is there a knowledge base article for how to do the temporary branded domain um I mean I can’t answer that it’s really it’s really not hard at all like grid pain is scary from the outside thinking about what’s what’s gonna happen and what how how am I gonna manage things and like once you hook up your first website you get your server hooked up you hook up your first website it’s like a breeze from there and I’ve I’ve shown I don’t know it was in one of my full site builds it was a while ago in the inner circle one of my full site builds I actually started by showing up how to spin up the site in grid pain I will do a dedicated grid pain video inside the inner circle the challenge with it is is I got to do a lot of editing like a lot of editing every screen I go to there’s going to be client personal information my information stuff like that and so I can’t like live stream screen share my grid pain panel uh there’s IP addresses in there there’s everything else and then when I edited it’s like I got to blur out and block out all these little areas on everything and then I got to watch the whole thing again to make sure I didn’t miss anything it’s a real pain in the ass to edit a video like that and show you and obviously I don’t have like a dummy grid pain account um so it’s just it’s it’s a real pain in the butt but I’ll see what I can do more important than the hat question where is the beer that is a fantastic question like we’ve got 179 people here and I have not been I have not been handed a beer or a cocktail yet and that I am really upset about that it’s one thing I’m upset about all right I’m looking I’m looking I’m looking okay let’s go ahead and I think all of our questions have been asked let’s do a real quick um overview of the deals 44 minutes left on the live stream the reason I want to the deals are still going to be available till into the day Monday but if you want to be in the contest then you have to purchase during this live stream you have 44 minutes left ACSS you get to lock in unlimited it says unlimited licenses this is unlimited websites okay you get a license but you get unlimited website activations okay and you’re going to save $50 a year over the increase in price that’s happening on Tuesday the current $99 a year plan that’s for unlimited website activations will be gone on Tuesday morning you wake up on Tuesday morning and go try to sign up for ACSS that plan that’s available right now will be gone so you want to get in on it right now the new plan will have a set number of website activations and for the top plan it’ll be more expensive so you’re going to get a plan that does not exist and it’s $99 a year it’s really it’s it’s a no brainer especially when you consider that it supports all platforms there’s no add-ons there’s no upsells it’s just you’re buying in to the ecosystem with that one decision to purchase frames $249 we already talked about how one website just selling wire frames is a deliverable to the client which you should be doing anyway you’re going to make at least double your money if you’re charging the minimum for wire frames if you’re charging a decent amount for wire frames you’re going to make four five times your money on your first project and then potentially even more after that I mentioned that basic projects I to I charged $200 per wire frame that’s basic though okay for larger clients for clients that are investing a lot more heavily and copy and conversion and they’re wanting to do a lot of digital marketing and now we go up $304 500 $600 for a wire frame okay so two hundred like my starting point for wire frames if you want to start a 50 that’s fine with me I started 50 started 100 with frames you’re going to be making your money back double at least on the first project along with more margin in the project in general because remember when you do the wire framing you’re also simultaneously accomplishing 75% of the dev work so the margin you’re going to make is insane but it’s not just margin it’s literal additional revenue that you’re going to be getting if you simply do the right process of charge for wire frames and then once the wire frames are approved you actually move into the design phase which makes the whole process more efficient anyway so that’s 249 on LTD then you have the inner circle offer which is a year plan an annual plan that’s never been offered before previously it was month to month or six months we now have a year plan for this weekend only and so you 149 you get access for a full year it’ll renew at 149 so you’re on a plan that does not exist and on Tuesday morning when you wake up and you’re like all right I finally decided to go join up for the inner circle I want that annual no the annual plan is not going to be there on Tuesday morning it’s going to be back to month to month or six months so this is the best deal that you can get on that you can lock it in right now if you buy any three any of those three you’re also in the contest three winners are going to be picked next week okay the winners are going to get an ACS S L T D a frames L T D an inner circle L T D a 60 minute consulting call with me and the frames Figma add on when that is released really good price practice over two thousand dollars of value there okay like I said three winners are going to get chosen next week all three winners win all of those things now you’re asking hey I bought a frames L T D or yeah I bought the frames L T D today but then I win the contest so what happens well one of two things is going to happen you can either get your money back for the frames L T D that you purchased or you can go sell your frames L T D if you want so that’s completely up to you I will give you normally you cannot resell your licenses that’s against our terms of of of service but for this contest for the contest winners I will grant you permission to sell those licenses if you want to sell them and you just want to cash so it’s up to you we’ll make that as flexible as possible digital ambition dot c o slash deals if you want to see all those deals in one place and go to each of them that’s the best way to go digital ambition dot co slash deals okay oh one more have a good one Kevin thanks for the thanks for doing the stream you’re absolutely welcome Ari says we just purchase frames amazing I love it Kevin maybe you can do a CSS style on top of the grid pane dashboard and have some part blurred with CSS when you do that video the thing is is it’s the information in different places and each screen puts new personal information in different places so you really have to go like frame by frame by frame blocking different stuff out okay last question then we’re doing site reviews if a customer agrees to a wireframe you then only need to wait for the content from the customer to put them inside the wireframe right except maybe little design changes well that’s the other thing that we haven’t talked about but I talk about this all the time in the inner circle guys my inner circle you go in and I map out the entire in fact in fact hold on we’ve done this inside the inner circle but I’ll do you one better okay let me let me screen share okay let’s go to all right we’re gonna go to digital ambition and we’re gonna go to here what’s the best way to search I think right here okay I think it was like double revenue or something here you go right here right here guys okay watch this video this video go step by step through what your process should look like and how to price based on this process to double your revenue overnight and this is not hyperbole this is not like okay he’s embellishing for those of you doing $1500 websites $2500 websites $3500 websites you could wake up tomorrow and make $3,000 or $7,000 or $10,000 just by changing your process and mapping your pricing to the new process we do this all the time in the inner circle people follow my advice they do it day in and day out some people are scared and they don’t do it and they don’t double their revenue overnight but the people who aren’t scared and who actually try to do it manage to do it and so this is not hyperbole go watch this video it explains every step of the process look you hit more there there they are right there right so we talk about discovery UX and UI content because you should be selling the content all of you waiting on waiting on the client to send me content what’s that meme of the skeleton sitting on the on the fucking bench that’s all of you waiting on your client to send you content I know it is right because I’ve been and I’ve been that skeleton before you need to start selling content and copywriting and so you take now there’s always some things you got to get from the client like okay they got to send us proprietary photos and videos and stuff it’s always going to happen and you’re always going to be that skeleton at parts of of a project but for all the copywriting because remember I’ve done whole videos on this okay is your client a copywriter are they a professional copywriter if they’re not and don’t we all agree that copywriting is like one of the most important parts of a website to make it actually convert so if they’re not an expert in copywriting why are you asking them for the copy make them pay for you to have professional copy written or you if you’re a good copywriter yourself write the copy but charge them make them pay for the copy don’t get copy from somebody you wouldn’t hire a copywriter that doesn’t know what they’re doing to put copy on the website so why are you hiring your clients to do it and that’s basically what you’re doing because like you’re you know this free it saves money no you’re you’re you’re just you’re you’re foregoing the opportunities to create additional revenue and by the way to create better outcomes for your client is your job to sell them on the fact that they need you to write the copy not them and if you do that adequately they’ll agree they’ll come to the only conclusion possible which is you’re right I’m not a copywriter copywriting is very important if I write the copy this website is going to suck so you please do it that’s the only conclusion that they can come to logically now some people are like eyes we just don’t have the money okay well you can you can give me the copy but one I guarantee the timeline is going to be off we can’t meet the timeline if we’re waiting on you I just want you to know that up front right and two we can’t guarantee results so all the goals you told me that you have when you’re talking about leads you’re talking about sales you’re talking about traffic SEO if you’re writing the copy I can’t guarantee any of those things so that’s the conversation you have to have right and if they’re like okay it’s fine well have you write copy later we just want to get something out the door all right okay it’s long as we’re on the same page but you’ve got to have these conversations with the client so no when typically when I’m doing wireframes I’m not waiting for the client to give me copy I’m developing the copy our team is getting the copy built into these wireframes and so that’s another part of this is that when you use frames we add the frames to bricks right I can stop screen sharing now let me go back and make sure our camera switched correctly okay so when we add the frames into bricks we also can develop the content within those frames then we send off not just a wireframe but example content to the client and now they’ve a really good idea of the flow and the narrative and all this stuff and they’re very impressed by this okay and then not only if we accomplish 75% of the development guess what we’ve also accomplished the hardest part which is getting content into the website so that box is checked and we’re not the chump skeleton on the bench going home waiting for my client my client to give me the copy that’s not ever going to be you don’t be that chump don’t be that skeleton sitting on the bench waiting for content from the from the client so yeah you got to sell all this that’s what I’m saying sell the entire process and you will double your revenue overnight 100% at least that was when I said double your revenue overnight that was minimum okay minimum double your revenue overnight all right let’s pull up a website let’s start with here’s clear heart counseling okay I’m not I’m just going to do this random we’re gonna I don’t remember which ones were frames which ones were not frames which ones were oxygen which ones were bricks which ones were this was a website that somebody sent me and it’s terrible and I you know I want it critiqued I don’t know so let’s go ahead and pull this up all right so this is clear heart counseling so the first thing I see is this giant purple box what’s going on up here due to restoration works the parking lot will be closed from Tuesday November first until January 9th when all work is scheduled to be completed like to apologize for the inconvenience okay all right so we’ll close that all right so I see the logo top left very traditional little header going on here all right a lot of counseling services all right they’re all slash service couples counseling this is interesting why is this would be a good question for whoever built this like why is couples counseling separate from counseling services it seems like oh there it is right there maybe they just want this to be very prominent like this is the thing that they specialize in maybe and so they wanted to be front and center my only issue would be that one if I’m on mobile I’m probably you know having to look through all these I mean it is good that it’s there too I guess it’s it’s it’s fine I suppose yeah all right yeah okay that’s fine all right so we’re good we’re good here I just be honest I’m not a fan of sliders I really really really just try to avoid sliders at all costs one is because traditionally if you look at analytics right do the users engage with the sliders almost never they almost never engage with the sliders this one changes pretty quick so they’re kind of if they spend a few seconds here they’re going to at least see it swap but it’s also hard to digest the content notice that this one does not here’s my mouse guys notice that this one does not pause when I’m hovering over it so another big problem with sliders that we always encounter is like I’m reading and I’m like anxiety stress and worry find balance again all right book an appointment oh shit what where where did it go and then they’re like oh do I go how do I go back and if it’s like a you know non techie user they’re just I mean this whole situation they they’ve just lost right and there’s these bars down here that look like they’re clickable but I’m doing my best man I’m clicking all over this and I’m not going anywhere so really it’s just these black arrows right here we look at accessibility and this is accessible right here okay so we got a little keyboard nav going on that’s not hang on so inner inner does not bring us into the drop down down arrow does not bring us into the drop down so that’s something to take a look at all right at least this appears to be keyboard navigable but I just don’t like sliders in general so and then the content is way down here I’ve got a big screen now somebody was on like a laptop or something you know that would be a situation like this probably more like like that so you know it’s going to be a little bit easier for them but then hold on let’s all right the our text is starting to blend there you see that going on so we got a little contrast issue I don’t know there’s just a lot of problems with them so I’m not a fan of slide I just really try to avoid sliders and you also have to ask yourself the question of is this content important and if the answer is yes which if the answer is no that kind of bags the question like well why is it here why does it exist so all all content on the page should be important right so why are we hiding it if I if there’s one of these slides is really important it shouldn’t be a slide because by nature it’s kind of hidden and a lot of users are just going to miss it so just not a fan in general I would swap that out to a normal hero up here what can we can help you okay all right so let’s look at copy a little bit here what I’m looking for is very intriguing headlines when I arrive and I don’t know I mean we can go like okay your web design and development workflow will never be the same so there’s probably better headlines I mean there’s probably better headlines but at least it’s like it’s intriguing it’s like what do you mean it’s never going to be the same and so then you start to read and hopefully you know we try to make things as as clear as possible but the idea is in the general rule and copywriting is the goal of the headline is to get them to read the first sentence that comes after it’s the goal of this headline is to get them to read this sentence right here and you know what the goal of this sentence is it’s to get them to do the next thing or in like a larger I don’t even have any large paragraphs on here but in regular like sales page copywriting the rule is the job of the headline is to get them to read the lead the job of the leads to get them to read the next sentence and the job of that sentence is to get them to read the next sentence and if you have a disconnect anywhere in that let’s go back to where we were if you have a disconnect anywhere in that you start to lose them and we all know that people typically scan websites and they’re always going to scan websites there’s no way to prevent them from doing that but if we can hook them if we can force them to stop scanning that’s what really good headlines do that’s what really good leads do they they force people they’re in their intrigue is like I can’t scan that I got to read this what is what is the saying right so if they see we can help you generic doesn’t talk to me doesn’t say anything guess what I’m scanning I’m skimming until something catches my eye right when to see counseling nothing’s really grabbed me yet right you’ve got to grab them in some way to force them to read the next thing and so if you had something right here that really forces them to read this paragraph that would make this a much better section if you had a headline up here that really we got to start with where’s the headline that even makes them start scrolling that’s question number one right so we’ve got to change yourself change your world but I don’t really know what the change entails I don’t what am I changing into can you paint a vision for me of what’s going to happen when I interact with this company that’s what this does right here right and again I’m not saying this is the greatest thing ever but like I’m letting you know hey your just your web design and development workflow will never be the same and then you start reading more and more and I’m telling you the outcomes that are going to happen this is what we’re attempting to do all throughout here I’m letting you know that you’re going to be able to design custom word press website six to eight times faster if you just give me a few minutes six to eight times faster you’re going to be able to increase your revenue by at least 20% on every project give me a few seconds just keep reading this and you’re going to understand these things so paint the picture you’ve got to hook them you’ve got to make them stop and you got to make them read we got to get some copy improvement going on on this site right here these cards are good and they’re clear because again couples counseling individual counseling child and youth counseling we can view all counseling services so if I at least want to get right into like what this company does I can get there easily okay I feel like the text in these cards a little bit small if you’re using ACSS what I would do is go in and let’s see so we’ve got that’s that let’s inspect this one right here hold on I can’t uh not inspecting it all right hang on div all right so yeah so it’s got a text s class on it so really all you need to do is go into ACSS and override your s and xs size and just make them a little smaller because of the scale that was chosen they’re getting too small on the small end and so we have overrides in ACSS you just literally go in and be like oh my s text I want it to be instead of responding to the mathematical scale I chose I wanted to always be 16 pixels or 17 pixels or 80 but whatever you can put 16.278 pixels if you want to so just go override that and make that a little bit bigger all right um we’d have to read all the copy to really see what’s going on there but at least people have you know all these cards are are clickable they move when I hover over them this is all good let’s see if these are all right they’re all individual pages so here’s another thing you know too and and this is tough this is um this what this is what happens a lot when you ask the client for copy this is this is the kind of site that happens when you ask the client for for copy and content so you’re like hey we have this um clinical hypnosis page and so what’s the hero headline going to be for that page well it can’t be this this is like the default but you can’t this doesn’t tell them anything so what if I’m like what is clinical hypnosis oh it’s clinical hypnosis okay well now it tells me if I read this but the thing is is what why should I read this because this is supposed to do the job of getting me to read this we can’t hope that the user is going to read all the things that we write we have to make them read everything that we write and the headline should make them read the next thing how do you do that well when they click on clinical hypnosis there should be a big bold headline that tells me exactly what’s going to happen to me if I engage in clinical hypnosis okay I may I have no idea what it is you immediately need to paint a picture for me with a really compelling headline and if you do that if you succeed in doing that you know what I’m going to do I’m going to read every word on this page this is why when you look at conversion rate optimization they’ll often say changing the headline is the most important part important part of everything you could do on that page why because the headline is responsible for getting the person invested in everything else that’s going on on that page if they’re not invested because the headline is boring they’re just going to skim skim skim ditch out right so this has to be all the effort and time has to be put into these headings right here and look how we have a duplicate of the exact same heading now this may not be finalized yet it may not all be temporary and I’m just you know I’m shitting all over it but it’s really has even it’s just placeholder stuff that’s very possible okay so everybody just realize that that could absolutely be the case that this is just all placeholder stuff and if that’s the case fine but the reason we’re doing these reviews is just so everybody can can learn like what do I look at when I’m when I’m looking at a website what do I critique what kinds of things do I look for these are the kinds of things so this is not you know a critique of a person or the copy that they wrote necessarily this could be placeholders I have no context for what’s going on here I have no idea what stage this project is in nothing all right so let’s go to let’s go back to the homepage I want to see what’s happening after this little services grid so we come down and we got a quote here little brine brown quote we’ve got a win to seek counseling okay book an appointment what’s going to happen here all right it’s going to take them to a booking page all right let’s keep going get some testimonials going on I think these are supposed to feel like they should be navigation elements hold on oh I can I can drag them but when I just click on them nothing happens and I’m guessing this is in bricks so you make you may just want to check on this I don’t know yeah when I drag it it works but when I just click it does nothing all right then we’ve got our latest articles grid Q&A is apathy the same as depression what are the attachment styles what are the qualities of a good counselor I don’t know if these are placeholders as well but this kind of question right here we’re talking about SEO so now my brain is critical because when I see blog articles my brain goes SEO what are we doing here with SEO because content marketing I mean you do have SEOs a big part of content marketing and then sales and driving interest and trust that’s part of content marketing as well if we’re trying to rank for something like attachment styles this headline does not have enough specificity in it to really rank for anything so we’re losing an opportunity for ranking now they’re very well could be a lot of great keywords around attachment styles I can guarantee you just in my experience this right there is not is not one of them so we need to do a little bit more keyword research and just maximize what we’re doing with the and this is actually this is not dummy content okay this is an actual blog article so if if this client is wanting SEO results this article is not going to get it done from a targeting standpoint and from a content depth standpoint and from a content format standpoint this is more like kind of academic it’s a you know larger thicker paragraphs it’s not broken up there’s not a lot of visuals you can absolutely write articles with no intention of ranking that’s perfectly fine if you’re going to use them for something else most clients use blogging completely incorrectly they think that just I just need to blog about things and my 600 word article is going to rank somehow and you know they don’t use their articles for anything else they don’t use them for sales they don’t use them for advertising they don’t use them for anything so they just do this completely wrong so we need to just know I need some background on what is the strategy here is the strategy SEO if that’s the case we need to talk about more stuff that needs to be baked into these and a little bit better on targeting if it sales kind of the same thing but it depends on where you’re going to use these articles and what what the context is for example if you had a nurture email sequence and this nurture email sequence is about attachment styles and you’re sending them this article as part of that email sequence so that you can you know educate them on attachment styles that could be perfectly fine if you tell me that’s the strategy good okay I’m good with that but if you tell me the strategies SEO if you tell me the strategy is convert cold traffic into leads this article I would say is not going to get the job done so it all is dependent on context here but anyway when I see a blog I immediately start thinking what’s our SEO potential or what’s our sales potential and hopefully you know the client should be thinking that way too or educated to think that way okay so we’ve got a general footer here so you know for the most part it’s clean there’s some spacing stuff going on here the spacing between this and this need to get bigger in my opinion same thing the button is too close to the text the bullet list is too close to this text up here there’s an odd line break right there going into some stuff to clean up you know here and there you can see the spacing right here and this is you know let’s let’s look at what’s going on here so some of these look like frames pretty sure they were built with frames and the question is you know were they where they changed up so row gap is is FR container gap so that’s a contextual utility variable from frames this is supposed to control the spacing between your containers so the question I have then there’s also a content spacing so we’re going to go up here and we’re going to look for that content spacing and you see it right there var FR content gap so what you’re going to want to do the spacing is even which is good there’s just not enough of it so you go back into the ACSS dashboard and you go to your content gap value and it’s probably something like varts varspace s right now small spacing via the gas or maybe even excess I don’t know depends on the scale you chose as well for your spacing but I would just bump this up to m or l or something like that just get more breathing room between these items and the good thing about this is because you’re using a contextual variable that fix is going to apply to everywhere on this site everywhere we see spacing that’s too small is instantly going to get fixed right here this actually should be the container gap let’s see so we’ll come in here and gap okay there you go so this section randomly is not using the container gap property if it was using container gap it’s spacing would look like this spacing down here which is actually correct that actually looks like a little bit much so really you just need to dial these values in and as you dial them in it’s going to all these fixes are going to happen everywhere instantly which is good about having those contextual utility variables so just a little bit of tweaking that needs to happen as far as that goes all right so that’s all I’m going to do on that one let’s do this one which is let’s go to our comments here see what everybody saying well frames okay so there’s questions in here oh we’ve got some spam these spammers man they are the most diligent people on earth are spammers I bought frames okay all right cool a lot of people just saying congrats thank you for the live stream all that good stuff we still got a lot of viewers here we’ve actually increased our viewership okay so let’s go ahead and do this one so this is plixel we’ve got elevate work about in contact I’m going to start at the header okay pretend I can’t see anything else on the page I haven’t looked at anything else on the page I’m starting here plixel elevate work about contact okay I’m not sure what’s going on yet I don’t know what elevate would mean I know what works probably a portfolio about obviously is contact obvious I don’t know what elevate is so let’s just keep going so we got a digital agency and I believe this is pronounced wasa that’s my guess for living in the south and not going to college wasa oh yeah I’m not just completely butchering that premium custom websites to enhance service based businesses so clear headline so I know that this is an agency that builds custom websites for service based businesses all right see our clear on things get started or learn more I’m curious on what the learn more is going to do okay built to elevate and configured for conversion custom website design development and more so this went basically to the service page it looks like which is the elevate page I’m seeing up here now but I am lost on what the word elevate means just being honest so I see it’s built to elevate and built to elevate and configured for conversion the challenge with this headline is that if I don’t read this little text right here this is the accent text see what I use accent text for is very obvious stuff like my accent test would say text would say services okay they don’t need to know this really doesn’t have any context by itself what what is built to elevate and what is configured for conversion especially if I’m not in this space a lot I don’t know what configured for conversion even really means so I just feel like it needs to be a longer headline that has more plain language that you know just makes it a little bit more obvious what’s going on here all right what we provide research UX design copyrighting UI design development SEO analytics management premium cloud hosting and domains okay so we’re very clear on exactly what you offer in terms of services you have your process I like how this is done I this is interesting okay I’ve never seen this kind of thing before let me um tab uh oh uh oh see you know things are cute right like this is cute and um it’s it’s cool actually hold on hold on okay maybe they don’t okay all right you can still navigate it with the keyboard it was skipping this thing over here that I was normally of clicking on from the start but since you can actually interact with it from over here I think that’s fine okay all right so I don’t know that’s a half point well we’ll we’ll I think that’s okay um can you drag it to okay you can drag it to oh the only thing is when you drag it want want hold on I have a sound for that um it is changing this but it’s not changing this right here see how that changes the copy over here but when I drag I only change the copy and it’s not changing this so that’s uh want but I you know I like the visual direction that this is going it’s more interactive it’s it’s interesting to look at uh and I I feel like it wasn’t just it’s not just there for you know it’s it’s it’s good it’s good it’s good made for service based businesses around the world here’s another one you know what’s made for service based businesses around the world so it’s kind of like uh this makes sense in your mind when you write it but when you’re an outsider reading it you’re like hmm what it’s not really uh clicking and this is this is a really challenging part of creating copy I’m not sure I like the you know the different colored oh um or really the different almost like a different shaped oh it’s definitely a different weight it’s a lighter weight than these other characters uh and then these are different colors it’s just all there’s a lot of sizes colors weights kind of going on here um I would clean this up a lot I’m not sure that the boxes do anything for the visitor they don’t tell the visitor anything they don’t provide an example of work um it’s abstract shapes so I would think about something to go there clean this up for sure and then you have some FAQs going on again a little bit unique in the way that these are laid out and designed you know don’t have any problem with that they can be keyboard navigated so okay that’s that’s good uh ready for a momentum shift I don’t know if I’m ready for a momentum shift uh so I can tell that you’re trying to be creative with the copy but it also it has to connect that’s the most important thing and so if I’m a business if I’m a service based business you know what I’m ready for I’m ready for more leads in my inbox I’m ready for my sales team to tell me that they have too many people to call back I’m ready for my bottom line to grow and my bank account I want these things to happen momentum shift I don’t know I don’t know what that means I don’t know what a momentum shift is gonna bring me I mean I assume like that we’re gonna maybe get momentum but what does that look like how’s it gonna I don’t know this leaves a lot to you know just the imagination and leaving things to the imagination is not really good because people don’t choose that they don’t want to sit here and imagine whoa what will momentum do for me you know they’re not going to do one of those like personal exercises right here on your website so I would make it very blatant give them something really tangible to chew on and just get them on you know discovery call sales call whatever you want to call it strategy call make this more clear dumb it down dumb it down be less uh airy you know um make it like um just hit the nail on the head all right let’s check out your work okay we got an eye clinic website we’ve got a light touch therapy website my my first question would be are you gray scaling these on purpose because I can see layout this way but it’s almost like I’m looking at you know really nice wireframes it’s not I’m losing a lot of the design because I I’m not seeing color um you know there’s a lot that I’m missing here so that would be a question for you is there a reason that that here I can view okay now I can see it in color but it would be nice if I could you know I had to look over here of you full image right my natural tendency is can I click on the thing that I want to see I can’t um so I would make this thing clickable make this open that right so it’s kind of a natural segue to hey I want that thing and then it opens it uh so that’s one one change I would make there uh and then at least I guess you can see the okay and then you can flip through so that’s but look it’s kind of hmm so oh I’m the guys I’m not I’m not even touching my mouse it’s just doing that for me uh so yeah I can’t actually so I’m on a Mac when I scroll down one frame I’m trying to go one frame it it goes at least three every time I just barely touch it so that needs a little bit of work there at least I can keyboard navigate it so that’s good can I open it with the keyboard nav I can okay so that’s all good um all right see I like you know I like some of these unique things and I think you know visitors if they’re wanting you to do web design for them they might be liking some of these unique things but I you know the copy is the most important part to really nail so I would continue to work on that about humility reliability quality that’s our pillars okay some logos of people that you’ve worked with got okay got a personal photo a note from you then you have our team and then our target I don’t know if I would put a section about your team if if we can’t really see your team so I would try my best to get you know some some bio cards some profiles up onto the website or you can just kind of allude to them in in this paragraph right here but what I expect to see when I see our team and then I just get this little thing when I open it it feels like a letdown almost you know it’s like oh hold on oh it’s about to meet the team and then I don’t see any team so you want to avoid like just a letdown right so you can mention this this right here can be mentioned up here so it’s like hey I know from Marley da da da da da I lead an amazing team of and then whatever this says right here all right you got their target in there all right I mean it’s a in general like I it’s a it’s very very clean I tend to like dark websites so I like the darkness that’s going on here I like a lot of the visual creativity that’s it’s not just like standard things that I normally see all of that stuff you know is really good there’s just some of the little user experience things copywriting things that I think once those things are taken care of then you’re in a really good situation you’re in a really good spot so well done on what you’ve got going on so far clean up those couple things and it’s going to make it a lot better all right let’s do this one which is halaryon dot cz okay all right let’s go real quick check in with the chat oh my gosh man this is flown by we got five minutes left on the live stream some people told me they were like hey hey it’s coming to be able to do a seven hour live stream look listen to me I could go another two hours I don’t know I’m feeling pretty good I’m not going to but it was it was a little easier than I expected it to be all right um oh marley’s here in the chat she said one of the bugs I still have to work out yes I like the direction of it though okay these walkthroughs are solid it should be a monthly video as part of the DA program the inner circle you mean yeah I mean I’m down to do these every single week at least once so yes let’s do this one last this will be our last one that we do institute of pedology okay we understand your feet podiatrist you can trust all right so I’ll tell you guys what I think right off the bat I see institute of pedology to me an institute is like where you go to learn things um I don’t know that’s maybe I’m maybe I’m just dumb maybe I don’t know let’s let’s look this up institute define society organization having a particular object or common factor especially a scientific educational or social one okay so I just I just don’t know I don’t because it says we understand your feet and it’s a podiatrist you can trust so if like if I need a podiatrist why am I going to an institute of pedology does anybody else have can you hit me up in the chat does this make sense am I am I just dumb or is there a disconnect there for you as well I want to know what people think this has a contrast issue right here I’ll tell you that right off the bat there is it this is not accessible this the logo color on that background that’s not going to fly if I if I had to guess all right so we’ve got home page our services this needs to be a white logo right there white logo just pop bam you know when a client says make it pop this would be a time that they’re right that needs that needs to pop more that needs I you know that’s going to blend in too much all right so our services we have pedology manicure and nail modeling ed so you do have education hold on here let’s pause the train what’s okay but wait I clicked on education and I’m on services um okay babies in podiatry how does an ingrown toenail develop oh oh oh oh I okay hold on this is like a this is like a blog all right you’ve got me all confused here so this should be in a completely separate section the these this kind of education is not a service okay um um I’m trying to figure out I’m trying to figure out what’s going on here I’m trying to think is there any other reason why these would be right here and I’m just not thinking it’s the case move this out of here what’s the difference between this and the blog let’s go see what’s on the blog nothing’s on the blog wait there’s oh I need to translate it hold on okay oh yeah see these are blog articles this is exact same article as right here okay so this yes this is going to this is um very confusing move all of the all of these things they only live you change this to education if you want to but I wouldn’t even do that I would change it like articles or learn or something like that education again because you’re now we’re mixing it’s like institute of pedology with like education it’s like am I gonna am I about to become a pedologist is that what’s about to happen here because I don’t want to do that I just wanted somebody to look at my feet that’s that’s all I wanted to do um so this all feels very academic it feels very uh university uh you know it’s make this casual okay make it wait but dumb this down make this way more casual for people who have feet problems um I like we understand your feet like that was good um podiatrist you can trust guys listen to me let’s just do this real quick general rule of thumb if every podiatrist website could say that you probably shouldn’t say that if every podiatrist website probably does say this you probably shouldn’t say right because it’s now meaningless every podiatrist is a podiatrist you can trust I guarantee you go to their website we’re a podiatrist you can trust a guarantee so say something say something more unique say something that’s more important than that say something specific um I like that we understand your feet this part can go and build on this build on this now okay we understand your feet here’s what we’re gonna do for you tell me exactly what you’re gonna do for me in this headline get rid of this institute of pedology um okay let’s keep going now that we’ve sorted out what’s going on here so our services let me just click on that as a top level thing uh so we’ve got pedology we’ve got manicure and nail modeling and we we’re back to education again okay so let’s look at manicure and nail modeling spa manic manicure Jessica all right where are we going now okay this is an empty page so this must be being worked on but if I click on manicure and nail modeling you know what I expect to learn about is your manicure and nail modeling services right now I’m being presented with another yet another page right so I’m like okay let’s go down the rabbit hole I guess um I don’t want to go down a rabbit hole as a user I want you if I click on manicure and nail modeling you better start talking about manicure and nail modeling because I got other things to do um and you know your users are not going to give you that much time to to explain yourself or to take them to wherever you’re trying to get them to so this needs to be the manicure and nail modeling page and if I had to guess from an SEO standpoint manicures and nail modeling are two separate things and if they’re two separate things we need two separate pages so let’s get a page for people who want manicures because not only is that separate for SEO it’s a separate buyer it’s a separate buyer personality right I may want to manicure I don’t give a shit about nail modeling I don’t even know what nail modeling is so sell me a manicure because that’s what I want and let’s get me to a manicure page where I can read all about how your manicures are amazing and then if I want nail modeling take me to a nail modeling page and tell me about nail modeling there let’s not combine them and then let’s get rid of this because I don’t know what this is then it leads to a blank page all right so let’s go to pedology because that’s the main thing that’s going on here so now we have a lot of options so I go to pedology and you know pedology is this is why I thought it was academic again too because it’s like if I have problems with my feet right I’m going to be like doc my foot fucked up I’m not going to be like I need pedology sir so it’s like an industry term you know it’s like do people use this language because if they don’t use the language then we don’t need to use the language use the language that they use right so what do they call these things maybe it’s just services you don’t even need to have this here just say these are our services and then we have nail prosthetics okay people I guess okay right here treatment of an ingrown toenail but then now again I’m back to I’m back to articles I’m not really to services so I’m I’m not a treatment of it and now you’re like hey do you have ingrown toenails here’s how you can fix it yourself instead of like I thought you were serving me I thought these were your services let me go to the chat am I missing something here tell me if I’m missing something in the chat are you as confused as I am so vid says I think the institute is part of the name they cannot you know the name is halaryon or halaryon I don’t even know how to pronounce it it doesn’t seem like institute would have to be in in the name I mean maybe it is let’s go down here copyright okay we don’t have the main name down here of the business maybe it’s up here okay yeah halaryon but I don’t even know how to say that word podiatric podiatric is at it institute okay I guess I guess that’s what it is but is it services is it an education center is what what is it if I’m on your website for this amount of time and I’m still this confused I’m probably not the only one let’s see in the chat all right that that that that that that that that that that that Phillips says time is it zero false scarcity have a great weekend okay I think he’s being I think he’s I think he’s just he’s got jokes he’s got jokes actually it’s not false scarcity because we will look at the time or well what I’m giving extra value right I’m spending a little bit extra time so that gives people a little extra time but it’s for additional value but we have the time stamps on the purchases and that’s what really drives the contest these deals go till Monday okay so we’re good to go in that regard I can turn off this little timer though countdown there we go let’s get that out of the way so vitt says here in central europe it’s common that there are medical institutes often related to medical universities would provide services and treatment for customers okay all right where the spammers man get out of my feed okay I’ve banned like seven spammers now looks like it could be training for nail models if it’s some kind of school oh this site was given per the op to show not how to fill the website well that makes sense that makes perfect sense now yes okay but even if in Europe even if this is a thing where you go to an institute and the institute has services the services should not be presented as articles for like information right it should be presented as an actual as an actual service and then I should have more you know these all look like just articles it’s like I’m just reading articles about everything instead of really laying out pages in a way that’s going to get me to these are not sales pages right and if you’re trying to sell services you got to make sales pages and then there needs to be a lot more calls to action let’s hit on the online reservation oh man my oh my lots of decisions I mean I can’t read it but it’s not my language but what I can tell is I got a lot of things to decide about right now and I’m guessing if here would be the real test if I was on a page for like where’s my English translation there we go okay I don’t even know I can’t even choose one to try to book because they all just sort of like articles are there any calls to action here no not really so there’s no funneling of the visitor like what I would imagine is if I want to manicure I’m on the manicure page and I click here and I can book a manicure what I’m guessing is when I click if if there was a manicure page and I could click on a button on that page I’m guessing it would still take me to this thing where then I have to find manicure and I got to choose it and I got to do all this other stuff they want me to do this can all be streamlined it made much much much better all right but that’s all I’m going to do on that I think we’ve torn this this one to shreds my apologies for any any any you know emotional damage that was done during this particular critique but I think people get the point they understand and there’s still a lot of value that comes out of this stuff let’s do a last call for questions and I got to go rest I got to get out of here definitely fails the 8 second rule 100% all right this is the page on how it shouldn’t be done yes yes yes okay this has been an amazing run Kevin thank you so much thank you very interesting marathon have a migraine free weekend okay all right guys I’m gonna I’m gonna close this out thank you guys so much for showing up a ton of you have stayed seems the entire time which is absolutely fantastic numbers were excellent today for viewership I’ll see you guys back next week with a regular digital agency table talk I’m probably scheduled next week to do a beginner bricks tutorial a live stream an AMA on beginners using bricks we’re gonna start from scratch in bricks we’re gonna talk about using bricks even if you don’t use ACSS even if you don’t use frames we’re gonna talk about just building in bricks classic learning the language of web design in bricks next week thank you guys I love all of you I’m out peace